Certificate Day at Babyballet – 11th July 2019

We had a little person come join us in bed this morning. It was so cute, she came running in with her babies and blankets and then realised she left her bottle in her bedroom. ‘Opps, juice!’ So cute. But her running in gave me the motivation to actually get up and get Bella ready for ballet. It’s certificate presentation day today.

Bella and I went downstairs to get ourselves ready. We left Daly in bed as he’s switching to nights tonight.I found Bella’s ballet outfit and got her dressed while she happily played with her princesses. We had bought her another princess for how brave she’d been when we had to take her to A and E on Monday night. I was going to pick her one up on the way home from the hospital but she didn’t want to go, she had just wanted to go home to bed. So Daly had picked her up a Belle princess last night, and Tony had also treated her to a different Bella princess.

I sadly couldn’t find Bella’s ballet bow so she ended up with a mint green bow in her hair rather than her baby blue one. I got myself dress, I made sure I had my phone and then tried to get Bella into the car. Bella decided she was going to bring all her Disney Princesses with her. She carries them round in a little handbag so that came with us in the car.

We arrived to Babyballet just in time for the class. We had been running in a little late this morning. In to class we went. This morning I had refused to take anything in with us into class. Last week she was a nightmare wanting to empty her bag in class. I was trying to minimalise the amount of distractions Bella can find in class.

In class Bella seemed to have a little bit of anxiety. She was happy to join in but wouldn’t join in in the middle of the class where the rest of the children were. Bella decided she felt more comfortable doing her dances on a different side of the room away from everyone else.

This worked well until her and a little boy decided they were going to use their fairy wands as light sabers. Which of course wasn’t too bad except Bella actually managed to get the little boy with the wand. I was not impressed. She has been told over and over that not everything was a lightsaber and to not attack people and start fighting.

Thankfully we moved on from the fairy wands and gave jumping ago. Bella has improved so much with this. She was actually able to jump with out wanting me to hang onto her so she could jump. Miss Paige is so impressed with how far she’s come. At least that’s something we can nearly tick off her two year development checklist.

Before the final part of the class when the children all get to have a Twinkle or Ted they received their certificates. Now Miss Paige wanted everyone to go up to stand in front of her and perform a twirl and then a curtsy (or bow) and then they’d be handed their certificate. Miss Paige called each child up one at a time and they performed the moves and recieved their certificates. Bella however refused to go into the center of the class and Miss Paige and perform. She would not leave me.

Miss Paige came to here luckily but Bella still wouldn’t perform a twirl and a curtsy. She recieved her certificate anyway and snuggled up on my lap showing me. It’s funny how she can be running around and dancing off to one side in the room but she refuses to do anything in the center of the class. She seems to have severe anxiety when it comes to do things in front of classes – yet she’ll sing at the top of her lungs while shopping and loves everyone listening to her. It’s just strange. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it.

Bella was very proud of her certificate. She went and got her Twinkle off Miss Paige once all the certificates had been given out. Bella sat off to one side in the room and showed Twinkle her certificate. It was so cute to see her dance and show Twinkle the certificate.

Sadly as Bella refused to go up to Miss Paige to receive her certificate I wasn’t able to get a photo of her being presented. So after class I asked Bella to stand by the wall so I could take a nice photo of her with her certificate. She hasn’t quite got the idea of standing there and showing me the certificate. But we did the best we could. At least she was far more willing to have these sort of formal photos taken than last term.

We headed home knowing next week at ballet they were having their summer party. We went home to go get ready for nursery. Back on to our normal Thursday routine.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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