I built a BBQ – 2nd August 2019

I woke up to the sound of Bella crying this morning, nothing strange there, but this was a panicked crying and screaming ‘mummy!’ When I went into her and picked her up I noticed her dress was wet, she had insisted in going to bed in her fairy dress last night. I then realised that she had been sick on her bed. That was why she was so distressed.

I cleaned her up and took her out of her fairy dress she seemed really hot though. Daly had fallen asleep on the sofa downstairs when he got back from work so I told Bella she could come and snuggle in bed with mummy to make her feel better. Sadly that didn’t last long. She was sick again. So again we set about cleaning her up.

Bella was adamant she wanted to go downstairs so I gathered up her blanket, baby and juice bottle and down we went. Finding Daly asleep on the sofa as predicted. I woke him up as he had planned to go and sort the car out ready to be carnival ready for over the weekend. We were marshalling from the car this weekend – it’s the only form of marshalling I’m willing to do. He had planned on being at the garage at 8.30am to set to work lighting the car up like a Christmas tree but that wasn’t going to happen. I informed him it was already 8.30am.

He jumped up and disappeared out the door. Bella wanted to watch TV so I popped her on the sofa to watch some TV while I sorted out some bits. We were having a BBQ this evening with our new BBQ so I wanted to tidy the garden.

While I was in the garden Bella was sick again. Once again I cleaned her up and snuggled her back on the sofa. I gave her some water for her to sip on and she also wanted her duvet. I tucked her in under her duvet and put Frozen on the TV. I sat with her and noticed while she was watching the TV she was holding her head. I asked her if her head hurt and needed some medicine. I gave her some Calpol and she settled back down.

I came to the conclusion she must have had a bad headache/migraine. We’d only experienced this once before but it completely throws me because she can’t tell me how bad her head hurts. I just no she’s sick and try and work out what’s causing it. Luckily she seems to be like Daly, gets a really bad headache/migraine that floors them but they both get over it within a few hours. Whereas I can be dying for days and nothing shifts my headaches/migraines.

Bella seemed to perk up so I left her to it, enjoying Frozen, while I went back to finish tidying up the garden. Once I was happy with the garden, I set about doing the washing up. I didn’t want a massive pile of washing to do tomorrow morning before we had to go to Whitstable carnival.

I gave Bella a few biscuits to munch on to see if she was able to keep anything down. I made myself some lunch and we settled down to enjoy our lunch and find another Disney film to watch. I absolutely love the Disney Life app. It’s a life saver, I just wish that Descendants 3 was already on it.

After lunch Daly still hadn’t returned with the car so I set about finishing building our BBQ. I had left half for Daly to finish it off but he was still stuck in Dover so I knew he wasn’t going to be home any time soon and people were suppose to be arriving at 6pm.

Turns out I’d actually left Daly the easiest part of the BBQ to build. It didn’t take me too long to finish it. We now have a lovely Louisiana BBQ sitting in our garden ready to rock and roll for tonight.

Daly still hadn’t returned and I needed to go shopping and buy all the food for the BBQ. I had no way to go shopping though so instead I laid the table for our BBQ went and found my laptop and iPad, made myself a cup of tea and decided to do some work in the garden. I set myself up on the table watching friends on the iPad and blogging on the laptop.

Eventually Daly arrived back home shortly followed by Joe. So Daly to set about lighting the BBQ, Joe took my to Food Warehouse so I could pick up bits for the BBQ. He was a little rushed as he needed to go pick Char up from work at 6pm he believed. Luckily I knew exactly what I wanted so I was in and out of the shop within 10 minutes.

Once we’d loaded the car back up we headed round to Char’s work to wait for her to finish. Turns out Char was actually finishing at 6.30pm so it meant Joe and I were sat in the car chatting for 45 minutes while we waited. We were having good fun chatting and playing with all the buttons in the car. It’s the small things lol.

Char finally finished work and Joe was able to drop me back home. By the time I got the Cathy, Nathan, Zach and Rachel had turned up and the BBQ was going. I set about sorting out some salad bits, the rolls, plates, sauces and cutlery. I set the food table up and then left Daly to do the cooking. I refuse to cook on the BBQ, men always claim it’s their job so I was leaving Daly to it.

Not that that worked though, at one point Cathy ended up seeing to the BBQ. Tut tut, bad hosting Daly. Eventually the food was cooked and we were able to dig in. It was nice to just chill out with good friends and enjoy some food and a drink.

Bella has a wonderful relationship with her Uncle Zach. It’s nice that I can relax when he’s around, he will watch out for Bella and treat her as if she’s her own. Although I do feel a bit bad, I’m her parent, I should be the one telling her off and sorting her food etc but Zach will automatically go straight into that role of Godfather and just takes over.

We had a great evening relaxing and chatting and Bella got to spend time with some of her favourite people. May have not have been the best planned BBQ – I mean our guestlist was four people and onne of them was only because of an off the cuff comment. Maybe next time it’ll go better.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds.

Love CiCi x

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