The Travel Blogs – Chilled out evening in our Premier Inn (and Insomnia again!) – 27th September 2019

The hotel was actually really easy to get to from the city centre. We just had to hop on the ring road to then hop back off. A much easier trip than the last time Leanne and I stayed in Birmingham. Omg! That was a nightmare. Leanne is no fun when she’s grumpy and tired. And it get’s made even worse when you can’t find the hotel’s door and it’s about 11.30 at night. This trip however we had a much happier Leanne. I parked up in the hotel car park and we unpacked the boot. The bonus this time, we could she the hotel entrance from the car much to Leanne’s delight.

We gathered all our bits. Leanne with her suitcase and tiny Primark bag. Bella carried her toy bag and I carried our overnight bag, the snack bag and our day bags. Bella marched off with Leanne across the car park to the hotel entrance. Considering she doesn’t see Leanne that much Bella has been loving spending time with her and playing. It proper warms my heart.

Leanne made it to the door with her little minion and opened the door. In they went to go and check us in at the desk. It felt weird not being the one to check in. I normally do all the bookings for any trip, in the past when it’s been Leanne and I, when it was mum and I and even when Daly and I go away. I felt a bit lost because I wasn’t the one giving the name at the desk.

We were given our room key and directed to it from the desk. While we were there we also booked a table for dinner for half 6. That gave us 30 minutes to settle into the room.

Bella helped Leanne open all the doors. She does like to be helpful. It turned out we were in room 1 which was nice and easy to find. It also meant we didn’t have too far to walk. We got ourselves into the room and set our little bag areas up.

Leanne chose to go near the door, hiding her case under the desk. She started to sort herself out over there while I landed on the little single bed in the corner. Leanne had booked a travel cot for Bella. Even though she can sleep in a big girl bed. I prefer her in a travel cot as she likes to roam the room.

Bella did a quick tour of the room finding the Bible. For some reason she always manages to find the Bible and sits and reads it. She decided she wanted to get on to the lovely double bed by getting me to lift her up on the opposite side of the room to where I was sitting. It drives me loopy that Premier Inn beds are so tall. If I had a suitcase I’d have positioned it so she could use it as a step. Sadly I only had my holdall and that was not being used as a step.

I got her up on to bed where she sat reading the Bible to Leanne and I. This girl loves her book and I think she loves that every hotel comes with it’s own book.

Once she’d got bored of reading us the Bible she decided it was fun to face plant the bed. She would stand up on the pillows and count ‘2, 3, 4) before flopping onto the bed. Hat’s off to her being so fearless. She didn’t freak out at all. We’re still struggling to count from 1. Leanne were sat in various parts of the hotel room and counting with her emphasising the 1!

It was a bit of a hit and miss whether Bella would remember the number one, but us counting with her seemed to help a little bit. I mean every now and then she would slip the number 1 in. But other times she would go back to counting up for 2. Leanne and I felt like we were banging our heads against the wall. It’s so hard. I don’t understand why she can’t remember 1 but I’m guessing it’s where she’s used to counting from 2.

It was time to head into the little restaurant so we could have some dinner. We had already had a look at the menu while we’d been sat in the hotel room. We made our way round to the restaurant. As soon as we entered we were seated on a little round table in the corner. Bella wanted to sit in the corner with with me. Apparently she was done with Leanne’s friendship now lol.

We sat down and had a look at the menus. As they weren’t very busy in the restaurant the waitress came over to ask us if we were ready to order. Now even though we’d had a look at the menus in our room Leanne still didn’t know what she wanted.

They had given us a children’s menu as we sat down. Even though I had already looked over the adult menu for my food I hadn’t had a chance to look over the kids menu. I decided to give Bella a choice of what she wanted to order. They didn’t have any chicken nuggets which are our go to for Bella but they had things like pizza, pasta and sausages which Bella also likes. After a lot of asking Bella settled on sausages, more because she wanted baked beans than sausages.

After the waiter and waitress asking us 3 times Leanne finally settled on something to eat. Bella had become a bit of a fidget bum so I wanted to pop her in a high chair. I had found one in the corner of the bar and I was walking it over just as the waiter turned up with our drinks. He set the highchair up for me. And omg I melted when he spoke. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the proper Birmingham accent. I don’t know why but I love it. Haha Leanne and I were laughing about it. Turns out looks wise the waiter wasn’t who’d I go for but the accent – OMG! I texted Daly to tell him I was leaving him and the reply I got – Oh, OK then! Lol my husband didn’t fight for me at all. Sadly he’s stuck with me no matter how much I love the accent.

While we’d been dealing with the waiter and waiting for Leanne to choose her food, the waitress had been busy. She soon returned with a pack of felt tip pens and a few colouring sheets she had printed out for her. Bella quickly set to work colouring them.

Bella had a lovely time colouring especially as all the pictures were Frozen ones. Bella coloured Anna and Elsa nicely.

While Bella was colouring Leanne and I were sat chatting while we waited for our food to turn up. It didn’t take too long especially with how quiet the restaurant was. Leanne had order a bacon and chicken stack I believed while I had a double bacon and cheese burger. It was so good to eat something fatty and with so many carbs. I definitely needed that after our busy day in Birmingham, it was definitely going to fill a spot.

We had a lovely dinner with the three of us. Bella was very well behaved and actually ate quite a bit of her sausages. She didn’t eat loads but we are struggling to get her to eat meals at the moment. I’m trying o hard to be a good role model and sit down with her to eat meals but it just doesn’t seem to interest her.

Well after dinner we settled the bill and headed back to our room to settle down for the night. Now just as we got back to the room I realised I’d forgotten something in the car. I got Bella settled back in the bedroom and made sure Leanne was happy to watch her for a minute and then I headed out to the car.

My car looked so lonely in the middle of the car park. When we had parked we had been near other cars but by 8pm we were on our own.

I quickly found what I needed from the car and headed back into the hotel. It was pretty chilly in the hotel room. Leanne had been saying all day she was cold and I could definitely feel it in the hotel room. Bella was still playing with the Bible and her iPad while Leanne was getting herself ready for bed in her pyjamas.

I got Bella ready in her pyjamas so we could start winding down for bed fully.

Leanne and I love our cups of tea (and coffee it seems) Bless her, whenever we stay at a hotel she always keeps me set up with a cup of tea. And by the time Bella was all ready for bed I’d been presented with a cup of tea by Leanne. Nothing sets me up better for bedtime than a cosy cup of tea.

While I was sorting myself out for bed and being OCD about getting ready for the following day. I like to organise all the bags and clothes and kinda have as much packed away as possible and that way I can sleep easier knowing my bag and outfit are already to go, I find mornings in hotels go so quickly and without already having those bits down you end up wasting time in the morning and before you know it, it’s check out time. Leanne, I think, thought I was crazy. She asked me what I was was up to as I’m running around the hotel room and taking things in and out of my bag.

Leanne and Bella were already getting cosy in bed. Leanne was on facetime to her other half while Bella had taken a break from face planting the bed and playing on her iPad. She wasn’t too impressed I’d plugged it in to charge through. Bella said hello to Leanne’s other half and showed him what she’d been up to face planting the bed with her funny counting.

Soon it was time to settle Bella down in bed. We popped her into the travel cot to settle down but I popped all her toys in bed with her. I knew she wasn’t going to go to sleep anytime soon. She never does when she has to sleep in a room with an adult. Leanne and I were finally starting to relax and chill out in bed. We’d popped on Grand Designs on the TV not that we were paying much attention. We were both doing our own thing on our devices. I was blogging and I’m not sure what Leanne was doing.

Bella, however, was having none of it and decided she was going to throw all of her toys out of the travel cot and then cry about it. This is how bedtimes normally go at the moment. Not that she can throw her toys out of her bed. I mean she has a whole room to herself but she will throw things out of her room so they are the wrong side of her stair gate.

I got out of bed and gathered all her toys up, popping them back in the travel cot. She was still a bit grumpy. This happened a few more times and then it was Leanne’s turn to intervene. She doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone, not even a two year old.

Leanne went and sat by the cot with Bella and Bella told her all about her different toys. We told her it was time to sleep and that we were going to go to sleep as well.

We settled back down in bed and turned all the lights off in the hopes that complete darkness would convince Bella that it was bed time. It seemed to work. Leanne and I stayed up for a little bit on our phone but Bella didn’t seem to notice. She was soon asleep.

It wasn’t long before Leanne was as well. I, however was still awake. I had taken some paracetamol when I got to the hotel for a headache but they hadn’t touched it. I think the anxiety of being in the city had made it worse. Because of the pain I was struggling to sleep and I couldn’t take any further painkillers until midnight. Luckily I had brought my migraine pills with me, I just had to wait until midnight to take them.

I tossed and turned in bed trying to get comfortable and ease the pain in my head. I tried listening to a bit of relaxing music, that normally seems to make me drowsy but it wasn’t working at all.

Eventually it turned midnight and I was able to take my migraine pills. Not that they kicked in very fast. I was struggling. I tried reading, watching tv, listening to music, nothing was working. It was like my body was refusing to shut off. I could still feel the anxiety going through my body though. You know that high adrenaline feeling.

I wanted to call Daly just for something else to do and to possibly help with my anxiety but I was scared I’d wake either Bella or Leanne up. Instead I settled to just listening to my music and trying to sleep. It seemed to work in the end but it must have taken until at least 2.30/3am to drop off. That is not going to bode well for tomorrow.

Let’s see what the day holds for us tomorrow

Love CiCi x

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