Cooking and Cleaning – 18th August 2019

Bella had been very restless today so I decided we were going to do something fun. I hunted through the cupboards for something for us to cook. Bella always loves a bit of baking and we hadn’t done any recently. I managed to find a box of Princess Fairy cakes in the cupboard so I thought we’d give them a crack.

Of course our first job was to find the extra ingredients we needs – some vegetable oil, water, and an egg. Once we had all the equipment ready and had found the ingredients it was time to start. I had got our step ladder out so Bella could sit on the top of it so she could reach the counter.

First up Bella poured the cake mixture into the bowl and then she helped me add the vegetable oil and the water. I had put the water into a glass so she use the measuring spoons and scoop it into the bowl.

I then used her hands to help me crack the egg so she got the feel of what she should be doing. She helped me crack the egg and then mixed it all together using the whisk.


I helped finish up with the mixing to make sure all the ingredients were all mixed in. You know doing all the scrapping around the top of the bowl to get all the cake mix down into the to liquidy mixture.

When the mixture was all running and all the powder had been mixed in it was time to put the mixture into the cake cases. First Bella laid all the cases out in the cake tray. Then I helped her use a spoon to fill each one of the cases.

We put the cakes in the oven and then Bella disappeared off to play. She had been begging to use her playdough so we got that out for a bit. She wasn’t going to be decorating the cakes anytime soon. They need time to cool off after being cooked.

We got the playdough out and Bella happily sat at the dining room table playing. She was using her mini spade and bucket to build sandcastles, well playdough castles.

While Bella was happily playing it was time to get the cakes out of the oven and pop them on a cooling tray. For some reason we can make the cakes seem to rise. I’m guessing it because I let Bella do the mixing so it doesn’t get much air in it. I think the only way we’re going to get fluffy cakes is by using mums electric whisk. Not sure how that will go with a two year old though.

After a while it was time to ice the cakes. I got Bella to tip the icing sugar into a bowl but she didn’t like the dust coming out of the bowl. So I finished making up the icing, badly. I added far too much water to the icing sugar.

I popped a little dollop of icing on each cake and then Balla added the little princess decorations on top.

We had a nice chilled afternoon and didn’t really get up to much. However after dinner I caught the cleaning bug. I decided I was going to pull out the contents of our ‘poisons cupboard’ as mum used to call it. The cupboard that contains all the cleaning supplies. It had been bugging me how messy it had got. Everytime I went to get a bin bag out or a new washing sponge something else would always fall out.

I pulled all the contents out and I’ve come to the conclusion my parents had a massive problem with candles. I found a massive tub full of tea lights, as well as a smaller tub and a box of candles. There was also two jars full of just tea light bottoms. I have no idea what those two were going to do with all these candles.

I sorted out and got rid of all the tea light bottoms and candles that we wouldn’t e able to use so at least we’re now down to one massive tub of candles. The smaller tub I emptied out and filled with all the dish cloths and sponges and scourers. And then put everything back into the cupboard so it was easy to get things out without knocking anything else out.

I had come across some oven cleaner and the oven had recently been bugging me. So what happened, I ended up cleaning my oven.

Turns out, mum had bought some damn good oven cleaner. As soon as you sprayed it on the grease started to run off the oven door it was amazing. I didn’t manage to clean it fully there is still some grease flecks stuck on the oven door but the spray didn’t seem to be eating through it.

I discovered there was also some grease between the inner and outer glass but I couldn’t unscrew the inside panel of glass to get between the two. Oh well at least it looks better than it did. A little bit like this a day and the house will be looking good.

So I now have a lovely clean oven and an organised cupboard.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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