Spooky Season – I tried a Pumpkin Spiced Latte – 24th October 2019

It’s been a bit of a meh day today.

Bella and I got up early to drop Bella of and Grandma and Grandad’s. I’m taking Bella trick or treating in town tomorrow so I had changed her day with Dawn and Grant so I could take her. I didn’t want them to miss out on a day with her as we’re going on holiday soon so I didn’t think that was very fair. So she’s going to Grandma and Grandad’s today.

We got ready early and headed off. I dropped Bella with Dawn and Grant given her cuddles and kisses and left them to their fun day.

I was off into town to get my nails done. I wanted them done before I went on holiday and wanted something a little bit Halloweeny. I’d been thinking about getting something with orange and maybe brown so it was still autumnal but wasn’t fully sure. I had downloaded a few photos off of Pinterest to give me some inspiration but also because I know I don’t get internet signal in the nail salon.

I went and parked up in town and walked around to the nail salon. I’m getting much better with my anxiety with things like this. This is the second time I’ve gone to get my nails done on my own. I’m so proud of myself that I can actually walk in and ask if they have any space. I still can’t bring myself to ring up and book an appointment but I’ve found if I go early enough in the morning I either get seen right away or within about 10/15 minutes as today proved.

I sat down in the little salon chair and away the nail technician went taking off my pretty burgundy nails. When it came to the colours another technician asked me which colours I wanted and I showed her the picture of the nails I liked and wanted something similar of. We then sat together working out which of their colours would kinda match it as I was changing some of the details. She went and found the colours and then the man doing my nails set to work. I had to help him a little to know which colours when on which nails but it wasn’t as confusing as when I had my pink ombre nails.

He finished up my brown, orange and gold glitter nails and I’m in love. They are perfect for subtle Halloween nails and pretty autumn nails. I’m so happy.

I headed back home to find Liam and Daly just chilling out watching TV. Daly was switching to nights and because he needed to take Liam home and do a few other bits they were leaving at 3pm. So we sat and watched TV together until 3pm and then the boys headed out. I headed out as well. I have been doing a hell of a lot of washing in preparation for our holiday but I don’t own a tumble dryer or have very many or big airers so I was on the hunt for some more. I thought about going to Argos but as I started to head that way I thought about B and M instead. So that’s where I went instead.

It turns out B and M however did not have a decent airer so that was a disappointment. So I headed over to Morrisons which is opposite B and M. Once again nothing suitable, in fact nothing at all. This trip was not going well at all and I knew I needed to pick up Bella at about 5.30 from Dawn and Grant.

Now on the same industrial estate as B and M and Morrisons is a Starbucks. Now last year I tried Costa’s autumn drinks and hated them. They tasted like burnt toffee which is not appealing to me. I know Starbucks do pumpkin spiced lattes so I thought I’d give them a go. I walked round to Starbucks from Morrisons rather than moving the car again. That would have just been a waste of fuel.

The Starbucks itself was really nice. I’ve been in ones in the past but this one was nice and dark inside. I ordered my medium pumpkin spiced latte with cream on top and waited to see what I got. Bit of a pricey experiment and £3.30 something but it could be so much worse.

Soon my latte was ready and I took it back to my car. On the outside just your standard Starbucks cup but I wonder what could be inside. I didn’t try it until I got to the car I actually wanted to be able to put my full concentration into the latte.

I got in the car took the lid off and took a sip. It turns out it isn’t too bad. I hate to say a pumpkin spiced latte is much better than Costa’s bonfire lattes. It was kinda sweet and not at all how I expected. I hate the smell of pumpkin but this didn’t smell too bad. The cinnamon on top of the cream however made me feel sick. I hate cinnamon.

The actual latte under the cream didn’t have a too bad cinnamon taste. But I could still taste it. So although the sweetness of the pumpkin was the dominate taste I could still taste the cinnamon.

Now due to my failures and B and M and Morrisons my last ditch attempt to find an airer or two was Dunelm. There’s one near home so I headed there to see what I could find. Every now and then sipping on my latte. I arrived at Dunelm and had a look around. I wasn’t sure where airers would be so I ended up looking around the whole store before I found some hiding in the corner upstairs.

They had two pretty large ones for £14 which was perfect for what I wanted. I’d been looking at some smaller ones in Argos for the same price so I was totally prepared to pay that. I grabbed two of them and then headed to the till to pay.

Once they were all paid for I thought I would head to find Bella as I know traffic between ours and Dawn and Grant’s has been pretty bad recently. It was 4.15pm and it has been known to take us an our to do the 15 minute journey.

Turns out traffic wasn’t that bad though so I parked outside Dawn and Grant’s and decided to take a little walk so not to cut into their time with Bella. I needed to go to Sainsburys so I decided I would take a long walk over there and then take a huge detour back to Dawn and Grant’s.

Despite all this I still ended up at Dawn and Grant’s before 5.30pm. Bella was pretty tired when I got there but she hadn’t taken a nap yet. I predicted she’d fall asleep within seconds in the car. She still isn’t 100% so I wouldn’t have been surprised. Bella said her goodbyes to Grandma and Grandad and then we headed home. I was right, seconds after we started moving she was gone.

A bit of a boring day today but with two separate autumn themed things, my nails and my pumpkin spiced latte.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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