Kiddie play day – 31st August 2019

We had a lovely treat today. Bella had a friend come round a play. Bella and Euan haven’t had a proper playday for ages so it was lovely they got to spend all afternoon together.

Joe and Euan turned up around midday to come and play. They started playing inside nicely. Bella was showing Euan her toys and they played well together. I had put a Disney film on for them as Bella and I had been watching TV before the boys turned up. The film didn’t really last long though. Neither one of them seemed interested in Treasure Planet. Instead they wanted the giant piano out.

I popped it out on the floor and the pair of them had great fun dancing around and making lots of noise. I had told them not to turn it up any higher than I had turned it. Obviously two children playing and enjoying being noisy decided they didn’t want to keep it on the volume I had set, they kept turning the piano back up.

As the weather was nice we took the kids outside to play. There was a little bit of an upset as Euan was using Bella’s spray bottle to wash the car but I’d emptied another spray bottle the day before that they could use. Joe went and filled the spray bottles with water and then the pair of them happily sprayed and cleaned the car.

After a while I went inside to do the kids some lunch. I made them both some sandwiches and they had a packet of cheddars each as well as some fruit. They sat up to the patio table and ate nicely.

Once lunch was finished I got Bella dressed so we could go to the park. However just before I could catch her to get her dressed she managed to fall in the pool. I have no idea how but that gave her an incentive to come in and having mummy cuddles. Joe and I took our time deciding which park we were going to go to. In the end we settled on the park Daly and I had found on our walk a through weeks ago through the orchards. We thought it would be a nice quiet park with not many people and it was nice and close.

Once Bella was dressed we made sure we had the kids bags and I popped Bella’s car seat in Joes car. Off we went to find the park.

Turns out I was right about the park being quiet. When we turned up there was no one at the park. Euan and Bella walked so nicely from the car to the park. They held hands as they walk and it was such a cute sight.

As soon as we were through the gates the kids were off and playing. I set up camp on one of the benches with all the bags but that didn’t last long. Bella wanted to go on the big climbing frame so needed my help to get up. I wasn’t doing what Daly did with Bella though. There was no way I was carrying her while I climbed up.

Once Bella had got up the weird steps and across the rope bridge she decided she wanted to go down the slide.

While Bella was going to the slide that way, Euan was getting Joe to help him up the climbing wall and then across the monkey bars to the slide. Both children continued this routine a few more times before they got bored and wanted to find something else fun to do.

They both ran off to the roundabout. Euan was very confident getting on the roundabout and sat nicely waiting for Joe to push it round. Bella however was a little unsure. She needed a little encouragement but soon she climbed on to the roundabout and sat nicely next to Euan.

Once they’d finished on the roundabout Bella wanted to go back to the climbing frame. She attempted the ladder by herself. I wasn’t sure how it was all going to end. I remember trying to climb something in a playground on my 11th Birthday and I slipped, whacking my nose and ending up with a nose bleed. Something I really didn’t want to happen to Bella.

She stuck with it though and impressively she was able to climb the ladder all by herself. And that was it once she’d succeeded once she had no problems doing it by herself again and again.

I needed to have a bit of a break. I’m not made to run around after children. Bella has so much energy she wears me out so fast. I went to have a break by sitting on the roundabout. I was hoping Bella was going to come sit with me and have a break or at least let me push her round on the roundabout. Instead she pushed me round on the roundabout. I’m surprised she managed it. The roundabout was not that light at all and with me on top of it. I definitely am not light. Bella certainly has some muscles.

Bella quickly got bored of pushing me round on the roundabout. She wanted to go back to playing with Euan who was on the climbing frame. Euan was trying to climb up the slide and Bella wanted to give this ago . Euan and Bella had great fun climbing up the slide and then sliding back down it.

They had so much fun the little girl Bella had been playing with even joined in. They were having a wonderful time, even though every now and then one of them would loose their balance and then they’d all come tumbling down.

The park started to get a bit much for Euan as it started to fill with older children. Even I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. I have no idea why, the older children weren’t doing anything. It seemed to make Bella uncomfortable though, she suddenly became a bit clingy. We said goodbye to the little girl and headed back to the car.

We decided we’d go and find another park to wear the kids out at. But first we took a quick pit stop at the corner shop and grab some drinks.

Once we’d finished there we headed off to the next park. We tried the big park up by the cricket club/rugby club but we decided there were far to many people there so we tried another one at the local country park. The last time I’d been to the country park it was just a waste land. It was going to be interesting to see what they had done to the place.

We parked up and made our way into the country park. Turns out the way in is still very similar to the way you used to get into the land when it was waste land except they had added in some steps so you could climb up rather then try and get up a dirt bank.

We could see the huge tower of the climbing frame/slide as we climbed the steps. It’s set on top of this hill so you can see it over everything. We headed down to the park. Euan climbed up to the slide first and I tried to encourage Bella too but it was a tube slide and Bella doesn’t seem to like them. She refused to go down the slide so we climbed back down and found something else to play with.

Bella found these seesaw bugs. She wanted to try out the ladybug first. She had great fun bouncing it back and forth.

Bella and Euan played together on a grasshopper seesaw but Euan quickly got bored. Bella soon got bored as well and wanted off. She ran off to find the kiddie climbing frame. Turns out its in the middle of the sandpit. Which is fine but Joe is funny about sand – weirdo. So I took both kids on to the climbing frame.

They climbed up and over the climbing frame and then Euan decided he wanted to go exploring. So off Euan and Joe went to explore the country park. Bella wanted to stay on the climbing frame.

She found a mini climbing wall on to the equipment. She gave it a good go and did pretty well climbing up with only a little support from me. She enjoyed climbing up and then sliding down into the sand.

Bella discovered a little house under the slide. She was playing hide and seek with me. She would run into the house and then pop out the window at me.

It was starting to get cold and Daly was now home from work so we thought we’d better head home. As we were walking back to the car it started to rain so I think we’d made the right descision.

Joe dropped us back home and Bella and Euan said goodbye to each other. It was lovely how nicely they played today. I love days like this although they do wear me out. Too much energy these kids have.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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