Last Christmas and a mini break from Blogging

Yesterday was the last day of the travel blogs. Yay! Lol, I don’t know how much you guys have enjoyed them but it’s a lot of work to record everything we’ve been up to. I mean three blogs a day is alot. Back to one blog a day except my days off.

I might take a little bit of a break from blogging for the time being while I try and get back into a routine back at home. I might complete the rest of November with one of blogs until Blogmas in December. So excited for my first year. Especially as I’m determined to make the most of Christmas after last year.

All festive period last year was spent in the hospital and hospice with mum. I loved that time with my mum but we weren’t able to ‘do’ Christmas. There’s only so much they could do there to make it Christmasy. It’s a bit hard to decorate a ward and watch Christmas films when there’s either no TV or your on a ward with other people who don’t want to hear your TV. We tried our best though taking a Christmas tree in so she could decorate it and she watched a few Christmas films with Bella and Rachel but a lot of our time was spent just spending time together and making the most of that being in each others presence.

Last year was a bit of a panic, I didn’t even get a lot of my Christmas shopping done because I was with mum every day from 24th November, when she went in to hospital, until the day before she died when I took a day for me and Bella and went to London with Leanne. I’m so grateful for that day, as I actually got to do something Christmasy with Bella but I feel so guilty that I didn’t spend mum’s last full day with her. But you can’t live like that. I had an amazing day with mum the day before and I’m sure she enjoyed some one on one time with Rachel.

Christmas nearly didn’t happen at all last year. I was all set to cancel it. In fact I think I did within the hour of mum dying. We were going to do Christmas at our home with mum, Rachel, Oli, Daly, Bella and I. It was going to be my first year hosting and I’d wanted to make it great for mum. We were so lost to have mum doing so well to then it all ending I didn’t really feel like hosting or dealing with anyone but by the afternoon after mum died I put my foot down and said sod it, let’s do Christmas the way it was suppose to be for mum. We deserve it. It was a made rush the week before Christmas but we pulled it together and had a nice day.

But I’m determined to feel Christmassy this year, not just go through the motions. So here’s to a good Christmas full of laughs, joy, fun and memories.

Here’s to Blogmas and Christmas 2020!

Love you mum. This Christmas is to make up for last year, I hope I do you proud

Love CiCi x

2 thoughts on “Last Christmas and a mini break from Blogging

  1. Rae says:

    I seriously love your blog.. Very nice colors & theme.
    Did you create this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m hoping to create my very own site and would love to fimd out where you goot this from or what the theme is named.


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