The Travel Blogs – Our weekend packing list for mummy and toddler

Below is the exact packing list I used for our weekend away to Birmingham. All of it, apart from the bag of toys fitted into a small holdall and Bella’s changing bag,

Now this packing list is geared towards a cold weekend. Obviously I change this if we are going away in warmer weather. Bella would have things like more dresses and shorts in that case. Whereas I just like to wear layers all year round.

Now Birmingham can be cold this time of year especially if your like me and are from the supposid warm South of the UK.

Now when it comes to packing I like to catagorise areas of my bag and also I make outfits so I don’t have to hunt through my bag for tops and bottoms. I always do this with Bella’s outfits anyway.

So in the main section of my holdall I had all our clothes with the outfits for the second day at the bottom under our pyjamas. You may notice Bella has quite a few extra changes of clothes, this is because where she is little she still has the odd accident. Also we’re trying to potty train but she is very hit and miss with it. Some days she’s willing and other days she will refuse to come near you if you mention toilet or changing her nappy and this does result in accidents. I was unsure whether she’d be willing to use the toilet or not while we were away so I planned for either outcome. Also Bella has no fear of rain or splashing in puddles and I don’t see the halm as long as I know I can change her clothes so she doesn’t get cold and ill.

As well as clothes in the main section I also packed all of the extra nappy changing bits. As well as the iPads and plugs.

Now my holdall has two large side pockets. In one I packed all the winter clothes, hat, gloves and scarfs and then packed our wash bag on top. The pocket the other end had all the hair stuff and those extra bits you just end up packing because you need them but you don’t put on the list. In my bag that was deodorant, first aid bits.

Bella had her changing bag with her nappies, spare clothes, reigns etc. And then a separate bag with toys, books, crayons and dolls. I don’t like to take toys away with me but it’s kinda a necessity with a toddler who gets easily bored. The toys are for when we’re at the hotel in the evening when us grown ups need some down time.

Anyways I hope my packing list helps some of you who struggle to know what to pack when traveling with a toddler. Knowing me I will probably change this list by the time we go away on out next weekend but this is the definite starting point.

Love CiCi x

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