Evening walk with Daddy – 6th August 2019

We had a lazy day today. It started with movies on Disney Life. As the new Descendants came out last Friday in America I thought I’d get in the mood by watching the first Descendants film. Bella seemed semi interested in the film but not really. So I enjoyed the film by myself. I love a bit of Descendants. My favourite character has to be Audrey, I mean she’s Sleeping Beauty’s daughter – my favourite Disney Princess ever. I mean I have Narcolepsy. If I was a princess I’d be her. It’s just perfect.

Bella had a lovely morning playing. She had started her morning playing with her Fifi house we had been given by Jess. Bella loves to use it as a house for her princesses and also a few Paw Patrol characters had joined in with the mix today. Once she got a bit bored of the house though she hunted for something else to play with.

We had been given a selection of toys from Daly’s parent’s neighbours yesterday as they had been clearing out a lot of old stuff. In the bags of toys Bella had found some stamps. I found Bella some paper and we sat on the floor stamping the stamps. All the stamps had different animals on them and Bella was telling me which animals were which.

Daly was having a nice relaxing day lounging on the sofa watching various Youtube videos on his laptop. It’s very rare he actually takes time to do it. He’s normally on the go constantly. As I keep telling him, he needs to learn to relax.

Our day pretty much went like that, Bella playing, Daly watching Youtube videos and me just chilling.

Dinner time eventually came round and Daly had been saying since summer came round and I’d started eating dinner outside, that he’d been really looking forward to join us for dinner outside. I had laid the outside table for our dinner and Bella decided she was going to sit up to the table early and play with her Fifi house.

Dinner was finally ready and we all sat up to the table to enjoy our family dinner. The first one outside this summer as a family that wasn’t a BBQ.

I had been wanting to get out of the house all day. I suggested going for a walk over the farm lands behind our house. I had promised Bella she could go for a walk and she was very excited. I hadn’t gone for a walk over that way since last October when I had my final photography project.

Daly agreed and we sorted ourselves out so we could go over to the fields. For some reason the plants have grown so high. We went down the alley behind our house so we could get to the footpaths that lead across the fields up to the farm land.

Bella was happy to be out of the house. She set of running as soon as we hit the footpaths. The footpaths are lovely and wide when you first get to the field. However we discover the footpath going up the hill was extremely overgrown making it pretty impossible to head up that way. We were at a crossroads of footpaths with one overgrown, the one we had walked up and two more. We let Bella choose which way we were going. She chose to go to the right behind the local pick your own farm.

It was a little bit over grown but not as much as going up the hill. Bella was struggling a little bit and there were quite a few stinging nettles so she sat on Daly’s shoulders. She had great fun looking out over the fields.

As we walked Bella was asking me about the pick your own farm and I was telling her what fruits and vegetables they grew. I also told her that was where we go to pick our pumpkin for Halloween.

It turns out the footpath goes straight through the farm’s orchards. I didn’t realise the footpath actually went through the middle. There were parts where the footpath opened out into the field so the tractors could pass through. We would have carried on using the footpath but it had become extremely overgrown so we decided to walk through the orchards instead. Turns out we were in the middle of pear orchards.

I thought this walk would be the perfect opportunity to try to do some Daddy Daughter photos. It was so cute seeing Bella play with Daly and them keep having cuddles. I actually managed to get some really cute shots to add to my photography portfolio.

The cute shots only lasted so long before the pair of them decided they were going to play with sticks instead. Bella and Daly each found sticks and them decided to try and chop down trees. Not the best thing to do but they were having a nice time.

Once they’d finished beating up the trees, they started on each other. They decided the sticks were swords and they were going to fight. I really don’t know what I’m going to do with this two, they are always fighting.

They finally finished their pretend fighting and we decided it was time to leave the orchards. The way to exit the orchard was via a metal gate with a gap and a fallen down tree but sadly straight onto a road. Before we left the orchard I managed to get some cute photos of Daly and Bella standing up against the gate. However Bella wasn’t really playing ball and I didn’t really have time to take to get Bella to smile nicely and look at the camera. I mean I was stood in the middle of a road hoping a car didn’t come and knock me down.

We had come out into a country lane that people aren’t always the slowest driving down. I wanted us to cross over and find a way into the housing estate there as I knew there was a path that ran the length of the country lane back to the main road that runs behind our house. We started to walk down the lane on the hut for an opening through the trees. Luckily we found one just as we heard a car coming towards us. Daly handed me Bella, who he’d been carrying, and told me to get through the gap fast so she was off the road.

It turns out we came out in a little nature area at the back of the housing estate. And we stumbled upon a park that happened to be in this area. I had no idea the park was there so it was a happy surprise. We told Bella she was allowed in and could play for a bit.

First up we played on the roundabout. Turns out it was a pretty good roundabout. Alot of them have been slowed down for safety reasons but this one still seemed to be pretty speedy. Bella quickly lost interest in this though and wanted to go on the swings.

She chose the baby swings first. I popped her in the seat and then pushed her. She doesn’t often like going high or swinging for long but she actually was quite happy sitting in the swing. Daly came and stood in front of us trying to take photos of us. I kept telling Bella to try and kick Daddy so she would focus on him.

When she got off the swings Bella spotted the big children’s climbing frame. She always loves going on them but she’s a little bit small to be able to complete all the activities herself. She dragged Daly up on the climbing frame with her. I mean there was an open sided cargo bridge which there was no way she was doing without an adult.

Once Daly had managed to get her up the ladder and across the cargo net it was time to go down the slide. Bella went down the slide first and then insisted that she wanted Daddy to go down it as well. He wasn’t very willing to comply though. Eventually he gave in and squeezed his butt down the slide.

Bella and Daly completed this routine a few more times before giving the roundabout another go. This time with daddy rather than mummy. She quickly jumped back off.

She spotted the big kid swings and wanted a go. Daly was a bit unsure about Bella going on them. I have in the past gone on them with her sat on my lap, but the last few times I have let her go on her own but not pushed very hard, stayed close by and made sure she held on tight. Daly allowed her to have ago after I’d reassured him she’d be fine. She sat very nicely on the swing and held on tight. She enjoyed the swing but it wasn’t long before she wanted to get off.

It was starting to get a bit chilly so Daly and I had told Bella we needed to go home soon. She wasn’t very happy about this and ran off to the little climbing frame.

Daly let Bella have a few more goes on the little climbing frame and then a rocking turtle (why are they always weird animal choices) and then we finally got Bella out of the park.

Bella had started to shiver but refused to put her hoodie back on. Instead Daly picked her up and carried her home wrapped in his hoodie. She reminded me of a little E.T. It was a perfect opportunity to take a few more photos of daddy and Bella before the lighting was just too rubbish.

Daly carried Bella all the way home, keeping her warm. He had promised her that when we got in they could cure up on the sofa and watch a film together. Bella really wanted to watch Paw Patrol so when we got home Daly had a hunt on the Firestick to see what he could find.

He eventually found some Paw Patrol and Bella and Daly curled up on the sofa together watching the TV. We expected Bella to fall asleep after the walk and all the playing but she stayed awake for the whole film snuggled up with daddy.

It was nice to get out and do something different as a family. We don’t often have the opportunity to do activities like this. Hopefully there will be more in our future.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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