The Travel Blogs – Water Fun – 31st October 2019

This afternoon Bella has decided she wanted to go swimming. She must have really enjoyed her session the other day. Now Daly isn’t coming with us this afternoon. He’s decided he’s going to stay behind at the caravan and have a shower as well as sorting out the suitcases. We are off to my cousins tomorrow so I want just one case with all our bits for the weekend.

Bella and I got ready to go swimming. I dressed Bella in her unicorn onesie to make things easy for getting changed. I gathered our swimming bag and then it was time to say goodbye to Daly. Bella gave him hugs and kisses and then we started the long walk up the hill to the main facility.

Bella happily walked along the route. It was a little bit windy but she seemed quite happy. I just didn’t want Bella to get too cold. That would not be good. We’ve been very lucky with the weather. Although it’s been cold it hasn’t been wet which is a bonus.

We made it to the main facility. Bella had walked the whole way. She wanted me to carry her but her weight on my chest makes it difficult to breath. I’ve got a weird shaped rib cage and it compresses my lungs at times. We got to the pool.

When we walked in the lifeguard was vary taken by Bella’s unicorn onesie. Apparently he’s got one at home. I’m quite jealous because I really want one. It’s so warm and cosy. The lady behind the desk checked my pass and then told us we could go through to get changed.

Bella found us a changing room right by the pool and luckily it had a baby changing table too. That’s always handy. I got myself dressed into my swimsuit and then it was Bella’s turn. Once we were dressed it was time to hit the pool.

We had a great session in the pool. Bella was straight in and we spent a lot of our time going from one side of the pool to the other. Bella was making it a race and even floating and using my hands to pull me along the bottom of the pool Bella still one every time. I did discover that by kicking my legs I went a bit faster but no enough to be fast than Bella running across the pool.

I tried to get Bella to swim. I held her chest while encouraging her to kick and scoop with her hands but she didn’t like the water on her face – just like her mum.

As well as racing Bella wanted to ride on my back for a little bit. I wasn’t too sure about this as we didn’t have Daly to catch her if she slipped off my back but we were in shallow water and she has a strong grip. I just took it slowly so I didn’t lose her.

Once that game had got boring we played a bit of hide and seek. That was a little hard though. There was no where to hide. It’s a pool. Short of going under the water your going to be found. After hide and seek got boring we changed to a game Bella made up. We took it in turns to pretend to be Elsa and freeze each other and then whoever was Elsa had to melt the frozen person. It was fun and I was really impressed that Bella came up with the idea by herself.

After 45 minutes of playing in the pool Bella had got cold so it was time to get out. We managed to get the same changing room again. I got Bella dressed and then myself so Bella didn’t get too cold.

We headed out of the pool and stopped at the shop I needed to pick up some bits. I took Bella into the back of the shop where all the Haven merchandise is. I knew it was probably the only chance we’d have to buy her a treat so I let her see what she wanted.

She went through all the soft toys, picking them all up and giving them cuddles but she eventually settled on a giant Anxious Elephant. Now as much as she seems to like Anxious I was not prepared to spend 30 pounds on a giant one. I do have to say considering they are their own merchandise they are really reasonably priced.

In the end Bella settled on an Anxious Elephant backpack which I was very happy to buy her. It was only £8 and I know she’s going to get plenty of use out of it. It’s the perfect size for a sleepover bag and when were out for the day. It’s a little bit bigger than her normal changing bag.

She paid for the bag herself. I gave her a ten pound note and she handed it to the lady behind the till. She proudly walked out of the shop carrying her bag. She was carrying it by the hook strap but I eventually convinced her to put it on her back.

We walked back down the hill but Bella was a bit tired after her swim. I ended up having to carry her down the hill. But it didn’t last long due to my chest.

I had to make Bella the last little bit to the caravan. When we got back into the caravan Bella and Daly snuggled up to watch her Halloween Paw Patrol DVD while I set about sorting out the rest of the packing.

I had a lovely afternoon just Bella and I. Now on to packing up the caravan ready to head off tomorrow to Hampshire.

Until next time.

Love CiCi x

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