Finally got my nails redone – 5th August 2019

First thing this morning Bella was up nice and cheerful. We went downstairs and left daddy upstairs in bed. As soon as we got downstairs Bella wanted to watch Mary Poppins. I opened the Disney Life app and asked Bella what she wanted to watch ‘Poppins’ She is also able to say ‘ Supercali’ but she can’t quite say ‘supercalifragilistic’ but that’s a damn good go.

While she was watching Mary Poppins I was chatting to Cathy over messenger. She had picked up Bella a Frozen cushion with Anna and Elsa on and wanted to let me know that it was at Dawn and Grant’s for us to pick it up. We discussed the new Mary Poppin’s film. I had seen it and hated it. At least with Aladdin, the live action was made it’s own film but the new Mary Poppin’s felt like it was trying too hard to be like the orginal.

Daly woke up and got out of bed and joined us down stairs. We were going over to his parents so they could spend some time with Bella and I had arranged to meet up with Jess in town. We sorted ourselves out and headed over.

Paige was also at Dawn and Grant’s which meant Bella also had an opportunity to play with her aunty. We sat at Daly’s parents while I waited for Jess to let me know she was ready to head into town. Bella got all her kitchen food out with her bowls and plates and setting up her little tea party. She loves making everyone drinks and tea.

Jess messaged me to tell me she was ready and Daly offered to drive us both into town. We had decided as we were both free we were going to see if we could get our nails down. We had thought about doing it Friday but Jess had work so it was easier to do today. We picked Jess up from her Nans and we’re headed into town.

Daly dropped us off into the centre of town and Jess and I wandered round to the bank to get some money out for our nails. We then went up to the shop to see if they could fit us in. They asked us to come back about 2.30pm and they’d be able to fit us in then.

To kill the time before hand we walked up to Wetherspoons to have a drink. We kinda ended up going in that direction as we didn’t really come up with anything else to do in town.

It was really busy in spoons, there was hardly anywhere to sit inside. Luckily it was a lovely day so we went and found a table outside. Like normal we used the app to order our drinks and we sat and chatted.

It was nice just sitting there chatting about all little random things. While we were chatting both of us were on our Pokemon Go as the pub is a Pokestop. I mean days like this are the only chance I really get to play.

It turned 2pm so we walked back down the street to the nail salon. They were running a bit late so we had to sit and wait until they had finished with other customers.

Eventually it was Jess’s turn to get her nails done. I sat next to her while she was being pampered. My stomach had been playing up badly today so I was trying really hard to not let it get to me. It makes me really anxious when it plays up so I try to take my mind off it or at least distract myself. As I’d been having major problems with it lately I actually bit the bullet and booked a doctors appointment.

They eventually finished Jess’s nails – she’d gone for a pink and glitter combo this time. When they’d finished they looked really confused over the fact we were still sat there. We said about we’d planned on both getting our nails again and they apologised they’d only booked Jess in but they would be able to slot me in in ten minutes. I took the view we’d already been sat in the shop for long enough. Waiting ten more minutes wasn’t going to hurt.

Luckily it was soon my turn. The technician who did my nails last time started on my nails. He infilled them and got them already for painting but then handed over to another technician for them to painted.

I had gone for a bit of a confusing design it turned out two solid colour, one colour ombre, one white ombre with glitter and one glitter ombre. A little tricky you’d think but do able, except the nails were different on each hand. I helped the technician out by holding out the right fingers for each colour/ombre.

Daly came down to pick us up while I had my nails finished up. Apparently though Daly didn’t want to embrace his feminine side and get his nails done. We tried to tempt him several times.

We invited Jess back to ours as Joe is currently away with work and I enjoy having people around so it was going to be nice to have company at home. Jess needed to go back to her Nan’s before she came to ours though so we dropped her there and headed to Daly’s parents.

When we got there we discovered Liam in the garden cutting the bushes back. Dawn had been asking him too but he hadn’t been very well recently so it was nice to see him. Bella decided she was going to try and help him. We asked her to put the cut off branches in the bin but she didn’t really want to.

Jess walked back up from her Nan’s to meet us. We were also dropping Paige home on our way so we gathered every one and put them in the car. It was time to go home.

Once we had dropped Paige home we went via McDonalds to pick up some dinner. I had a voucher on my McDonalds app that meant I was going to save £5 off our dinner. Anything to save a little bit of money, well of course I’d have saved more if I had cooked dinner rather than bought it but it was gone six and I needed Bella to have something hot to eat.

We picked up our McDonalds and headed home to enjoy our food. We spent the evening chatting and playing with Bella until Daly ran Jess home and I put Bella to bed.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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