Back to daily blogging (hopefully) – 1st August 2019

I’M BACK!!!!!

I’ve had a bit of a break and I’m back now. I’ve missed blogging but it was good to step away from the screen and take some time but I’m going to try getting back on top of my daily blogs. Of course I will still be taking a day of a week.

Our morning started the same way all our mornings have recently. By Bella standing in her doorway shouting ‘Mummy, Mummy, Mummy’ The irritating thing is Bella refuses to stop until I get up and let her out of her room. Not good when my anxiety has been causing major insomina. I mean I need a long lay in in the morning so I can try and regain some energy. Bella has other ideas though.

I got up and Bella and I went downstairs. I didn’t really have anything planned today but we have been staying in waiting for a light bar for our car to turn up. The joys of being involved in carnival lol and wanting to kick my car out with lights. I blame Smurf he put the idea in my head and then asked Daly to act as rear vehicle.

To make use of our time this morning Bella decided she wanted to do some drawing. She had found a pencil and decided my esal and decided that was a good thing to draw on. I was not having that though so I found her some paper. The excitement when I found the paper was so cute. I drew her a smiley face and then she did some drawing before asking me to draw her a princess dress. Which she then added that it needed a face, eyes, nose, lips and hair so of course I drew her a princess.

After some drawing Bella was happy playing with her toys, she’s really taken to her pushchair at the moment and has recently found her Rapunzel doll. While Bella was happily playing I decided I was going to go through the photos I took at the weekend at Ramsgate. I had a great time taking fun photos with the Dover court so it was lovely to go through them and make sure I was keeping the best to share with their chaperones.

I’ve found my love of photography has been a bit squished at the moment. I’m sure it’s got something to do with my anxiety (I don’t want to say depression. Although I’ve been diagnosed in the past as depressed I do not currently have a diagnosis but I am feeling pretty low at the moment like I have in the past but I don’t want people to jump on me if I say I’m depressed. I know it is not a word and condition that should been thrown around) I’ve told myself I’m going to try and rebuild my love this weekend at various carnivals we’re attending. I’ve got no pressure of being with a court, I’m going to be with my husband. I mean carnival has been my home for 15 years now and it’s nice to share it with Daly. Just hard when sometimes you feel out of place.

Anyways I’m going to try and take fun and creative photos and just enjoy myself. Just hope it works. I love photography but my mood at the moment isn’t nurturing that love.

The light bar eventually turned up and the box was nearly as tall as me. Daly was happy one of his lights had turned up. He unwrapped it all and had a look of course, it was like Christmas. He kept asking if the grill lights had turned up but the postman hadn’t been yet. Daly had to head off to work so we said our goodbyes. Not long after the doorbell went. I guessed it was the postman, well I didn’t think it could be anyone else.

It was the postman but he had a package for me and not one Daly was going to like. My package was a white box with pretty pink tissue paper and sparkles. Not a box you’d expect to find some grill lights in. Bella helped me open the box so she could find out what was inside.

Bella ripped open the tissue paper and inside were Rachel and my beautiful Disney ears we had ordered weeks ago. Like 10. I’d ordered two Aurora sets and Rachel had ordered a set of Maleficent ears. One more step closer to Disney! We’d ordered them from a company called Hannah Marie Magic. Their ears are lovely just a shame we had to wait so long for them to turn up.

Oh man the ears are beautiful. Bella instantly stole the blue and pink set and happily walked around the house posing with them on. I tried on my other set and man their comfortable. It’s so bad as soon as I saw them and put them on I started looking for more sets on their website. Just don’t know if I could face another 2 month wait for them.

After all the excitement of ears had died down I did a bit of tidying up. We planning on having a BBQ tomorrow and we bought a new BBQ last week. We decided as the weather has been so pretty and warm we’ve been eating in the garden every night and making the most of the garden. I thought why not treat ourselves with a BBQ and a decent one at that. I mean I’d already bought us a decent patio set as the 90’s plastic one just wasn’t doing it for us anymore.

Now this BBQ of course needs to be built so I thought I better start before our BBQ tomorrow as Daly has a bit of a full on day so didn’t know how much time he’d have to build it.

Man that BBQ has a lot of pieces and fighting a toddler for pieces didn’t help. In the end I only managed to build half the BBQ before I decided I should really cook Bella and I some dinner. So I packed the rest of the pieces up, back in the box and set about cooking dinner.

Now like an idiot while I was in the kitchen cooking I plugged the deep fat fryer in. Yeah I plugged it in but didn’t turn it on. I’m so glad I noticed before too long otherwise Bella would have had nuggets with nothing else. Well she’d have had salad but that’s not a proper dinner.

Eventually dinner was cooked so I set the table so we could eat outside. It’s lovely we’ve got in to this little routine. Bella instantly knows where she’s going when I call dinner time. I mean I set it like a proper table with a table cloth and all the condiments. It’s so relaxing eating outside.

After dinner, I worked on my blogs while Bella used the water from her paddling pool to clean her little sit on car. While she was doing that I suggested she cleaned the big car Cathy and Zach had got her. Now child logic dictated that Bella she fill her sponge up with water at the pool at one end of the garden and then walked the sponge down to the car at the opposite end of the garden.

She did a great job of cleaning her car so it’s all nice a sparkly when Zach and Cathy come round tomorrow. However Bella managed to get her blanket all wet and dirty which did not go down well. Luckily, however, I have got a few blankets saved around the house for an occasion like this. Thankfully Bella was happy with the spare blanket so I know one of my jobs for first thing in the morning. Popping blanket in the washing machine and hoping it’s dry before bedtime.

Anyways I’m glad I’m back blogging. Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things and if I disappear it won’t be for so long next time.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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