Mini Blog – Messy church – 20th July 2019

Today we made it out of the house and to a Messy Church session. For some reason these sessions send my anxiety through the roof. I’m fine for the first 30 minutes but then my brain is in full flight or fight mode. Today was all about the little mustard seed.

First we all sat around to listen to the story of the mustard seed. Bella was a bit of a fidget during this, she didn’t really want to sit. Instead she want to run around the church so I spent most of the story following her around. When I eventually managed to get her to sit back down the lady telling the story had laid out a massive tree, that had grown from the mustard seed. The children were taking it in turns to choose to place either a bird or a nest on the tree. Bella chose a bird but decided it was going to have a rest at the base of the tree.

Once the story was over it was time for the activities. Bella chose to first create her own seed tree. I helped her by placing the glue at the end of each of the branches and then Bella sprinkled on the seeds. Once she had placed all her seeds on she used crayons to colour the tree in. Interestingly she chose a white crayon on white paper but hey life is one giant learning experience. She didn’t seem to bothered she couldn’t see her colouring.

To finish off her seed tree, Bella glued on the bible passage on the top of her page. This time I let Bella do the gluing.

Once she had finished her tree picture Bella decided she wanted to do some planting, so we made our way over to that table. Her first job was to pull apart the cotton wool and place it in the bottom of a cup. Bella however went from just shoving the whole cotton ball in the cup to then ripping it up into the tiniest pieces she could.

Once all the cotton wool was safe in the bottom of her cup, I poured some seeds into Bella’s hand she could pour them into the cup.

Bella poured the seeds in and then we watered the little seeds using a jug of water. When we get home I will pop them on our window sile and see if any cress grows.

The final activity was to make a bird. Now normally I’m really OCD about these things, I want them to look like they should. But I learnt when I used to work in nurseries to step back and let the children do the crafts their way. So that’s what we were doing today. I would give Bella the pieces she needed for her bird and then I let her glue them where she wanted.

Bella struggled a little bit to make the concertina for the birds legs but I helped her fold the paper. Once she had finished folding them we glued them to the bottom of her bird so he had some legs.

Bella’s finished bird didn’t have any feet. She didn’t want any. Her bird may have not looked like everyone else’s but it was most definitely her bird.

Once all the craft activities were over and everyone had tidied away we returned to the main part of the church for a sing song. Bella had found a set of shakers to shake while we sang. She happily danced and shaked.

Once we’d finished the main part of Messy Church, with all the crafts, the story and songs, we headed round to the church hall for some dinner. It’s kinda like a picnic dinner. It’s good because there’s a wide selection so I can guarantee Bella is actually going to eat something. Bella helped herself to her food and then we sat down at the tables to eat.

After we’d eaten our dinner Bella spotted the desserts being brought out. She straight away was up and trying to take a piece of cake without anyone noticing. Luckily one of the boys helped Bella get her cake and bring it back to the table.

Once she’d finished her cake, I’d had enough. Everyone was going back into the church to finish off but I decided I needed to just take Bella home as my anxiety was starting to get too much. I had said to Bella that I would take her over to Kaspa’s for a treat but I couldn’t face it. In the end we said our goodbyes and headed home instead.

Bella had a lovely time taking part in all the crafts. She managed to focus the whole session which was impressive and stay on task which is wonderful to see.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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