Mini Blog – Babyballet summer party – 18th July 2019

Today is Bella’s last Babyballet session of the term. It’s their summer party. Now to be in the party spirit Bella decided to dress in her Tinkerbell costume and it was like I took another child to ballet.

Normally she will run around in one corner and rarely enter the centre of the class where the rest of the children are dancing. Not today. Bella performed beautifully and participated mostly in the centre of class. It was so lovely to watch.

She loved playing fairies, following Miss Paige around the room fluttering her wings and waving her wand. She truly loves being a fairy. Maybe the costume helped with that.

After being flying fairies it was time for dancing fairies. Miss Paige had laid out spots across the floor and the children were encouraged to dance, or fly or twirl until the music stopped and then they had to run to stand on a spot and try balancing on one leg. Apparently Bella needed my help for this, so she pulled me up and stood near a spot she had clearly claimed as her own.

Bella tried really hard dancing and then running up to me to hold my hands once the music stopped so she could hold her balance on one leg. However half way through the game Bella became distracted. A little girl had brought her Cinderella doll with her to class. Now while the game was going on she had popped her doll on the floor and left it. This distressed Bella so as soon as she noticed one time the music stopped she didn’t want to hold my hands. She wanted to return the doll to her owner. It was so cute to watch.

And then once the game had finished it was time to collect all the spots in. Bella handed her spot to Miss Paige and then came back to me. But there was one spot left on the floor. One girl really wanted to pick it up but Miss Paige asked Bella to collect it for her. However instead of picking the spot up and returning it to Miss Paige, Bella picked it up and handed it to the little girl who had really wanted to pick the spot up. So much for the shy child I normally see in class.

Towards the end of the class Bella’s kind and helpful streak continued. During one of the finally dances Bella realised a little girl was sat in the corner of the room obviously upset and refusing to join in. Bella went over and crouched down beside the little girl giving her a stroke on the back before offering her hand to ask the little girl to join in. Now the little girl was having none of it but Bella excepted that and went and join in.

Eventually it came to the end of the session and time for everyone to dance with Twinkle or Ted. Bella chose her Twinkle and then followed Miss Paige’s instruction carefully. Dancing with Twinkle, ricking her, brushing her teeth and finally saying goodnight.

I’m so proud of Bella and how well she joined in today. It was wonderful to see. A true proud mummy moment.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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