Maidstone Shopping Haul

Here’s what I bought on my shopping trip to Maidstone. This is all the normal stuff eg autumn clothing etc. All my Halloween items I bought will be in a seperate blog coming up next.

First shop we shopped in – Primark

I pick up this long sleeve turtle next top. I’m not sure how much I’m going to like it. Although I bought it in a small it looks loose and baggy. I prefer my tops to be tight fitting. We’ll have to see how I get on with it.

Next up is this cute brown blouse I bought. I’d seen this in the Primark in Gravesend but didn’t want to pay full price knowing I wouldn’t wear it much. It was £12 but today in Maidstone it was in the sale for £5 so I was totally willing to buy it now. I think it’s going to look really cute with the brown tartan skirt I bought. This one I bought in a size 12 because I wasn’t sure of the fit over the boobs

I live in these long sleeved tops over the winter. I have lots of white ones and a burgundy one so I thought I’d spice things up with a dark green one. I like the wide scoop neck. I really hate tops that go up to my neck so these are perfect. I used to cut the neckline on Primarks old long sleeved tops. They used to be crew neckline and even that’s too close to my neck for me. So I no longer have to attack my tops with a pair of scissors.

Now I wanted to stay away from trackies but I gave in. I found these Friends one in the PJ section. I love these ones especially as I can wear them as Pjs or trackies. These were in Primark under the standard three sizes S, M, L which translate as S = size 10/12, M = size 14/16, and L = 18/20. Now size 10 is a bit too tight over my butt so although I would normally go for a size 12 with this sizing I have to go for a medium. Annoyingly it means they are a bit too big for me but they are comfy.

My last clothing purchase from Primark was this jumper. I kept walking past it and humming and haing over buying it. In the end I thought sod it and treated myself. It seems like a nice oversized jumper. You could get it in black but I don’t tend to buy black tops. The white was much more me. It’s a nice turtle neck, loose and baggy so hopefully I won’t get irritated.

As well as clothes, I also bought a few other bits. The first extra bit I got was a facemask. These are my favourites. Obviously you’d know this if you’ve been around since the beginning. This mask is my favourite. I like a few of their other peel off masks but this one is the best.

I bought some Primark foundation. I’d been needing some new foundation. Now normally I use Rimmel or L’oreal foundation but I didn’t really want to spend a lot of money and have to track down one I like in a Superdrug or Boots. I’m going to see how I get on with this one.

I loved these cute scrunchies they had in. I was hoping they’d have some of the ones with bows on but no luck. Instead I bought these ones that were pretty autumn colours, Least I can spruce up my mum bun now.

I’ve been really liking wearing pearl earrings recently. I was actually on the hunt for a pearl necklace but a subtle one. I had a few left over from my wedding. When we’d begun planning our wedding I have five bridesmaids so ordered enough pearl necklaces for each bridesmaid. Sadly one of my bridesmaids dropped out but it meant I had an extra necklace for myself. I then also changed my bridesmaids necklaces to a different type of pearl one and ended up with an extra then too. But I can not find them anywhere. So although I couldn’t find a simple pearl necklace I picked up this set of pearl earrings. I loose them constantly so always good to have a back up or ten.

The next shop – Quiz

In the sale section of Quiz I found this cute jumper. I love my knitwear in the autumn and winter. I thought this top would be a cute for going out when it’s an occasion to slightly dress up for. It was an absolute bargain as well. It was originally £27 then on the tag is said £10 but at the till I was charged £8. Even the woman behind the till said I’d got myself a bargain. I do love their sale section. I don’t often find stuff for me in there – it’s more a Rachel shop. But sometimes I do and it’s great.

We visited one of those shops that sells generic clothing. You know those shops that sell tracksuits, dresses and frilly tops but they don’t seem to have any set sizing or an actual brand label.

Anyways, I bought myself a set of boots. I thought these ones would be good for slightly wetter weather than my uggs. They have a stronger sole and although they are a suede like material the inside seems to have been backed up to not let too much rain in. I used to have boots like this years ago so it’s nice to have another pair.

The Range

In the Range I picked up some Halloween stuff but I also picked up this duvet set. I’d been wanting one for years but being in a bright pink and purple bedroom this pattern and colour was never an option. Now we have neutral bedroom I’m able to have one. Rachel picked it up first and then when she said how much it was I wanted one. So Rachel and I now have matching bed sheets.

The last store we visited – ASDA George

I love these candles. They are my favourite scent ever, the Yankee Candle Home Inspiration range, in Candy Cane Forest. I had been looking for some peppermint candles so when I saw these in George at £1 each I thought I’d grab some. I felt two was enough for the moment but I’ll probably end up buying one everytime I visit ASDA to make sure I’ve got enough to see me through.

Now with Daly’s birthday I thought we could get some balloons. These are those little balloons that you blow up yourself and then hang them up. They were only £2 so not bad for some birthday balloons.

Finally Bella chose her presents for her Dad. She chose a Lego Technic as Daly has always liked building these. I gave her a choice of two and this is the one she chose. She also selected some chocolate for him. I gave her the option of all the chocolates Daly likes and she decided on Magic Stars.

That’s the end of my Maidstone shopping haul, up next my Halloween haul (so far)

Love CiCi x

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