Mini Blog – Impromptu BBQ – 17th July 2019

We had spent most of today sorting the house out. Daly had gone and got reinforcements as he called it. Tony and Jess had come round to help us. Jess had tidied the play room and then joined me upstairs shredding things while Tony blitz my kitchen.

It was a lovely day and quite warm. Where we already had people round I thought why don’t we do an impromptu BBQ. Daly had already mentioned picking up Joe to help but I thought this way instead of him being dragged to do some tidying, he could come a share a BBQ with us.

Daly set off to pick up Joe while Jess and I went to go pick up disposable BBQs and some burgers etc. While we were out Tony stayed and home and watched Bella. Tony’s creche we call it. He’s watched her every now and then since she’s been born and this was much easier than dragging her out with us.

Jess and I went to Home Bargins to pick up some disposable BBQs first. Then we went to Food Warehouse to pick up the food. We grabbed a BBQ multipack which had chicken, burgers and sausages inside. We also picked up some salad bits and looked for some rolls. Annoyingly all their rolls were frozen so no good for us. As we were coming out of the store we bumoed into our friend Liam. I invited him along for our BBQ, We hadn’t seen him properly in ages so I thought it would be nice. He wasn’t too sure as he didn’t have a way home but I reminded him Daly was dropping Jess, Joe and Tony home so he’d be able to catch a ride. He still wasn’t sure so we just had to keep our fingers crossed that he was going to turn up.

As we couldn’t get any fresh rolls at Food Warehouse we had to head to Morrisons to see if we could pick up any fresh rolls. While we were in Morrisons we came across a pretty good offer on alcohol. We were able to pick up 3 cases of Bulmers for £21. Once we’d finished there we headed back home. While we were driving home we recognised the van in front of us to be the van of Liam’s boss who he was with. I didn’t know if this meant Liam was coming to ours or heading home though as they were in the same direction. Turns out he was heading to ours.

We went inside and set up two large BBQ trays on the wall in the garden and Joe decided he was going to play dad and cook for us all. No one was fighting him for that roll so we let him carry on.

We all sat out in the garden while the food cooked. I found some plastic cutlery and set out the picnic plates on the table with the rolls, sauces and plastic cheese. You always have to have plastic cheese at a BBQ otherwise it isn’t a true BBQ. Everyone was sitting out in the garden all chatting and enjoying themselves.

For once in a blue moon I was able to drink. I relaxed in one of our deckchairs while Bella played with her car on the grass.

Eventually the food was cooked and everyone dug in. When they weren’t playing Pokemon Go that is. I actually ended up with an extention lead sat in the middle of my patio with everyones phones attached just so they could charge their phones and play at the same time. We’re such a social group.

Bella had proper taken to Tony today, playing with him and showing him all her toys. Once he’d finished his food Bella planted herself on his lap and they took pretend selfies together on her toy phone. She then made her way round the group taking selfies with everyone. I don’t even take that many selfies but she’s obviously picked it up. I need one of those safes that has a timer on it so she doesn’t catch me on my phone so much.

It was soon time to say goodbye to everyone but it was lovely having them all over and just doing something spontaneous. I can’t wait for our next little BBQ.

Anyways. night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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