Jobs Day Today – 2nd October 2019

We had a bit of a busy Wednesday today. Not too busy but there was enough to get done. My first job of the day was to take Rachel to her hair appointment. She had her hair booked in for 9.45am and wasn’t sure how long it was going to take her so she wanted me to drop her so she didn’t have to worry about parking. She still goes and gets her hair done in the town she used to live in, not where she lives now so she couldn’t exactly walk to her appointment. I had no problem taking her though as I had arranged for Dalys parents to have Bella for the day. They had missed out on seeing her last week so we had arranged for her to spend the whole day with Grandma and Grandad.

Surprisingly I was actually pretty organised this morning. I did wonder if I was going to be so tired that it meant I’d be able to get me dressed and up out of the house on time but not Bella. I thought I was going to end up dropping her at her grandparents in her pyjamas but nope. I was on it today. We were up and getting ready by the time Rachel turned up at ours. Of course Bella got dressed by aunty Rachel so I could make sure I had everything and was dressed myself to get out of the house on time.

We got in the car and set off a town over. I wanted to kill a little bit of time in town first before we went to Daly’s parents as I normally drop Bella off between 10.30am and 11am so we went and had a look in the Tescos they have. We were expecting lots of Halloween stuff seeing as most places were going full out from the 1st October but Tescos had nothing. Well I say nothing. They had a box of pumpkin next to two boxes of sweets, that was it. Like serious Tescos where’s Halloween gone. They had all their Christmas sweets, chocolates and biscuits up but no Halloween, we were very disappointed.

Rachel wanted to grab a meal deal before she walked into town so we went and got her those bits before we went and took a look in the clothing section. Bella has had a growth spurt recently and pretty much grown out of everything she owns so I’ve been on the hunt for some more jeans for her for nursery.

We didn’t really find anything in Tescos so we said goodbye to Rachel and I headed of to the Sainsburys behind Daly’s parents. Rachel works in Sainsburys so had told me to check out their Halloween stock as she knew it would be out. I have to say Sainsburys did not disappoint.

They have got loads of decorations this year including bunting, tinsel, and other bits as well as masks, head pieces, make up. I mean they are on it this year. Being me I set all the singing toys off mainly to see Bella’s reaction. I never know if she’s going to love them or hate them. She quite likes the singing cat they have this year but she isn’t too fond of the little zombie that sings.

After a quick walk around the clothing section and toy section and not finding anything we wanted we walked back to the car so we could drive round to Daly’s parents.

I dropped Bella off and she was very happy to see Grandma and Grandad. They were going to take her back over to Sainsburys later so she could chose some cakes to bake with Grandma. I gave her hugs and kisses and said goodbye before heading back home myself.

When I got home I decided to try and make a dent in the washing. I keep letting in pile up and in this weather that is the worst thing to do. Unless you’ve got a tumble dryer it takes forever to get anything dry. So huge loads of washing will take days to get it all washed and dry. I was so annoyed at myself. But no time to get down on myself. I popped one load into the washing machine and off it went.

I had a doctors appointment so I sorted my bag out, found my headphones and plugged myself in so I could walk down. Parking is a nightmare round our doctors, which is located in our local hospital, so it’s easier to just walk. I mean often if I get parked near the hospital it’s only cutting two minutes off my walking time from home that’s how bad it is. Besides I enjoying walking by myself with my headphones in. I don’t get to do it often unless Daly is off because unless Bella is asleep it’s just rude for me to be walking around, pushing her pram with my head phones in.

After taking a nice leisurely walk down to the hospital I checked myself in and then went and took a seat in the waiting room. I was almost 30 minutes early for my appointment. I thought it was going to take me longer to walk but I tend to walk to the beat of my music so that means I often walk quite fast.

Eventually it was my turn to be seen by the nurse. I apparently suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency so I’m currently going through a course of B12 booster injections. Although I found out today I’m going to have them every 12 weeks for the rest of my life. Wasn’t prepared for that news today. I was hoping I’d have a few jabs and that would be it. They are not the nicest of jabs either. They sting so much when they are going in. It really burns. And the weirdest thing is when they go in your elbow ends up going dead like when you elbow a wall or something and hit your funny bone. The problem is with this jabd my arm feels that weird sensation all day.

Once the horrible jab was over and I’d been given my plaster for my booboo I walked back home. This time a little slower so to not annoy my arm. It had really hurt to move it when I put my jumper back on so I didn’t want to aggravate it any more.

I walked back home and thought about what I could do with the rest of my day. I decided I was going to get rid of all the charity shop stuff we had organised from mum’s room. Rachel had moved it all into the hall way so I could easily get it out. I hadn’t managed to take it to the huge Cancer Research shop near us but I was getting annoyed with it being in the hall. I had wanted Daly or someone to help me with it but I had finally got so annoyed with it I was prepared to move it all on my own, even with my achy arm.

I loaded up the car with all the boxes and bags and said goodbye to Daly. He was on nights so didn’t have time to help me out. He also has been getting headaches recently so I’ve been trying to get him to relax as much as possible or at least take a break.

On my way over to the massive Cancer Research shop I stopped at the Costa drive through. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself so I figured a bit of self love by buying myself a Latte seemed like a good idea.

I made my way over to Cancer Research and dropped off all the charity shop items. As I was on my own I had to use a trolley to transport it all from the car to the store. As we had so much stuff it took me two trips to get it all in.

Once I had dropped off all the donations I decided to have some retail therapy. I popped into Poundland first. They had had signs up for ages saying their Halloween range would be in store from the 1st October and they didn’t disappoint. There was a whole aisle dedicated to Halloween. I had a good look, there were some really good items. There’s lots of home decoration bits as in candle holders as well as things like bunting, inflatable halloween characters, light up ghosts, fairy lights. I picked up a few bits as well as having a look in the clothing section to see if there were any nice long sleeved shirts or jeans I could get Bella for nursery. That sort of stuff I did come up blank.

After Poundland, I went into B and M and I was disappointed. It was like they’d forgotten Halloween was coming. What is with stores not acknowledging it this year. It’s like as soon as I’m allowed to start celebrating halloween everyone else goes nope not happening this year.

B and M however have decided they will be celebrating Christmas. They all ready had two aisles set up with Christmas decorations, chocolates and gift sets.

I had a quick look down the Christmas aisles. I did find a lot of Friends merchandise that I liked. Obviously 25 years on is a good anniversary for Friends. I thought about buying a few bits but I thought I’d leave it and either ask for them for Christmas or buy them at a later point.

I decided I should probably make my way home so I was able to trade cars with Daly before he went to work. He was taking mine to work tonight as I prefer to use his to take Bella to ballet.

When I got home I had another moment of being annoyed with mess. Daly had gone out into the garden for some reason and I saw all of Bella’s toys laid all over the place. I had decided as soon as dad moved all his stuff the shed that I was going to use it to store all the garden toys in. She’s gained quite a few this year and I don’t want them out all the time getting weathered.

Daly and I decided to use this moment of time. with Bella being out and having a few minutes before Daly had to go, we would move everything into the shed. So in went her car, paddling pool, scooter, trampoline etc.

I boxed up all her water table toys and little garden toys into a plastic storage tub which I’ve now taken inside so I can give them all a proper clean. That way they can be stored properly and will be nice and clean for when it starts to get warm again.

Daly headed off to work shortly after we finished in the garden. I decided to have an hour to myself before I headed off to Daly’s parents to pick up Bella. Just as I was starting to relax I received a call. Daly had forgotten to take his dinner with him to work. Good thing he only works five minutes round the corner from his parents. I told him I’d drop it off after I’d picked Bella up.

I eventually decided I should probably go and relieve the grandparents of their granddaughter. When I got there, she was asleep so I stopped for a cup of tea. We were in no rush to get home and I knew Daly could wait for his dinner. I stopped and chatted with Dawn and Grant for about an hour while I enjoyed my tea.

Bella had made some Shimmer and Shine cupcakes with Grandma during the day so she had a book of cupcakes to bring home for us to enjoy. We had to wake Bella up in the end which she was not happy about. She was very tearful when she woke up, not that she wanted to wake up. She wanted to go back to sleep. She didn’t even want to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandad. I don’t even know why she wouldn’t say goodbye. She got herself really worked up especially when Grandad carried her to the car. I think she just wasn’t awake properly, bless her.

Once we left Dawn and Grant’s we headed off to Daly’s work to drop of his dinner. Daly was busy so he wasn’t able to stop long to chat but he made sure he got a hug and a kiss off of Bella before we left. Once we’d said our goodbyes it was time to head home and have some dinner.

After dinner Bella noticed the plaster on my arm from my jab this morning. So out came the doctors set so she could look after me. She took my temperature, checked my eyes, listened to my heart and gave me and my arm medicine so it could feel better.

Bella stayed up for a little bit playing doctors with me and then we tidied up ready for bed.

It’s a bit of a battle to get her to go to bed at the moment but I got her settled down and was able to come downstairs to enjoy a peaceful evening.

Now I know Avengers Endgame has been out for a little bit and I’ve tired to watch it but I’ve decided I need to watch the whole MCU series before I can properly watch it. I’ve missed a few films her and there so I feel I need to watch them all so I can fully understand what is going on. Tonight I started that project with the first film of the phase one MCU DVD box set. Iron Man was the first film on the list. So I settled down with my cup of tea, a cosy blanket and curled up on the floor to enjoy some Robert Downey Jr. God I love a bit of Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr.

We seemed to cram a lot into today, hopefully tomorrow is a bit more chilled.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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