Mini Blog – New Nails – 24th September 2019

We had an early morning today. Well early by my standards. I was going off to get my nails done so they were all autumny for when I go away to Birmingham and Bella had the dentist. So that meant an early start on a day off for Daly. I had planned on getting to the nail salon about half 9/10ish so I had plenty of time if they had no openings in the morning.

Daly had agreed to take Bella to the dentist as he was off. However he didn’t even stir when I got out of bed so I got my little helper to try. Bella is so much better and willing to wake Daly up now. She used to scream and refuse to go to Daly but now she’ll quite happily jump all over him.

In she went. Jumping all over the bed trying to wake him up. It worked. He was definitely awake now.

I got up and found Bella some clothes and sorted her bag out. Then I focused on getting myself dressed and out the house. I said goodbye to Bella and Daly, who was still in bed. I was a bit worried because he wasn’t out of bed but I was sure he’d get up.

I got myself settled in the car. Playing with the music and getting myself situated before heading off in the cold and wet. It was certainly autumn outside today. I had managed to forget something so had to head back in to the house and was happily surprised to see Daly up and dressed and in the process of getting Bella ready. I picked up the bits I’d forgotten and headed back out saying goodbye again.

I made it with good time to the nail salon. It wasn’t too busy in town or in the nail salon. I walked in and asked if they had any availbilty today for a full set of acrylics – something I would normally never do. I was surprised when they offered to do my nails there and then considering how busy they can be.

I settled down in the seat and the man set to work on my nails. I find it so relaxing being pampered. The only irritating thing was I get no internet signal in the salon and I save all my nail designs on my Pinterest account. I hadn’t thought about downloading the images of the nails I liked before hand and where I’d been offered an appointment straight away I hadn’t thought of it. It wasn’t until I was asked what colour I wanted within seconds of sitting down I had a mini panic. But I knew I wanted burgundy red nails with a glittery ring finger.

Off he went filing and gluing. It went a lot quicker than normal. I was only in there for 45 minutes and normally it takes an hour. I was ready to go home by 10.45am.

I had used Daly’s car to go to get my nails done. Just as I was getting myself situated and settled into the car after having my nails done I looked up at the cars parked opposite me – and was staring at the back of my own car. Now considering Bella’s dentist and the nail salon are in two different towns it completely threw me.

I sent Daly a message asking where he was to find out he was in town looking for me. And evil plan came into my head just as I got out of the car though. I had my keys to both cars on me but I could gaurentte Daly only had the keys to my car on him. I thought about just taking my car home and leaving him stranded in town but figured that was a bit mean as I’d also be stranding my daughter.

Instead I gave him and call and went and found him in town. Apparently when they had got out of the dentists Bella had wanted to come find me and so they did. I suggested going to Wetherspoons for brunch but Bella didn’t want to. So I suggested Costa instead and Bella could have a gingerbread man. Of course that went down better.

We got to Costa and ordered our drinks. It was very crowded but we managed to find a space in the corner. Bella tucked into her gingerbread man while I enjoyed my latte and Daly had a bottle of Pepsi.

Daly had only got an hour on his parking ticket so he had to rush off to the car just as I was finishing my latte. Bella had already finished her gingerbread man so was waiting nicely with me to walk back to the cars.

It had stopped raining thankfully while we made our way back to the car. As we walked through town Bella was counting. However she always forgets 1. So instead of counting ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ She was counting ‘2, 3, 4’ I walked along side her counting along, reminding her that 1 came first. And that’s how we completed the walk back to the car.

We eventually made it back to the cars. Daly had got there with 1 minute left on the ticket.

We asked Bella who she wanted to go home with. She decided she wanted to go home with Daddy. In she jumped and again I got myself settled into the car. We made our way home for a chilled out rest of the morning.

So happy I managed to get my nails done. It really does help. My anxiety is so bad that I will constantly chew the skin around my nail and bite my nails. Having acrylics may damage and weaken my nail but it prevents me from biting them right down and doing damage to my fingers. Looking forward to getting my Halloween nails next month.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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