Festive Season – Christmas Tree Festival – 30th November 2019

We are attending our local churches Christmas Tree Festival today. Mum used to always display a tree and she’d sell her craft items. We still have a lot of mum’s craft items, especially Christmas items, so I had asked the vicar if it was OK for me to have a stall at the festival to sell some of mum’s bits.

We were up early and out the door. Rachel had sorted out all of mum’s stock the night before thankfully so I just had to pack the car. I woke Bella up and got her dressed and we got into the car. I had dressed both Bella and I in nice warm winter leggings and jumpers to try and keep us warm in the church. Although the church has heating it’s a massive stone building so it doesn’t get that warm unless your hugging a heater.

We made it down to the church and I unpacked the car into the pram. The box of mum’s bits was too heavy for me to carry from the car park into the church. Bella wasn’t too happy she had to walk but it wasn’t too far. We walked in and I was shown where I could set up. I was helped out by a pair of our younger members of the church. They helped me out by unloading the box and laying it out on the table. Dawn and Cathy were coming down to help me out as I’m not a very good sales person. I don’t like dealing with people.

Dawn and Cathy turned up and I got us a few chairs for us to sit on. Bella was happily colouring in her Paw Patrol colouring book. Once the table was all set up, Bella was busy and Dawn and Cathy were happily at the stall I took a look around at all the Christmas trees.

I went round with my camera and took lots of photos. There were lots of trees. All different organisations had decorated trees, youth groups, music groups, companies and various charities.

Once I’d done a tour of all the trees I headed back to the stall to huddle under my blanket. I was freezing. We did pretty well selling mums bits. Her hand made Christmas decorations seemed to be a hit. We managed to sell quite a few of them.

Cathy kept disappearing off to the tombola. Apparently she was trying to win Bella some crayons but sadly no luck. Bella was quite happy sitting at the table with us playing on her iPad. She was starting to get bored so the iPad seemed to be doing a good job of keeping her entertained.

There was a Santa grotto at the church but Bella was refusing to go see him. Because Bella wouldn’t go see Santa he came over to see her. She still wasn’t too happy about it but we managed to get a photo of us with Santa. Sadly it’s a little blurry but that doesn’t matter.

The morning pretty much continued like that. Dawn and Cathy had to go home about 12ish so I ended up doing the last hour by myself. During that hour we tried again to get Bella to see Santa. We managed to make it down to the grotto but as soon as Bella was given her present she ran away back to the stall.

It soon started to die down in the church signally the end of the festival. I packed up all our items and put them back into the pram so we could get it all back to the car. We packed the car and headed back home so Bella could run around and I could warm up.

Blogmas is coming so I will be blogging everyday. See you in December

Love CiCi x

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