Mini Primark Haul

I am getting autumn ready. My favourite season of the year. Can’t beat the colours and the fun the season brings.

Black cosy leggings

I like to wear leggings in the autumn. Now Primark have brought out these cosy leggings. They look like normal leggings but on the inside they are like a fleecy material to keep warm. With how cold I can get I feel these are the best ones to wear on a cold day.

Knit skirt

I bought another knit skirt to wear. This one in a cute black and white pattern. I’m trying to recapture my girliness back. I used to wear skirts all the time but now it seems to be jeans and pyjamas. I need to embrace the old me from when I used to be working – and skinny! I hate that I’ve gone up two dress sizes since becoming a mum but not much I can do about it.

Child’s Raincoat

Bella has grown out of her raincoat so I needed to get a new one for her. Especially with nursery starting again soon. I prefer the thin raincoats they do in Primark. She can wear this on hot showery days. Luckily we already have a thicker rain coat for nursery.

Flannel shirt

I love these shirts, especially on Bella. We bought a few last autumn and I found this one in the sale. Bella wasn’t too thrilled when I showed it to her but that didn’t stop me getting it for her. This one is a lovely teal blue/green with a flower embroidery on the chest.

Tracksuit Bottoms

Bella had grown out of all her tracksuit bottoms so I picked u this set of two. They are warm and cosy so perfect for after her swimming lessons and when we go to the beach. Bella chose navy blue and pink ones.

Love CiCi x

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