The Travel Blogs – Halloween Fun in the Live Lounge – 31st October 2019

Happy Halloween everyone! We’re off to the Live Lounge this morning. There are lot of fun Halloween activities on the time table for today. We got up like normal with Bella waking up first and running around the caravan. I got up and asked her which Halloween costume she wanted to wear. We had taken four with us – I went a bit over board this year. It turns out Bella wanted to wear her witches costume. She loves that outfit.

Now the Halloween party for all the kids was at 12.30 but we were going up to the Live Lounge to take part in the morning activities. Instead of dressing her in her costume yet I thought we would pack in her bag and take her broomstick and hat with us. As wasn’t wearing her Halloween costume yet I thought I’d put her in her little pumpkin dress. That way she was still Halloweeny.

We got ourselves sorted and headed off to the main facility. We stop by the car to grab Bella’s pram so we didn’t have to carry everything. I had my camera with me to try and take some decent photos but because I knew the party was going to have a disco I knew I would need my flash. So I had Bella’s bag, my hand bag, my camera bag, Bella’s broom and Bella’s hat and then we had coats as well. I did not want to carry them around al morning.

We made it up to the main facility. As soon as we walked in through the door, after saying good morning to the security guard, Bella found the train ride on. She jumped on and I popped the pound in. She enjoyed herself going round and round on her little train.

We weren’t able to go into the Live Lounge yet, we had turned up a little early. So instead we had a little bit of fun in the arcade. Bella first wanted to go on space invaders. It was right next to the entrance to the Live Lounge. I wasn’t willing to put money in the game though as I knew Bella would get fed up. Instead she was just happy pressing the buttons and making the screen change.

She soon disappeared off with Daly across the arcade while I played a stacking game. The aim was to try and stack the blocks on top of each other and make it to 50 blokes. I didn’t make it to 50 but I made it to 43. As I didn’t make it to 50 I didn’t win 1000 tickets, I was so close. I soon heard Daly calling me over. He and Bella were sat on a motorbike in the corner of the arcade. Again no money wasn’t being used but Bella was enjoying Daly pretending to ride with her.

I went to go queue up at the door so we could go in while Bella and Daly continued to roam around the arcade. Soon the doors were opened and we were able to go in. I found a table near the front to sit at. Bella and Daly joined me at the table although Bella didn’t seem too happy. She seemed a bit bored. Daly was sat at the table eating our Halloween sweets. We had grabbed handfuls of sweets just as we left the caravan. Bella wasn’t too impressed Daly had a lollypop and wasn’t sharing.

There were some toys and soft play mats on the the dancefloor. Some of the children we running around or playing with the soft toys that were in a corner by the stage. Bella joined in with a group of children who were running and jumping around on the mats.

Soon Anxious the Elephant came out on stage dressed as a dinosaur. We were here for Anxious’ Topsy Turvy morning. It was like a sensory morning but themed. Anxious came out and sang a song with the children.

Bella joined in with all the actions while sitting on the floor. Well Bella didn’t sit. She decided she was going to be the only one to stand up.

Once the songs were over Anxious told all the children we were going on a trip to explore. She wanted to go somewhere cold. It turned out we were going to head off to the Arctic. But of course to get there we had to travel. We all got up and set off on a trek to the Arctic. Bella walked with me as we followed Anxious around the Live Lounge until we arrived at the Arctic.

Once we’d made it to the Arctic it was time to explore. There was a ball pit to play in, various different textured fabric to explore, soft toys, musical instruments and even the chance to experience ice.

Bella disappeared off and it turned out she was playing in the ice. She came and found me to tell me her hands were wet from where she had been touching the ice. She got me to touch it but refused to touch it herself again.

Bella saw one of the fun stars was handing out instruments. Bella was given a bell. She marched around the dance floor ringing the bell. I was a little bit worried she was going to end up knocking another child on the head. Thankfully though no children were injured by a bell.

There were a few small children that had been a bit left out of some of the activities so some of the fun stars got some bubbles out. Bella was very excited about the bubbles. She jumped around by the stage trying to pop all the bubbles. That girl loves bubbles.

It was soon the end of Anxious’ Topsy Turvy time. Bella came and sat at the table with us. Bella and Daly sat at the table playing his game on his phone.

Once Topsy Turvy time had been tidied away is was Messy Time. Now last year there were paints all over the floor but this year there was a lot more children. Of course there was, it was Halloween Messy time. All the children were instructed to sit right round the edge of the dance floor so everyone could see. However there was still far to many of us to make a circle around the dance floor. Bella and I ended up sitting behind the circle with a few other children.

Today’s craft was making bats. Each child was given a piece of black card and then a pen so they could draw there bat. There were a few templates of bats going around the circle but there were only 5 of them. Seemed a little too few considering there must have been at least 80 children trying to participate. To save time waiting around for a template I folded Bella’s card in half and drew half a bat. I then let Bella have the pen and she tried drawing her own bat on the other half. She did very well. She gave her bat wings and even gave him a little smiley face.

Once we’d drawn the bat we waited until we could get hold of a pair of scissors so I could cut the bat out. I saw a family next to us had a pair of scissor that the mum was using. She then got up and left the circle. The children were just sitting there waiting. I asked if I could borrow their scissors as they were just sitting there. The little boy was a bit unsure about me using them. He turned and said I was ok to use the scissors but as long as I gave them back. Of course I was going to give them back.

I cut out Bella’s bat and then gave the scissors back to the family. Bella was very happy with her little bat. Now we needed to track down a straw and some sellotape so we could complete our bat.

One of the fun stars soon came round with straws and I located a roll of sellotape that was just lying on the floor. I used the tape to stick the bat to the straw. I noticed the family next to us were waiting for some tape so of course I shared the tape I had found with them.

Bella loved her little bat we made. She was making it flap around and fly.

Once messy time was over we headed back out into the arcades. The Live Lounge was being shut down so no one could save tables for the Halloween party and so they could get the Lounge sorted. Bella needed changing so I took her off to the toilets and got her changed. We popped on her witches outfit so she was ready for the party.

As soon as we walked out of the toilets Bella spotted this ride that spins round, changes direction and goes up and down. She had wanted to go on it last night but I hadn’t had any pound coins left. I had got some more pound coins this morning so we were ready to arcade.

She had to wait a little bit to go on the ride. A few other children were on the ride first so she had to wait until it had finished. Once their ride was over Daly popped Bella on the ride and strapped her in.

Bella enjoyed the ride, spinning round and round. It seemed every time Bella’s seat got round to Daly it would change direction. Daly was leaning over her seat and she giggled everytime the direction changed. She loves that ride.

The next ride Bella wanted to go on was a teacup kind of ride. It had three cups that went round the central stand and the cups rotated as well. As the tea cups were going round Bella sat in the cup dancing.

The next game she wanted to go on was the clown game again. Of course Daly was up for it. Daly and Bella had a good go at trying to get all the clowns down.

Daly did pretty well. It turns out he managed to get all but one clown down. So we managed to win quite a few tickets.

Up next, we were back to the bowling game. Bella really does like this game. Once again Bella and Daly took it in turns to send the balls down the ‘alley’ and see how many pins they could knock down.

We collected our tickets and changed games. It was back to the bean bag game again. I love the fact we’re all able to do this game. Bella can’t get the bean bags down to the holes but she likes throwing them.

After this it was back to the train. This time Bella wanted to sit in the other train on the ride. It was the first time Daly had actually been around to see her ride the train. Once it finished she wanted to have another go but I told her no.

The last arcade game we went on was the giant fidget spinner. You have to spin it at a certain speed to win 1000 tickets. Turns out Daly span it way too fast. No 1000 tickets for us.

It was getting close to party time so we headed with all our tickets up to the prize shop. Except there was no one there. We rang the bell twice and stood there waiting for at least 10 minutes but the person never turned up to the shop. As it was getting so close to party time we decided to leave it and come back later.

We joined the mass of people waiting to go into the Live Lounge. I had managed to get Bella into her full witches costume, she looked so cute. She decided she was going to do some sweeping in Burger King. She loves her broomstick. She either sweeps with it or flys around like a witch.

Eventually they opened the doors into the Live Lounge and we were able to go in. We decided to sit at a table near the door. Everyone was trying to get down near the front but I didn’t see the point. We were right next to the path way down to the dance floor and I could see what was going on.

Bella headed straight down to the dance floor where all the children were and managed to find a balloon. She was happily playing with the balloon. She gave me her hat and broom so she could dance and play freely.

It turn out Barney Bear was running the Halloween party. He came out and sang songs and danced with the kids. Bella seemed happy to be on the dance floor by herself so I went and sat at the back of the lounge with Daly while Bella enjoyed herself.

Daly wasn’t too impressed that the party only lasted 30 minutes but to be fair there’s a lot of kids and attention spans are short. Also it’s lunch time, I wanted to get back to the caravan and have something to eat. Bella came and found us at the end of the party and we gathered all our stuff together so we could walk back to the caravan.

A lovely morning of fun and Halloween at the Live Lounge.

Until next time.

Love CiCi x

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