Trip to Sheppey – 27th August 2019

We were off to visit a friend today. I had made brunch plans with an old friend, Lee. We haven’t had the chance to catch up with each other in person for ages. It’s a shame because we are close but so busy. But I suppose that’s being a grown up. We were meeting up with him for brunch on the Island.

We weren’t taking the car today though so it meant we had to get up early to catch the bus. We got up and dressed and then left the house with Bella in the push chair. It was very hot outside so I wanted to get Bella’s hair off her shoulders as it’s starting to get long. That was a bit of a battle though. She hates me playing with her hair. Eventually her hair was up, she was in the pram and we could head off to find a bus.

It was a bit of a walk, made a little bit worse by the heat and the fact the bus company have moved bus stops around but not updated their app. I mean how stupid is that. I can’t follow your time table if your app is telling me your bus stops are in one place but when I walk down there, there is nothing. Luckily I had time to make my way to another bus stop before it turned up.

At the stop Bella got out of the pram so I could fold it up and waited nicely next to me. I had asked her to point out when she could see the bus. The excitement when it came round the corner.

Bella climbed on to the bus and went to find a seat with me following her. She likes to sit at the very back of the bus but was not impressed that someone else had chosen to sit there. Luckily the man, who was sat at the back, and I were able to convince Bella it was ok and to go sit at the back.

I had to explain to Bella that we don’t touch the emergency exit handle and told her what would happen if she pulled it. She wasn’t happy I’d told her no but that didn’t last long. So instead of playing with the handle she decided she was going to sing for the whole bus. She happily sang ‘The wheels on the bus’ actions and all the whole way. Only stopping every now and then to look out the window at things I pointed out to her.

We made it into town, hopped off the bus and walked along looking for Greggs. We soon found it and I messaged my friend to let him know we were there. Turns out he was already inside with his son enjoying some treats. We went inside and found them. Turns out the Greggs on Sheppey is huge. They were at a table hidden right towards the back.

I left the pram with them at the table and took Bella up to the counter to order. Bella wanted a Gingerbread man and a sprinkle donut – she had seen Lee’s son had one so wanted to get in on that action. I had a sausage roll and a london cheesecake with a cup of tea. I needed something to wake me up. We went and sat back down and enjoyed our treats.

Lee and I caught up on everything with his son, Christopher, joining in every now and then. Meanwhile Bella was getting in to trouble. The seat we were sat on was a semi circle but instead of filling in the gap between the curved back and the wall it had been left with the bench just going to the wall so there wasn’t a massive gap. Bella kept crawling under the back of the seat and ending up in the gap between the wall and the curved back of the seat. Every now and then she’d squeak she was stuck but Christopher was helping her out.

We ate our treats but I decided to save my london cheesecake until later. Lee and Christopher needed to get a move on and I wanted to go and have a look in Tescos to see if they had any ballet bits. Bella needs new ballet shoes so I thought I’d see if Tescos had any. We said our goodbyes and headed off in our seperate directions.

Tescos sadly didn’t have any ballet items so we decided to call it a day and return to the bus stop. We had to wait a little while for the bus to turn up. While we were waiting Bella was singing and dancing, entertaining all the people waiting for the buses.

We made it back home. It was a bit of a walk and the heat seemed to be going up. I was surprised I managed to make it home in one piece. I don’t do well in the heat and I keep getting bad dizzy spells at the moment. But we made it home.

Bella wanted to get straight into her swimsuit as soon as we got home, She obviously was feeling the heat like me. She went outside and cooled off in the paddling pool. Bella was busy filling up her little bucket and then every now and then getting out of the pool to wash her car.

I chilled out in the garden with Bella. Sitting under the parasol reading away and trying to enjoy the heat. While I was sat out there I also enjoyed my london cheesecake. I did some reading in the heat trying to cool off but then decided I should probably do us some dinner.

I’ve been really struggling with dinner ideas in the heat. I don’t feel like being in the kitchen cooking for ages because that just adds to the heat. I’ve been making us salads to go with most of our dinners but it’s trying to work out what goes with the salads.

I settled on making burgers. We have more than enough to keep us going so I didn’t think cooking three was going to cause a major dent in my burger supply. So our dinner was burgers, chips and a salad. Bella seemed to enjoy her burger. Burgers alway go down a hit, but she prefers the bun over the burger.

We had a lovely dinner sitting outside. After dinner went back to playing and I went back to my reading. I love days like this.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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