Festive Season – Making Christmas Decorations for Nursery – 27th November 2019

Bella’s nursery is taking part in a Christmas tree festival and we had been asked to make decorations to go on the tree. I had come up with a few ideas for decorations she could make. Now her decorations needed to be in by December 2nd so I figured if we made them tonight we could send them in tomorrow when she goes to nursery. That way I shouldn’t forget them.

The first decoration we made was a Santa face that Bella needed to glue together. I had cut all the pieces out and now Bella needed to glue them down to make a Santa face.

First she stuck on his hat and then added the white trim and bobble.

Once the hat was complete she stuck on circles for Santa’s nose and beard.

Once Santa was fully dry, Bella used a black crayon to draw on his eyes.

Santa was complete so we moved on to our next decoration.

This time Bella was finger painting a circle of card to make it look like a bauble. I poured out several colours of paint and just let Bella get on with it. I cleaned her fingers in between colours so they didn’t mix but she completed it all herself.

Once she had finished I stuck a gold rectangle at the top like the metal tops on real baubles.

Our last decoration was handprint reindeers. These were so cute.

First I painted Bella’s hands brown and then she printed them on to a sheet of white card.

Once they were dry Bella added a blob of glue for the nose and then sprinkled on some red glitter.

It was now time to add the eyes. I poured out some white paint and Bella used her finger to add white dots for eyes.

Once the white was dry Bella used an ear bud to add black dots to the centre of the white dots.

The reindeer came out so cute. I really loved them. One of Bella’s reindeers had a bit of a one eye thing going on so Bella had made a cyclops reindeer.

Once all her decorations were dry I asked her which ones she wanted to send into nursery. It turns out she wanted to take the really cute reindeer to stick on her nursery’s tree.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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