The Travel Blogs – A Wonderful Family Dinner – 2nd November 2019

We off out for a family dinner. We’d arranged this dinner to celebrate my cousin Greg’s birthday but he wasn’t able to make it tonight so instead it’s just an excuse for us all to get together.

We smartened up slightly at Charlie’s before heading to the restaurant. Turns out it was the Brewers Fayre connected for our hotel for the night. So while everyone went round into the restaurant I went to check into the hotel so I could get our room key.

It was very busy in the hotel lobby. Obviously 5pm on a Saturday is the worse time to check in. It’s busy. Eventually we were seen and checked in. I got our key and then Daly and I walked round to the restaurant to find the rest of them.

We had a nice long reserved table in a corner near the soft play so the kids could easily disappear off and play. When we made it to the table Bella was already in the soft play. She had walked round with Ellie to the restaurant while Daly and I were checking in. It was now the fun of trying to work out where everyone was sitting. Now normally that wouldn’t be too hard but trying to match highchairs up to responsible adults and working out where all the children were was a bit of a nightmare. Eventually we sorted it and we were able to sit down and relax.

We set about sorting out our order. First up drinks. Charlie seemed to be playing mother today, taking everyone’s orders and making sure everyone had what they needed. Luckily because we were staying next door Daly and I were able to have a drink. I swear that’s all we’ve done this holiday. I ordered a white wine spritzer and Daly wanted a Ghost ship again.

Then it was onto food. The kids orders turned out nice and easy. They were all having the same thing of nuggets and chips. The adults however, we had choices to make. Of course Daly knew what he was having. His New Yorker burger, I however have several options on the menu to chose from. In the end I settled for the gammon steak that I’d been humming and haing about on Tuesday.

Charlie and Sheron went off to order while the rest of us chatted. Every now and then Jamie had to stop Shelby from trying to escape but the kids all seemed to be playing nicely in the soft play.

Sadly there ended up being an incident with the kids in the soft play so we pulled them all out to prevent things escalating and the girls being caught in anymore incidences. I sent Daly off on the hunt for some crayons and colour sheets for the kids as they were not happy about being pulled out of the soft play. He soon returned with a handful of crayons and six colouring sheets. That kept the kids happy.

Soon our food turned up and it was time to tuck in. We had a lovely family meal, chatting and joking and enjoying the food. There were soon a lot of empty plates.

We let the girls go back into the soft play. Charlie was round there keeping an eye on them so we felt there shouldn’t be anymore trouble. Boy were we wrong. It turned out someone was then sick in the soft play. Charlie and I ended up jumping in to get the kids out. I dived in a grabbed Bee out while I sent Ellie in to get Bella out. There was no way I could have got her. I know what a pain she can be to get out of soft play areas and I didn’t fancy crawling around after her.

Back to the table we went to have dessert. I had ordered an Areo Sundae and Bella some pancakes.

Once all the desserts were finished it was time to call it an evening. We said goodbye to everyone and then went up to our hotel room. Well once Daly had returned with our bags. We headed up to our room for the night. Bella pressed the button so we could take the lift up to the 2nd floor.

We made it up to our room and made ourselves at home. Now our reservation had been an odd one. I had one confirmation saying our room was for two adults and two children. And then I’d received an email this morning at 2am saying our reservation was for one adult and two children and then when I went on the Premier Inn app it said the reservation was for one adult and one child so I had no idea what to expect. So I was not expecting to walking in to find two single beds, one double bed and a travel cot. Oh well at least we had somewhere to sleep for the night.

We wound down, got into our pyjamas and then I popped Strictly Come Dancing on. I mean I know I’m on holiday but I still want to know what’s going on. Bella snuggled up in bed with her iPad while Daly played games on his phone.

It was soon time for Bella to go to bed. Again I sent her to bed with her iPad. She’s twenty times worse trying to get her to quiet down and settle when we’re in a hotel. I wanted to actually try and get some sleep so I’m willing to make that parenting error and I feel no shame.

Bella did thankfully drift off pretty soon after she’d been put in the travel cot. I however was not feeling sleep. In fact I really struggled so I was just watching random stuff on the TV. We ended up watching the new Ghostbusters film. Daly had been asleep when I started watching it but he soon woke up and got into it. Sadly Bella woke up as well having a nightmare. Thankfully it wasn’t a night terror for once. I ended up putting Bella in bed with us so she could settle again. I knew after a nightmare she’d be hard to put back down in the travel cot.

It turns out all three of us really got into Ghostbusters. Once it finished I popped Bella back in her travel cot and she ended up going straight off to sleep.

Tonight has been really nice spending it with the family and tomorrow is more family time. Just what the docotr ordered.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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