Mini Blog – Date Night – 9th August 2019

Daly decided we were having a date night tonight. He had arranged for Bella to go to his parents and then he was going to take me out for dinner. Nothing formal just a chance for us to have some us time for an hour or two.

We got ready and went and dropped Bella off with Grandma. Grandad had gone out for the evening so it was just going to be the two of them. Of course as soon as Bella walked through the door she went straight to her kitchen she got all her bits out for a tea party. It’s so funny she seems to have learnt the phrase ‘Happy Birthday’ from some where. So now instead of just a tea party it’s a happy birthday party.

We dropped Dawn the pram so she could take Bella round to Sainsbury’s and then we said our goodbyes. We climbed back into the car and set off to our destination. Daly decided we were going to grab some McDonalds and then go sit up Tankerton slopes.

Tankerton holds a lot of special memories for me as well as us. It was one of mum’s favourite places to go. She loved going down there and walking along the beach. It is also a very important place for mine and Daly’s relationship. Our first night out together (when we just started talking so not our first date) we sat up Tankerton slopes and just talked about everything. It was also where we got engaged. And I had wanted to have our wedding reception at the hotel on top of the slopes but it was sadly too small.

So off we went. We stopped at the McDonalds drive through first to grab our food. We actually got McFlurries for once. I mean we never get dessert so Daly was pushing the boat out tonight. We collected our order and then drove up to the quiet end of Tankerton to park up and enjoy our food.

When we parked up I felt it was too cold to sit outside and have a picnic so instead I climbed into the back of the car and set myself up to have a picnic then. Daly I’m guessing had planned on sitting in the front but when he realised I’d moved to the back of the car he came and joined me. I opened the rear door so we could look out over the sea.

It was really pretty down at Tankerton. We sat and enjoyed our picnic chatting and showing each other random TikTok videos we found funny. The funny thing is we pretty much follow the same accounts so we just end up showing each other the same videos. It’s just a question of who sees the video first.

When Daly had finished he was kinda ready to go pick up Bella but I was quite happy chilling in the back of the car and just checking out the view. It’s a lovely view sitting up on top of the slopes. You look out over all the little seaside huts and the sea, of course, and it the distance you can see the Isle of Sheppey. It looked gorgeous up there tonight with the sun coming through the clouds.

We may not have been out too long but we had a nice time and it was nice to just have some time away from Bella. I love her but being under each others feet 24/7 does wear on us. She gets grumpy with me and I get grumpy with her and even worse at the moment because she is with me pretty much 24/7. She has no nursery so she doesn’t even get to interact with other people or children at the moment.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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