The Travel Blogs – Afternoon Walk – 30th October 2019

After our morning down at the Live Lounge and Bella having lots of fun it was time for us adults to have some lunch. I sorted out Daly and I some cheese scones and we sat down and enjoyed. Bella happily played with her dolly, laying her in her travel cot and feeding her her bottle.

She started to get a bit restless though, we hadn’t really thought about what we were going to do this afternoon. It turned out Bella wanted to do some cooking. I had brought with us a cupcake box mix and a cookie box mix to do. I gave Bella the option and she chose the Frozen themed cupcake mix. So I cleared the dining table and we set about sorting out cooking. It turned out we needed an egg for the cupcakes so I had to do a quick run up to the shop so I could get some eggs.

Not long after I returned back and we set about starting making the cakes. The first job was preheating the oven and setting out the cupcake cases in the cake tray. Bella didn’t like it that the cases had got a bit squashed in the pot and wouldn’t sit nicely in the baking tray. I gave them a little bit of a squish the other way. They seemed to become a bit more case shaped and sat nicely in the tray.

Now it was time to dump the mix into the bowl and add the egg, some water and a table spoon of vegetable oil. Bella poured the mixture into the bowl and I added the other ingredients. Bella used a spoon to mix the ingredients up but gave up quickly.

I did the rest of the mixing until the mixture was all fluffy and runny. It was time to scoop it in to the cases. I gave Bella a tea spoon so she could scoop it in. She very carefully went round spooning a spoon of mixture into each case.

Once Bella had finished spooning the mixture in I went round and spooned the remaining mixture into the cases to fill them up.

All the cases were filled so it was time to pop the tray into the oven. Bella carefully carried the tray from the table to the oven where I then placed the tray in so the cakes could cook.

I was going to start dinner as I had planned on making a cottage pie. I was going to get everything ready, we could then do an activity and I’d pop the pie in when we were ready to have dinner.

I came across a problem though, there was no potato peeler in the caravan. I obviously hadn’t packed our one from home because I hunted everywhere. Daly suggested using a knife to peel the potatoes but that wasn’t going to happen, I’d end up cutting off my hand. I mean I’m extremely accident prone with a peeler so adding in a sharper object was not going to go well.

We took the finished cakes out of the oven and I popped them on the side to cool. I told Daly that I was going to try the on site shop first and if I had no luck then I was going to walk down to the Pound Stretcher I had managed to locate on the map which was only a 20 minute walk away. I said to Daly about taking Bella down to the soft play or play ground while I was out if she got restless of playing in the caravan. I thought it would be a good way of them spending some time together as it’s normally always Bella and I together. I grabbed my headphones and headed out.

I went up to the shop first but sadly they didn’t have any potato peelers so it was off to Pound Stretcher I went. I headed off of site and followed my little SAT NAV on my phone so I knew which direction I was going in. It turned out there was a little cut through via a country park through to the main road rather than just following the roads round.

I had to go down a road opposite the caravan site. As I followed it down the hill I discovered the country park.

It was a nice little wooded walk along by a stream. It was pretty closed in which was a little concerning. I mean it was a wooded park with the odd cut through to a field near by and the stream ran along the path. Being a new place and somewhere I don’t know at all I kept my wits about me. It’s sad that that’s what I end up thinking while I’m walking but at least I know I’m keeping my wits about me and I’m aware of my surroundings.

Despite the sketchiness of this path it was a pleasant walk. I was actually gutted I didn’t have my camera with me. It was a pretty autumn walk through a wood like area.

I soon came out on the main road and followed it along under a railway bridge until I finally found Pound Stretcher. I went in and had a look around. At first I couldn’t find the kitchen section but after a good look I finally found it. However there were no peelers. I went round the shop twice, checking every aisle but nope, no peeler.

I was a bit down hearted but there was a TK Max next door. I thought it was a long shot but I thought I’d give it a go. I soon found the kitchen section and had a look. I got very excited when I found an aisle of knives, I figured I was getting closer to finding a peeler. And it turns out I was.

In the next aisle I hit the jack pot. I’ve honestly never been so excited to see a peeler, and there were lots of them. I had achieved my goal, I was hope happy. I picked my peeler and took it to the till.

Once I’d paid it was time to walk back. I headed back along the main road, under the railway bridge and back to the country park.

I still think it’s such a pretty walk with all the trees and the autumn leaves all over the place. It was such a nice way to spend an autumn afternoon.

I made my way back to the caravan. When I got in I started on dinner. Bella and Daly had stayed at the caravan while I had been gone and Bella was starting to get a little fed up. She wanted to ice her cakes but I was busy cooking.

Eventually I finished all the prep I needed to do for dinner and I sat with Bella to ice her cakes. Like normal I popped the icing on top of the cakes and Bella then placed on the little pictures of Anna and Elsa.

Of course she wanted to eat them as soon as we’d finished but I told her she needed to wait for them to dry. I still had to wait for all the mince and veg to cook before I could make the pie. Bella was bored so I decided to take her to the soft play.

I left Daly in charge of the mince and Bella and I headed off to the soft play area in the lower venue.

Bella had lots of fun. She made friends with two older girls who were keeping an eye on her for me and playing together. It was nice as it meant I was able to sit in the area by the soft play and relax.

While Bella was playing I caught up with a few friends at home. I chatted with Leanne via WhatsApp and filled her in on what we had been up to.

Soon the mince was cooked and it was time for us the head back to the caravan. When we got back it seemed Daly had missed us. I walked in to receive a massive hug. He left me to cook the dinner and I left Daly to enjoy some daddy daughter time. They were going to carve the pumpkin we had bought yesterday morning.

I gave Daly all the pumpkin tools I had brought with us. I had to give him a little bit of a crash course in what each piece did and then left them to it with the templates.

Daly’s first job was cutting off the top of the pumpkin so they could get to the guts.

Once Daly had got the top off, Bella scooped out the guts with the big pumpkin spoon. Daly needed to help her a little bit but she did a good job by herself.

Once all the guts were out Daly asked Bella which template she wanted to use. Bella wanted a ghost pumpkin. Now Daly wasn’t happy with the template ghost. He decided he was going to cut out a ghost freehand for Bella.

After a lot of cutting with Bella’s supervision Daly completed his ghost. It was time to place the light inside. Once it was all lit up and finished Bella wanted to place it in the doorway. I had suggested to pop it on the steps as we had lots of Halloween sweets to give away and this would make sure people knew we had sweets.

It was nice for Bella and Daly to do something just them.

Until next time.

Love CiCi x

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