Faversham Carnival – 12th October 2019

This morning started like any other Saturday. You wouldn’t think we had a carnival today. Now our plans for the day were a bit jumbled. I was suppose to be doing a photo shoot this morning but it had been postponed. That meant I didn’t have to worry about our original plans.

Our original plan for the day was that Daly was going to take Bella with him and Liam over to Faversham and drop her off with his parents while they did carnival business. Then I was going to get the train, bus over to Faversham after my shoot to meet up with Jess and then we would go and pick Bella up together. Instead Liam and Daly were going to head off to Faversham first so they could sort out marshalling bits and help Grant with Teynham’s float. And then Joe was going to pick Bella and I uup on his way home from work so we didn’t have to worry about paying for parking in town.

Liam had spent the night so we were taking a slow start to the day. Bella decided she wanted to wear her Halloween costume this morning. She chose a witches costume and is absolutely in love with it. She is constantly wearing it and dancing around shouting ‘I’m a witch, I’m a witch!’ Or waving her wand and saying ‘turn you into a frog.’ She really is getting into the spirit of Halloween this year. This morning, however, our witch was a dancing/gymnastics witch. She had found her gymnastics ribbon and as twirling it around and round.

Once she was happy with her dancing she asked me to have a go. I swirled it around making circles and wibbly lines. Then Bella decided it was daddy’s turn. He happily joined in but uncle Liam wasn’t as willing. He did happily watch Paw Patrol with Bella though.

At 11am Daly and Liam made a move to Faversham. They had asked if I was going with them but Bella was currently dressed as a witch and I was still in my pyjamas so my answer was no. I messaged Joe and asked him if he was ok to pick me up on his way through and he rang and told me it was fine but I needed to make sure I was ready by 1.30pm. That meant I had at least 2 hours to get ready.

I got my bag ready first making sure I had my camera and lenses. Enough batteries to keep my going and my phone fully charged. I also packed a spare change of clothes for Bella and I as well as our pyjamas. It wasn’t looking like a very dry day out and it was looking cold as well so I wanted to make sure we had something warm to wear for after standing out in the cold and wet.

It hadn’t taken me long to pack and Bella was still happily running around as a witch so I thought for once I’d actually put some make up on. I don’t wear make up often but I suffer badly with rosacea. I’v gone to the doctors about it but sadly it’s my genetics and it can’t be removed. I just have to be careful as certain things flare it up. I hate how my skin looks it photos, and it’s annoying knowing there’s nothing that can be done but the doctor has told me certain make up will cover it. So that is my go to. Especially if I know there is a chance I’m going to take a selfie. Obviously I’ve learnt to live with it but there’s times when I don’t want to see my bright red face staring back at me in photos.

I put my face on and then got Bella and I dressed. I love to attempt matching outfits. It never happens but today we were going for similar outfits. Both of us were in little knitted dresses. Bella’s a blush colour with white tights and mine, a cream dress with black tights. It made me feel so autumny. I always like to wear skirts and dresses in the winter as I find they’re easier to wear boots with.

We were dressed and ready by the front door at 1.15pm. I thought that way at least we would be ready for Joe as soon as he turned up. Bella asked for her hat on as I had packed it in my bag, knowing it was going to be cold. She looked so cute in her knitted dress, pink boots, bobble hat and red coat. She was definitely ready for the carnival.

We waited for Joe to turn up. Bella was running around and playing under our carport while I sat on the step. We took a few selfies as the minutes ticked by. It seemed Joe was taking longer than expected. In fact we actually got cold under the carport and ended up heading back inside to wait for him.

Closer to 2pm Joe finally arrived. He tracked down Bella in the house while I sorted her car seat out in the back of his car. Richard was also in Joe’s car as they had both been at work together.

We got Bella in the car and headed off to Faversham to find Daly. Richard was being dropped at Daly’s parents . I was trying to get hold of Daly to find out where he was, just as we pulled into his parents’ close. I wanted the pram as I had planned on walking into town with Jess. As we parked up I spotted my car and Daly coming out of the house. He got the pram out for me but Bella wanted to go see Grandma and Grandad so we headed into the house.

Inside we found Liam, Dawn and Grant. Richard stopped to talk to Grant and Daly but I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on. I just settled on the sofa to chill out while Bella happily played with her kitchen, arranging a picnic for Grandad.

Bella and Grandad played picnics while the rest of us chatted. I was trying to find out where Jess was but it turned out she was still in town. As that was the case I decided to take Bella down to the carnival line up when Daly and Liam went down in the car.

They were planning on leaving at 3pm, which Liam took much delight in telling Daly when it rolled round to 3.02pm and Daly was still sitting on the sofa. Daly grumbled about getting the pram out for no reason as he popped outside to pop it back into the boot of the car.

We loaded up and set off on our way. When we got down to the line up I was pretty hungry. I hadn’t eaten all day but luckily there is a chip shop opposite the carnival line up. There was no one else at the line up so I left the boys and walked over to the chip shop to get me some lunch.

Once we’d got my chips, Bella and I sat in the back of the car as it was raining. I don’t like rain. I hate getting water on my face. So we chilled out in the back of the car.

Jess had turned up and she came and chilled with us. Well everyone was sitting in our boot with the boot lid up so everyone could get some shelter from the rain.

Jess and I decided we were going to take a little walk into town and grab a Costa. We had nothing to do at the line up so what better well to kill time. Nothing beats a good Costa. I swear I end up there at least twice a week.

We walked back to the line up and enjoyed our Costas while more people started to turn up. We ended up with quite a few people sheltering under our boot from the rain. Bella ended up with one of our friend’s daughters joining her in the car. They happily coloured and played in the dry while us adults stood outside in the cold.

Dawn and Grant soon turned up and the group by our car had got even bigger with more marshals turning up. I went for a walk up the line up with our friend Shannon and had a look at all the floats.

We soon walked back down to the cars at the front. I had planned on walking down to the train station to watch the carnival half an hour before the carnival started. I sorted the pram out for Bella and we got her out of the car. She was happily running around the marshals in her little red coat. Not caring that it was still raining lightly.

Six o’clock soon turned up and I started to walk back up the line up, towards the train station. Dawn headed up with me to meet Paige by the station. As we were walking up we stopped talked to the Teynham girls who were sitting with Miss Sittingbourne.

As we were chatting Dawn got all excited about something one of the vendor’s was selling. She ran off and then returned with some light up Minnie Mouse ears. As soon as I saw the ears I knew I had to get hold of some. We are going to Disneyland Paris next year and I thought these would be perfect for watching the fireworks when we go.

I ended up running after the woman as she walked down next to the floats. Luckily Daly had given me some money, I’d accidently left my purse at home. I bought Bella and I each a pair of ears and ran back to Dawn and Bella.

Bella was very happy with her ears. I was worried she wouldn’t wear them but she seemed quite happy to have them on her head. We carried on walking up to the station and soon found Paige. We parked up on the curb and the group of us waited for the carnival to start. Grant soon appeared and we were ready to watch the carnival as a family minus Daly.

I love Faversham carnival, it’s so pretty with all the lights. It’s just a shame that this year it was a bit of a wet one. I struggled a little with taking photos on my camera. I need to get a shelter for my lens so I can keep the rain off it.

Just before the carnival started a few more vendors walked alone the route selling various light up items. I had brought Bella her windmill that we had bought at In The Night Garden Live. I was hoping I could cheat and get out of her wanting anything else light up. I was wrong. She saw the light up wands and became excited. Auntie Paige decided to treat her and they both ran off after the vendor.

Bella came back very happy, clutching a snowflake wand.

We settled down ready to watch a very damp carnival parade. Enjoy some pictures.

Once the carnival was over and we had seen Daly drive by in the bus, Paige, Dawn, Bella and I all walked down to the hall where the after party was being held. Grant jumped in to the bus we Daly and us girls fought our way through the crowds.

As the carnival gets into the town the crowds get very deep which means pushing a pram through the crowd is not possible. Instead we walked in the road and joined the carnival. It was the safest and quickest way to get to the hall.

We lost Dawn along the way as she managed to persuade the news agents to reopen for her. We thought she was only popping in to buy something and then she’d be back with us but nope. Typical Dawn, she ended up having a full blown conversation. Paige and I waited for her for a bit but after five minutes we wanted to get warm down at the hall and left Dawn to it.

We made it to the hall and I got Bella out of her wet clothes. She disappeared off so she could dance to the disco. She kept trying the persuade me to join her on the dance floor but I was trying to ease my feet. My boots hurt so bad when I have to stand up in them for a long time.

People started to filter back from the parade. A lot of them looking like drowned rats. Turns out we had made it too the hall just before the heavens opened with force. Daly soon arrived back with his dad. Bella was so excited to see her daddy, it was so cute.

We chilled out by the bar while the carnival girls enjoyed the disco and having some warm soup to heat them up. I sat and chatted with a few friends but soon it was time for the awards.

For the awards I went and sat with Dover Carnival Association so I could see what was going on and get any photos if needed. Bella however was being a bit of a nightmare. By the time it’s time for the awards Bella is well past her bed time and into overtired hyper mode. Luckily Daly was out by the bar so she was able to switch from sitting with me by Dover and her friends to running riot out in the bar with her dad.

After the awards it was time for the birthdays, turns out quite a few from Ramsgate’s association have their birthday around Faversham carnival day, as well as Char and Richard. They were all called up and we sang happy birthday and then people started to get ready to go home.

After Faversham especially, the girls go and get changed into their pyjamas. I don’t blame them after a cold, wet carnival. I’m definitely ready for bed. Surprisingly I resisted joining them and just changed into a pair of warm Christmas leggings to try and warm up a bit before we headed home.

Bella was still dancing on the dancefloor, she I had changed into pyjamas so she could warm up. She was on the dance floor with Sheppey’s rosebud and they were having a great time playing and dancing. But it was past ten so we needed to get Bella home to bed.

We took Bella out to the car, which thankfully was just outside the hall. Liam was coming back with us as Daly and Liam were having a gaming weekend. We all got in the car and headed home.

After a long cold day we swung via McDonalds to pick up some dinner, none for Bella though as she was sound asleep. We went home enjoyed some warm food and then went to bed.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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