The Travel Blogs – Off to Hampshire to see the Family – 1st November 2019

Off on the second leg of our holiday now. Off to Hampshire to spend some time with mum’s side of the family. Daly drove us up to the caravan park reception so he could drop of the key. It also was because I wasn’t confident driving my car through the caravan park.

Once we were all checked out we were ready to rock. Daly and I swapped over driving. I wanted to at least do some driving this holiday and I always enjoying doing the drive down to Hampshire. It just feels like an easy drive for me.

The SAT NAV was having a few issues as we left the caravan site. I ended up giving up with the SAT NAV on my phone and Daly had to get Waze working on his phone. Mine was irritating me because even though it was following our route it had the car pointing the wrong way which meant the route coming up wasn’t shown. I didn’t know where I was going until the junctions were upon me. Daly’s Waze seemed to be behaving and I was actually able to be prepared for where I was going.

We made our way out of Hastings and I followed the A21 all the way up to the M25. Although they were slightly enclosed roads, lots of trees, making them feel tight they were actually alright to drive. It was the M25 I didn’t like. My anxiety goes up being on the M25 where people plough along and then slam on their brakes. I’m so scared I’m going to end up in the back of someone or someone in me. It doesn’t help the part of the M25 I needed always seems congested.

Daly made us pull over into Clacket Lane services so he could have a stretch and make me have a break. Bella was happily sat in the back of the car watching Peter Rabbit. She’d fallen asleep though so thankfully there was no screaming with her wanting to get out of the car. Daly was so embarrassed about my parking when we made it to the services. I will hold my hands up and admit it was shocking. It took me about 3 attempts to even get it to resemble being parked in the space. I was being watched by a couple of work men and I just gave up. I didn’t care.

We soon set back on our way. We needed to make our way round from Clacket Lane services to the M3. This was where the fun was. The road was so congested. We were pretty much crawling. And that gets me anxious because of having to get across crowded lanes to my exit. I was so grateful when we finally got on to the M3. It used to be hell as there were roadworks to turn the M3 into a smart motorway. But now all the work has finished the traffic just flows. We were able to build up the speed and gain some of the time back we’d lost. That was until Daly needed Fleet services. I was slightly annoyed, I’d just got into my groove of driving and I had to stop again. Bella was starting to stir so I sat with her while we waited for Daly to keep her calm. Once he was back we were off again.

It didn’t take us long to make it onto the A303 and the final leg of our journey. Soon we had arrived at mum’s home town. Now due to all the building I was a little lost. There are so many housing estates that have sprung up and it threw me out. I used to know my way round town pretty well but it all looks different now.

We eventually made it onto my cousin Charlie’s housing estate and we made it to her house. I let Daly park up while Bella and I went inside. Bella had only just woken up so she wasn’t really with it. Charlie was in the kitchen and set about making her and I a cup of tea and all of us some lunch. It was so cute as Daly walked into the house Bella, who was hanging off my leg as I stood in the kitchen doorway, introduced us to Charlie. ‘This is my daddy’ she said pointing at Daly and then ‘This is my mummy’ pointing at me. That made me laugh, I told her that Chsrlie already knew who I was.

We gathered our lunches and I took Bella into the living room where her cousins were eating their lunches and watching TV. We settled down and while the girls ate and watched TV us adults chatted.

Bella was very shy to begin with and wouldn’t leave my side but gradually she warmed up and realised there were toys and other children she could play with.

One of her little cousins was at the house, Bee. She was having a sleep over with aunty Charlie all weekend. It was lovely. There’s about six months between Bella and Bee and they have a lovely relationship. They only get to see each other say 3 or 4 times a year but they get on like a house on fire. Once Bella had warmed up and was confident to leave me you couldn’t split the pair of them up. They spent most of the afternoon playing with a Polly Pocket boat. That thing made me feel old. I remember when Polly Pocket was tiny and now shes like a mini barbie doll.

They were playing nicely making a little game up with the dolls and sharing bits. There was the odd little disagreement but what do you expect between a two year old and a three year old.

Things soon took a bit of a violent turn when Bella and Bee found a lightsabre, a pirate sword and a pirate flag. They managed to convince their other cousin Izzie to get involved and they all had a three way fight. We soon put an end to that though. I was terrified they were going to hit the TV and we didn’t want anyone being injured.

Next up the girls found a turtles version of frustration. The pair of them had fun lining up the little figures around the edge of the board. They hadn’t worked out you could press the middle and make the dice pop. They were having fun though.

While the kids were all playing Charlie, Daly and I all discussed what we should do for dinner. We were originally going to have Spanish chicken cooked by Charlie but that was when another one of my cousins was going to be round as well. Sad he was ill so his partner and him would not be round with the kids. Because of this Charlie decided we would order pizza instead. So then the fun came of working out what everyone wanted.

Eventually food was ordered and it soon turned up. We had sooo much food. We all tucked into the pizzas, chicken strips and potato wedges. The two youngest girls sat up to the table with Daly watching over then, and the rest of us sat across the sofas and the floor.

Once everyone had finished their diner and eaten all the pizza they wanted, the chocolate chip cookies were shared out among the children. They must have enjoyed them, there were quite a few chocolatey faces.

After dinner it was time to give Bella a bath. She doesn’t like showers so I hadn’t been able to give her a proper wash while we were on holiday. So we were going to make the most of Charlie’s bath. I filled it with water and bubbles and Bella added the toys.

She had lots of fun splashing around and playing with the toys. There weren’t even any tears when I washed her hair. That’s a rarity. She didn’t want to get out when she’d finished. She is obviously growing to love the water again. I got her out of the bath and wrapped her up in a nice big fluffy towel to take her into our bedroom for the night.

Once she was all dry and settled in her pyjamas I took her back downstairs to play with Bee. Bee was in her pyjamas ready for bed as well but the kids were going to have a bit more play time before they settled down for the night. This tie Polly Pocket and the weapons weren’t the toys of choice. Instead they managed to find the lego. The pair of them sat on the carpet trying to build little houses and playing with the figures.

The lego didn’t last long though. They soon lost interest and went back to the Polly Pocket boat. They were still playing so nicely together, it was lovely. We enjoyed our nice chilled out evening with all the kids.

The younger kids soon started to get tired so Charlie and I took the girls up to bed. I don’t think Bella was quite ready for bed but it was most definitely bedtime. Bee however was starting to drift so she was definitely ready to go to sleep for the night. As I didn’t want Bella to be too disruptive for Bee, I let her take her iPad to bed. I told her she could play her games but once the iPad was dead it was dead and she would have to go to bed. I said goodnight to her and headed back downstairs.

Eventually Charlie joined us, she had nearly fallen asleep with Bee and it was adultish time. We all sat down and had a glass of wine and watched a film to pass the time.

It wasn’t long before we followed the smaller people to bed. We were all shattered.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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