Sundays = Roast Dinner – 8th September 2019

Guess how this morning started? Go on I dare you to guess. It started off nice and chilled out. I mean I debated writing an actual blog today but I thought no I’m on a roll at the moment. I’m staying on top of all my blogs and I feel that the best thing to do is write it while I’m feeling motivated. The only thing is now I’ve said that, you watch in a week or two these blogs will fall again and I’ll end up days behind. But we’ll see how it goes.

It’s been quite a nice day today, a little bit chilly but not too bad. My project for today is to get my kitchen as tidy as it can be. I swear that’s my project every Sunday but Sunday does feel like a cleaning day.

I popped a wash on this morning so I could try and get on top of it all. I emptied out our bedroom the other day so there is a lot of washing that has been uncovered. I’m starting to panic though when it comes to washing. It’s starting to get cooler and it means it’s going to get harder to get washing dry outside. Which means I’m going to have to dry it all inside which makes the house a mess. And in the winter you wear more layers and bigger clothes and also your battling the wonderful British weather so more washing is created but you can’t dry them well. So I wanted to try and get some dry while we have some warm weather.

Bella wanted to wear her Halloween costume. She loves her little witches costume. She obviously made a brilliant choice. She’s spent the morning running around in her little dress. She did go outside to play in the garden for a bit. I had warned her though if she wanted to play with the water in her pool she needed to take her dress off. I really don’t want to have to wash it continuously before Halloween. I ruined one of her princess dresses and I really don’t want to do it to her witches outfit. I don’t care that it was only £5 from ASDA that doesn’t mean I want to spend that again.

I started to work on the kitchen and was in there sorting out the washing while Bella was playing. When I came back into the living I found Bella standing in the back door with her toilet training fold up seat and she was pretending it was a gun – which I wasn’t happy about, but she’s using her imagination. I walked into the room and she was stood with the seat aiming at me going ‘pew, pew, pew’ it was so funny. She does make me smile.

Bella had been playing with the water in the pool so off came the witches dress. She didn’t seem to fussed though and the day just kept getting warmer and warmer so I wasn’t worried about her getting a chill. Bella was back to trying to wash her car. Today it was with a watering can rather than the bucket or spray bottles. Obviously she wanted to mix it up a bit today.

Daly had decided to keep himself busy playing with the car. He had some tyres to drop down to his dad so he set off to do that this afternoon as well as getting a few other little jobs done.

It’s Daly’s Birthday on the 12th so I thought Daly being out was the perfect time to get Bella to write Daly’s birthday card (And the great thing is by the time this goes up Daly’s birthday will have been and gone so no sneak peaks for him)

I got her to come sit in the living room and she wrote his card. I tried to encourage her to copy my writing, I had written Bella on the card and then asked Bella to try copying it underneath or I thought she might go over the top of it. Nope she was doing her really tiny writing which looks like tiny little circles and squiggles.

Once she had finished her little writing she used her crayons to draw a picture on the back of the cover. Normally she needs a little encouragement to carry on writing or drawing or she needs me to remind her to change colours but today I just left her to it. She spent ages on her card and eventually she finished and handed me the card back so I could put it in the envelope.

I did panic that Daly was going to come home while we were writing his card but he was gone for ages. It turns out it was because of all the dodgy drivers on the road. Apparently according to Daly, every driver Daly came across did not know what an indicator was or even own one. He was not it a good mood when he got home. I wondered if I had upset him by asking him to pick me up some carrots and a roast chicken breast for our roast dinner but nope just all the other road users had upset him.

We had about an hours chill out time before I had to start cooking dinner. Bella had been playing with her dolls and her Barbie car but now she decided she was going to do some fixing and my coffee table was the victim. Bella was using the biro she had written Daly’s card with was a screwdriver. She disappeared under the table and was pretending to tighten all the screws under it. After about five minutes of tinkering she was happy my coffee table was ok and good to use.

Daly had decided he was going to have a chilled out afternoon, which he needed after his trip home from Food Warehouse and his parents. He grabbed his laptop, I grabbed him a bottle from the fridge and he settled on the sofa. And that is where he stayed all afternoon.

He proper zoned out. Not that I minded at least that meant I knew he had relaxed. He was so zoned out he didn’t even realise Bella had chosen to colour the carpet in with a chalk. He felt so bad, bless him. He was so apologetic that he had caught Bella with the chalk and that I had on one of my little wanders out of the kitchen.

Daly has really got into Minecraft at the moment thanks to various Youtube videos and Joe. So he spent all afternoon building on there. When I caught him and was able to see what was on the screen, he was going round filling in holes on his map. He occasionally has OCD tendencies so a map with holes was driving him crazy. There’s me thinking he’s building an amazing house or something, nope just filling in holes.

While Bella was getting into trouble and Daly was filling in his holes, I was in the kitchen. We were having roast chicken today but Daly had bought the slightly bigger sized chicken breast to what we normally get. We normally get a chicken breast that feeds 3 to 4 people and the one Daly bought was for 6 to 8 people. I’m glad I read the cooking instructions this week. Knowing it was a larger chicken it’s of course going to take longer to cook. About an hour longer. That meant I needed to start cooking dinner an hour earlier than normal. Not a down side though, means an hour longer for cleaning.

I chucked the chicken in the oven and then had to wait an hour to start the potatoes. So to make the most of the time I started the washing up and cleaned down all the sides. I also got Daly to empty the bin for me and sorted out all the recycling.

I chucked everything that wasn’t suppose to be in the kitchen out of the kitchen. I was getting fed up with note pads and random things that had been left in the kitchen hanging around on the counters. I just hope I can keep up this keeping rooms tidy. I mean we’re planning on selling this house some point soon so I’d rather have a house I can do a quick once over for viewings rather than a massive panic tidy and having to try and find somewhere to hide all the crap.

Having this extra hour to tidy meant I had way more time to tidy and take my time with the cooking. I actually ended up being so ahead of myself that I spent the last half an hour of cooking sitting on the counter watching Friends and writing my blog. Was quite nice being chilled out in the kitchen.

Eventually dinner was cooked and here is the end result ….

I wasn’t too happy with the veg though. It made the dinner look a bit bland and just a range of beiges. I think I need some peas or beans. It needed a bit of green to make it more appealing to the eye.

So I’m starting to get on top of the cleaning so let’s see how far we get this week. Is it going to carry on or am I going to loose the will to live before the week is out and go back to the house being a tip and the only room that I tidy is the kitchen.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

P.S. you have no idea how many times I wrote chicken rather than kitchen lol

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