The Travel Blogs – A little bit of Shopping – 29th October 2019

I woke up to Bella running up and own the caravan shouting mummy. She soon remembered where I was and the door handle started to rattle. I opened the door and slide out leaving Daly in bed. Bella wanted the TV on so I popped that on so I could give myself some time to wake up.

Bella settled on the floor watching CBeebies. They had the show which was ‘Katie’s Amazing Machines’ but now they have a new presenter called Grace who races motorbikes rather than rally cars. Bella happily watched that while warming up by the gas fire in the living room.

I started my morning in the best way, with a cup of Yorkshire Tea. I haven’t really been drinking tea but sitting in a cold caravan makes me want a nice hot cup of tea.

While Bella was watching TV and I was waiting for my tea to cool enough to drink it I popped some bread in the toaster so Bella could have some toast. I actually ended up making us all toast. Daly hadn’t gotten up soon after me. We all sat around, watching TV, warming up and eating toast. It was a wonderful way to spend our first morning.

Soon after we finished our breakfast we decided we should probably get our butts in gear. We were planning on going food shopping this morning so we actually had something to eat. We were going out for dinner tonight so we needed more sort of snacky things and lunch bits to keep us going.

I found Bella some clothes and got her dressed. Then I headed off to get dressed. Daly had already got dressed and was ready for the day. He was curled up on the sofa watching videos on his phone while I got sorted. While Bella waited for me she grabbed her colouring book and climbed up to the dinner table. She happily coloured in her Paw Patrol pictures being very careful to stay inside the lines.

I was soon dressed and all ready to go. I had made a mini list on my phone to try and know what I needed to get. Daly popped Bella in her jumper and then popped his own on so we could get going.

We headed off to Bexhill-on-Sea to the industrial estate on the very edge of the town. It has the nearest supermarket to us so that’s why we had headed there. I was a bit nervous about Daly getting our car out of such a tight space in the car park so I closed my eyes so I didn’t have to see it. It turns out Daly of course knew what he was doing and managed to get the car out no problem.

When we arrived at the industrial estate in Bexhill Daly managed to find the last parent child space. They make parking so much easier in that big thing. We all got out and Daly disappeared off to find me a trolley.

Bella threw a mini fit about getting in the trolley but daddy pushing it seemed to make her happy. We walked up and down the aisles grabbing bits we knew. To help cheer Bella up I picked her up a pepper. She loves peppers and weirdly she eats them like apples. I don’t mind her eating them like that. Hey she’s getting one of her five a day. She happily held on to her pepper while we travelled around the store.

We picked up various items as we walked around, fruit, some chocolate biscuits, crisps, biscuits and much needed chocolate. As it was Halloween coming up I let Bella pick out a little pumpkin to carve during the week.

The last few days Bella had been feeling rough but we had run out of Calpol so I needed to pick up a bottle of that as well as some other cold medicine. I didn’t want her getting any worse during the week. especially as she was seeing all her cousins at the end of the week. I didn’t her making anyone else ill.

I could tell as we were shopping Bella was starting to feel a bit worse for wear. She had snuggled right into Daly’s arm to the point he couldn’t straighten up where she was lying on him. Luckily we didn’t have much more to shop for so we’d be able to take her back to the caravan to rest.

We finished up in Tesco’s and then took a quick trip to Poundland on the estate. I’d left Daly packing our shopping into the car while I walked up to Poundland with Bella in the trolley. Daly soon came found us and we quickly zoomed around the shop. I didn’t really find anything I wanted but I was able to pick up a pair of slippers for Bella. That was one thing I’d discovered when I’d been packing that we didn’t have.

We headed back to the car all shopped out and drove back to the caravan.

When we made back to the caravan, once I’d packed up all the shopping, I tried to hang up some Halloween decorations. It didn’t go well at all. I hung up one piece of bunting that said Happy Halloween and then I kinda gave up. I had these little jack-o-lanterns to be hung up but I couldn’t find anywhere to hang them. So I gave up.

A nice easy start to our holiday. Nothing really exciting but at least we’ve been out and made a start to our holiday.

Until next time.

Love CiCi x

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