Beach Bag – a day out with a toddler

With the summer holidays upon us it’s always good to have an idea of what you may need on days out. This list is for a day at the beach. Below is all the items I took with me to enjoy a day at the beach with Bella and Daly. So have a look and see if there’s anything I’ve thought of that you may have forgotten.


Now if you read my daily blogs you know I can’t go anywhere with out some sort of camera. I have the Canon 4000D with normally a 24-55mm lens attached. Not necessarily the wisest item to take to the beach, sand getting in places it shouldn’t but I wanted to have a slightly higher spec camera than I normally take with me to the beach to see how different the photos I captured were.

Spare Clothes

Now taking one or two spare outfits with you for a toddler is always a good idea no matter what your doing. Accidents happen and also they are known for getting pretty messy. However I like to travel with my own spare sets of clothes as well. Always a good idea when you go to the beach to have a nice light but warmish outfit to pop on for when it starts to get cold.

Changing Bag

Bella’s everyday changing bag of course comes to the beach with us. I always have Bella’s stocked with wipes, nappies and all her everyday needs. By taking this with us because I know it’s always fully stocked I don’t have to worry about making sure I have all those bits in my beach bay. May mean I have two bags rather than one but at least I know I have everything.


I always have factor 50 sunscreen. Having a tint of red in my hair naturally means I burn extremely easily. Always make sure how many stars it has on it’s back. The more stars on it’s UAV protection means the better coverage it has and therefore better for you. I like to buy sunscreen with at least 4 stars. Aftersun is always helpful to have. Like I said I burn easily so being able to have that relief as soon as I leave the beach rather than having to wait until I get home can be a life saver.


No only does your skin need protecting from the sun but so do your eyes. Thankfully Bella has started to like wearing sunglasses so that’s one less battle on my hands.

Beach Towels

Going to the beach means you have the excuse to pull out all your pretty colourful towels and actually get some use. As well as normal beach towels I also have a hoodie towel for Bella so I don’t have to worry about her getting cold or running away from the towel. This way she’s covered.

Beach toys

I mean how else do you plan to build a sandcastle

Flip flops

Sand is a bitch to walk on/through in shoes. Having a handy pair of flip flops means you can slip them off as soon as you get on the beach and easily, or at least easier than if you were wearing shoes, make it to your chosen spot on the beach. Also when your leaving the beach you can just throw them down and slip them on to avoid standing on stones rather than having to stop and put shoes on.


Whether your going to the beach to swim, paddle or just sunbathe a swimsuit is an essential beach bring.

Swimming nappies

We know little ones don’t care what their wearing when they run into the sea but a swimming nappy does not retain the water as much as normal nappies, making playing in the sea far more comfortable.


Depending on where you go there may be a shop or cafe to get food and drinks at but its far cheaper to take your own. I mean they’re banking on people either forgetting food or being too lazy to make a picnic so prices are high. The whole joy or supply and demand. I like to pack a picnic with lots of variety and lots of snacky bits. The great thing is I normally use the left overs for lunch so picnic bits can normally last us a couple of days.

Beach Tent

I bought a beach tent when Bella was only four months old to keep the sun off her and it is honestly one of the best buys I’ve ever made. Our tent is huge. When we go to the beach we throw all our bags in it. It’s ideal for staying out of sun, wind, rain, and a perfect place to get changed away from prying eyes.


Having a windbreak is handy to protect little ones and food from being pelted with tiny little grains of sand everytime the wind blows. It also creates your own little area of privacy on the beach.


And who can forget a ball. Whether it’s for catch, football, volleyball etc. It’s always good to have a ball. Kids have fun making up their own games with it. It’s just a simple and easy way to add a little more entertainment than just building sandcastles.

Hope you all have wonderful days at the beach and let me know if I’ve forgotten anything.

Love CiCi x

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