Mini Blog – Feeding the Guinea Pigs – 19th July 2019

Rachel’s disappeared off on holiday to celebrate her wedding anniversary, so looking after her Guinea Pigs has fallen to me. Now Daly is on nights at the moment and I routinely go and feed the Guinea Pigs of an evening when Rachel is away which means I’ve had a little helper.

Bella loves looking after the Guinea Pigs. Ever since Oli and Rachel looked after her for me and they let her feed the Guinea Pigs treats she loves to feed them. So here is a little bit of our routine when we’re looking after them.

Our first job when we turn up is to give the Guinea Pigs hay and Guinea Pig nuggets (these are nuggets for Guinea Pigs not nuggets made from Guinea Pigs, at least I don’t think so. Maybe I need to check the ingredients next time) I let Bella put a couple of handfuls of hay in the cage before filling their bowl with nuggets. I normally have to fill this up for Bella as she only likes to put a couple of handfuls in the bowl. But she only has small hands so that’s not much.

Once they’ve been given their nuggets and hay we move on to giving the Guinea Pigs fresh fruit and veg. We filled one bowl with spinach and then I chopped up some cucumber for Bella to put in a bowl. Rachel had also left us some melon for the Guinea Pigs but told us not to give it too often as it’s too sweet for them. However tonight is one of those nights they are being treated to melon so Bella added that to her bowl of cucumber before popping it in their cage.

Our final job is giving them fresh water. Bella and I removed all the water bottles from around their cage and then Bella tipped the water out so we could add some fresh stuff.

Once all the bottles were empty I turned the tap on and helped Bella hold the bottles under the tap so she could fill them up. Lovely fresh water for the Guinea Pigs.

Once all the water had been changed we returned the bottles to around the cage followed by saying goodbye. Bella loves these little guys and loves helping me out. If I actually liked Guinea Pigs I’d be tempted to say she could have one as a pet but nope. I’ve never been a fan of Guinea Pigs so sadly I think that’s one animal Bella is not having as a pet.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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