Trip to find Pocahontas – 21th August 2019

Good old sister’s day out today. We weren’t too sure to do though. Rachel and I spent most of our morning looking on the internet for things to do. We both ended up coming up blank. Apparently googling ‘things to do with kids near me’ doesn’t seem to bring up many options.

Out of the blue Rachel suggested going to Gravesend. I had been there in the past with mum. Mum always had this huge thing after we took her to her first Primark, that she wanted to visit every Primark in Kent. Hence it had resulted in a trip to Gravesend one Monday morning before mum had her art group in the afternoon. Rachel had never been so she wanted to give it a visit.

We loaded up the car with the pram, shopping bags and the toddler and off we went. It was nice that I was actually driving for once. When Daly is off he normally does the driving, well even when he’s not off he does the driving.

We made out way to Gravesend and parked up. Now we didn’t want to hit the main shops first. Otherwise we’d be carrying the shopping bags around with us all day. Instead we took a walk down one of the side streets and ended up at the waters edge. Sadly you can’t see much as there is a huge sea wall, it was lovely and quiet walking along the sea walk.

We started to make our way up from the sea back towards the town. We weren’t too sure where we were going so we checked out the tourist information signs. There was a sign directing to the Pocahontas trail. We decided to follow the signs and ended up in St George’s Churchyard.

In the churchyard we found the statue of Pocahontas. Bella has seen the Disney film only once or twice but she was still very interested in the statue. Rachel told Bella the history of Pocahontas and we stood for a while looking at it.

Bella noticed all the lights around the statue that lit it up and jumped from one to another. She studied the statue for a good 5 minutes before she decided it was time for us to move on.

We walked back up the hill back towards the town centre and headed into one of the shopping centres. They didn’t have many shops that we use in there but we still had a good look around. Bella was not being on her best behaviour. I’ve become a bit of a panicky mum recently and I was getting stressed out with Bella and her refusal to walk with us and hold either Rachel or I’s hand. We ended up sat on the floor outside the works while Bella had a tantrum.

When she throws her tantrums I always end up on the floor sitting with her while she screams and cries at me until she is ready to listen. Sadly it’s becoming a bit of a frequent thing as she tries to claim her independence and become her own person. However I know she isn’t listening while she screams so I just wait for her to get it out of her system.

Once she’d finally stopped screaming I told her she needed to hold one of our hands or sit in the pram. She decided she was going to hold Rachel’s hand rather than sitting in the pram but she was warned that if she didn’t hold hands she would be sitting in the pram. And it worked, she held Rachel’s hand nicely to shop for about 10 minutes before she saw one of those ride on toys in the shopping centre and decided to run to it. Uh oh! In the pram she went.

We decided with the heat and the tantrums it was time for a break from shopping and grab some food. We took a wander down the high street to see what we could find. We’re getting fed up of McDonalds so we wanted options. We found Burger King, McDonalds, Greggs and a few other places. In the end we settled on Wetherspoons. We thought we’d be able to get something decent to eat.

We found a spot to sit in the back of the pub and we used the app to order our food. Rachel ordered a panini while I ordered Bella and I baked potatoes. I was surprised to find baked potatoes on the kids menu. In the past when I had hunted on the kids menus for something without mess or chips I’d come up empty so I was happy to find something like this for her.

Our food turned up and Bella decided she wanted her potato smothered in salad cream and tomato ketchup. I swear she ate more sauce than potato but she actually ate her potato.

Once we’d finished lunch we hit the shops again. First shop we hit was B and M. I didn’t really find anything we wanted in there. I did however have a look for Christmas presents for Bella. I’m planning early this year so we are prepared. I let things slide last year. Of course last year we had other priorities to deal with rather than Christmas.

We finished up in B and M and went next door to Primark. The Primark in Gravesend is four stories high so plenty of shopping to do. We walked in the store, grabbed our baskets and split up like normal.

We looked around the ground floor at all the woman’s clothes and picked up some few items. Then we headed to the lift. Oh my word this lift was the slowest lift in the world. I pressed the button and we stood and waited. The little light turned on to say that I pressed the button to go up in the lift. After a while the light went out and changed to saying it was going down but we had yet to see the lift appear. So I pressed the button again and again. Again the light turned on to say the lift was going up. After about 5 minutes the lift eventually turned up.

We continued to shop. Rachel finished up her shopping just as we reached the top floor which had all the children’s clothes and home wear. As I went to the tills to pay Bella kept fiddling with all the little kids umbrellas. Thankfully Rachel came and got Bella and took her back downstairs. Irritatingly I had my purse but I’d left my bank card in my bag on the pram. Thankfully I had my credit card on me.

I paid for my items and went and met Bella and Rachel outside. We decided to call it a day. We had had a great day shopping. Especially with the heat.

We drove home and met back up with Daly. We needed to do some food shopping. And it turns out Rachel needed to do a massive food shop as well. So we all got in the car and went straight back out. This time to ASDA.

We had great fun annoying each other in the aisles of ASDA. It’s not a family trip to the supermarket without us annoying each other.

Check out my mini shopping haul in the next blog.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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