Shopping trip with the Sister – 11th September 2019

We made plans for today. We were actually organised for once. Rachel had said on Monday she wanted to go shopping in a Hobby Craft to check out all their Christmas and Halloween stock. We had planned on going somewhere with a picnic but instead it’ll be McDonalds for lunch like normal, opps.

Now due to my insomnia I didn’t wake up when I wanted to. I was surprised with how well behaved Bella was. She woke up at 9am fussing and I asked her to let mummy have 10 more minutes and she did. No more fussing or crying, she just went back to playing nicely in her room and waiting for me to get up properly.

I ended up falling back asleep though. When I woke up it turned out Rachel was already here. She was happily chilling out downstairs. I was pretty motivated to get going today. As soon as I realised Rachel was here and I was awake I started on the hunt for clothes and getting us ready to get out of the door.

Rachel is an absolute God send on a Wednesday morning. I find Bella her clothes and then Rachel gets her dressed and changed for me. It means instead of getting myself and Bella ready and it taking twice the time I just have to focus on me while Rachel focuses on Bella.

Bella disappeared up stairs to say goodbye to Daly. I had told her to call up to him but she always whispers. So instead she ran off upstairs to find Daly. They came downstairs with Bella on Daly’s back. It was one of the cutest things I’ve seen.

Once we were dressed and ready to go we headed outside to the cars. We went to get into my car but we realised Rachel had her car and we’d never been out in it. Luckily Rachel was happy to drive so we popped Bella’s car seat in Rachel’s car, said our goodbyes to Daly and off we went.

We made our way to Maidstone. Today was a proper shopping trip. None of this hmm I might buy that. No we were here to do some serious damage. We parked up in the big multistory next to the big shopping Mall in Maidstone and set off to hit the shops. First job, to catch the lift down. I mean we were parked on almost the top floor of the car park.

We came out on the wrong floor of the shopping centre but that didn’t matter it just meant we did the shops in the opposite order to what we normally shop in.

The first shop Poundland. Now Poundland have got their Halloween items in and some of them are so cute. Last year mum bought a pumpkin tea light holder and this year they’ve brought out little cat pumpkin tea lighter holders which mum would have loved. I’m trying not to go crazy with Halloween decorations but I really want to buy loads. We never celebrated Halloween as a kid and now we’re able to. I want to make the most of it.

While we were in Poundland Bella started moaning she wanted some crisps. So we picked her up some crisps. While we were looking we discovered that Poundland have got new Disney bags in. I ended up buying an Ariel bag for Bella and I got myself a Sleeping Beauty bag. The rest of my purchases will be in a separate shopping haul blog.

Next up we had a wander round Select and I’ve noticed an increase in plaid clothing, although I spent all day calling them Clueless because of all the plaid outfits Cher wears throughout the film. In Select they had quite a few different coloured plaid trousers. I really wanted to get some but I felt the trousers they had in Select were made from a really thin material. I was scared I’d rip them in seconds so no Clueless trousers fo me yet.

We visited the Works where we had to deal with a stroppy 2 year old who wouldn’t do anything they were told. Bella ran around the shop away from Rachel and I refusing to put back whatever toy it was she’d picked up and tried to run off with. Thank God for Rachel. She was able to catch Bella and get her back in the pram. We had a peek at their Christmas items but nothing really took our fancy.

We quickly stopped in Mankind to see if we could find anything appropriate for Bella to get Daly for his birthday. The answer is nope and we quickly moved on to the High Street.

We stopped in the other Works store in the High Street. The had a few more Christmasy bits and Rachel found some bits. I was looking for Christmas crafty bits for Bella to do during the winter period but they didn’t have anything new. I brought quite a few bits last year but with mum being in hospital and then dying we didn’t really get to do any of the activities.

We wandered further down the High Street coming towards Primark. There wasn’t anywhere else in the High Street we really wanted to go so we decided to hit McDonalds for lunch.

We had a nice lunch, Bella didn’t seem to eat much. She spent all her time on her milkshake rather than her food but I can’t really blame. She’d just had a packet of crisps.

On each happy meal box there are now these two for one vouchers for Merlin attractions. They include things like Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Legoland. Madam Tussauds etc. I spent my lunch looking up the rules of the vouchers. Rachel and I discussed possible future road trips to use these vouchers.. Gutting thing is most of the attractions close in November so only a month and a half left to use them.

After McDonalds we hit Primark head on. Once we’d finished in Primark we took a walk around the other Poundland in town – I now know where I’m going to pick up my Halloween sweeties. They have huge selection bags. I was on the hunt for grey joggers for Bella. She needs some for her ballet classes. I don’t want her getting cold in class but apparently no where is selling childrens joggers. Every shop I went into had loads of leggings but no joggings. I mean come on people, it’s getting cold so leggings are not ideal. I want some warm joggers for my daughter.

We went down Femlin Walk to have a look to see if they had anything interested. I was getting real Christmasy vibes doing all this shopping. Our first stop was Claire’s, I really like all their bow scrunchies they have in. Think they are ideal for chucking round a messy bun. They didn’t have any I really like though, also they are so expensive. Bella had found a keyring she liked and pulled it off the stand while I was looking at some mini make up sets I thought would be ideal for Bella for Christmas. I eventually managed to prize the cat keyring out of Bella’s hands and hang it back on the stand. We then had to rush out in the hopes she wouldn’t grab anything else.

We made it out of the shop had headed to Quiz next. As soon as we walked in Rachel and I spotted these gorgeous full length dresses with lace detailing on the bodice. They had it in the true Christmasy green and red. Both Rachel and I really liked it. If we had a posh Christmas party to go to we had both said we would have bought it. Turns out they were only £40 each so that’s almost half the price of one of my lipsy dresses. Even their cocktail ones are about £55. Sadly no Christmas party coming up so neither dress was bought.

Bella and I popped into Build a Bear quickly to see their Halloween selection before we went into HMV with Rachel. Rachel was on the hunt for a DVD. I decided to use that time to see if Bella could find anything she wanted to get Daddy for his birthday. Nope we were still drawing a blank. This has not been a successful trip for birthday presents.

We wandered past the theatre to get to a new age shop that sells crystals and incense. Rachel like it as they sell lots of wolf themed items. Mum and Rachel used to always go into this shop when we went shopping. They had nicknamed it the witchy shop. I spent time looking at the incense, wax melts and scented candles. I’ve been looking for some peppermint wax melts but no luck yet.

Once we’d finished in the ‘witchy’ shop we walked back through to the shopping centre. This time we did the middle floor so we visited the shops we missed out. We thought the Entertainer to see if we could find any presents for Daly. I mean he’s a big kid so where better to find a present than a toy shop. But once again no luck. Bella did enjoy herself looking at all the unicorns and babies. She did find some pirate swords and I asked her if she wanted to buy daddy one as a present. She first said yes but then when we went to take it to the till she said no and made me put it back.

While we were in there Rachel came across these mascot heads. She tried them all on. Bella found it funny, we thought she might be scared but nope. She did pretend to be scared but then just laughed at Rachel looking silly in a unicorn head. Rachel also tried on a panda head but I think the unicorn head was a bigger hit.

We decided to call it a day in town. It was now time to head over to one of the retail parks. The main reason of our trip to Maidstone was so Rachel could visit Hobby Craft. She really wanted to look at their Halloween selection and Christmas.

Rachel and Bella went off into Hobby Craft while I quickly ran over to ASDA George. When I returned to Hobby Craft I could hear the pair of them chatting away. Turns out Bella is not quiet.

I found them a few aisles into the shop with Bella sitting in the trolley. Rachel had already been around the Christmas and Halloween aisles. She had picked up a few Christmas trees, apparently she’s going to use them to decorate around mum on her mantelpiece. I went to have a look around the Halloween section. I’m not too worried about Christmas pieces yet. I’ve got Autumn and Halloween photoshoots to get through first. So I’m currently on the hunt for props for that. The good thing is all my props can also be used as decorations for the house.

I wasn’t feeling to great so ended up sitting in an aisle while Rachel was going through items. It turns out we’d been putting all our items to the back of the trolley to try and keep them out of Bella’s reach. It didn’t seem to be working though. I believe she managed to get hold of every one of Rachel’s items. I caught her playing with a little coffin Rachel had picked up. Man they sell some random things!

We finished up in Hobby Craft and headed in to the Range. They were getting ready for Christmas big time. They had tapped of masses of aisles all ready to display all their Christmas items. They normally have a massive Halloween display but today they had just three little racks for Halloween items. Not very thrilled with their stock but I suppose it was better than nothing.

Once we finished in the Range we visited the last shop of the day – ASDA George. Now it was time to actually get down to business with Daly’s birthday present from Bella. I ended up giving her an option of what to get daddy, she just had to choose one. I wish I’d have done that to start with, it’s a shame her favourite word seems to be no but at least she’s cheap to take out. She ended up putting everything back on the shelf.

We finally finished our shopping trip, Halloween decorations, birthday presents and some clothe shopping in toe. We headed back home. I was a bit concerned about dinner. I knew Daly was out picking his sister up from work but I didn’t know what time he was going to be home. We made it home just before 6pm so I thought I would cook us some spaghetti bolanages as mine takes an hour to cook. I guessed Daly would be home by the time it was cooked.

We had a wonderful time shopping until we dropped. A few tantrums along the way but we made it out the otherside in one piece. Check out the next blog to see what I purchased

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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