The Travel Blogs – Cosy Sunday with the Cousins – 3rd November 2019

It’s the last day of our holiday today. We had to get up and out of the hotel by 10am this morning. I wanted to leave by 9.30am so we could be at Charlie’s by 10 at the latest but my body decided at about 8am that it was finally relax and get some decent sleep so I did not want to wake up when my alarm went off at 8.30am.

I eventually dragged myself out of bed and woke up Daly. I had sorted out the bags last night to try and make things quicker in the morning. Bella was going to Charlie’s in her pyjamas. I didn’t wan tot put her in clothes to then get them covered in her breakfast.

While Daly and I got our butts in gear and make sure everything was packed in our bags Bella chilled out in our bed playing on her iPad. She was still pretty tired and not happy I’d woken her up but then again she’d woken me up at 7am crying so it was only fair that she was awake even if she was grumpy.

After getting dressed, packing the bags and me double checking the room that nothing had been left behind, or ended up under the beds we made our way out to the car. Bella was still stuck to her iPad but she happily pressed the lift button and then followed Daly round to the car.

We had to get some fuel before we went to Charlie’s but once we were all fueled up it was time to head that way. Once again Daly was driving but I’d always said about him driving today. I hate the drive back from Hampshire. I hate it with a passion.

We made it to Charlie’s just after 10am. Barry and Sheron had spent the night there. Jamie and Hannah were going to come round with the kids during the day and Greg was asleep on the sofa. Bella was given a pain au chocolat for breakfast to see if she’d eat it while the adults all had egg and bacon sandwiches. Well Daly didn’t, he doesn’t like eggs.

It was a nice chilled out morning, well day. The kids all played. The girls were happily playing with Polly Pocket’s boat. Ellie was in bed not feeling well. Shelby wasn’t feeling well either and Izzie was in charge of the TV and finding us a film to watch. Hannah’s daughter was playing with Bee and Bella with the Polly Pocket boat.

Eventually Izzie settled on a movie. Apparently it was one of Bee’s favourites – Monster House. We all got well into it.

The kids continued to play while us adults chatted. Sadly Greg and Bee had to head home so we said our goodbyes.

Charlie and Sheron headed off to the shop to get up something for lunch. When they got back they sorted out everyone’s lunches and then it was time to chill. Charlie and I settled down and watched a Christmas film. The boys were all sat round the dining table chatting about cars. I wouldn’t expect anything else from Jamie, Daly and Barry.

While we were watching the film the girls were playing with the turtles frustration game. The older two were trying to teach Bella how to play but she’s two, she didn’t care. She just liked pushing in the pop up dice and moving the little men around. She soon got fed up of the rules and went to playing the the large Avengers dolls Izzie has.

Bella seemed to really like Spiderman, not that I’ve encouraged that at all! Hehe! Ironman she loves, of course, and Captain America. But that was more she was fascinated with the fact he could hold his shield and she could take it off him.

Once the older two had got bored of playing frustration Bella played hide and seek with Hannah’s daughter. Again Bella hasn’t got the hang of it though and her hiding spots were pretty obvious. They are getting better though.

We soon had to say goodbye to Barry, Sheron and Shelby so there were hugs all round. We continued with our chilled afternoon until it was time for Jamie and Hannah to leave. Move hugs goodbye and then it was just us with Charlie and her girls.

Charlie did us an early tea of pizzas so we could get on the road. It meant we didn’t have to worry about stopping unless we really needed to. I was hoping Bella would fall asleep on way home. It would make it an easier journey for us.

We finished our pizzas and it was time to say goodbye. It’s a shame, it’s been a wonderful week and I’ve especially loved being around the family. It’s a different sort of relaxing when you’re with family. Hopefully it won’t be so long between visits next time.

We said our goodbyes to Charlie and the girls. But of course Bella couldn’t leave without one last game of tickles with Charlie.

After cuddles and kisses it was time to hit the road and head back to Kent. It’s been a wonderful holiday but I suppose we should return to reality.

Love CiCi x

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