A trip to see the Family – 9th July 2019

We’re off to see my uncle today, Bella’s great-uncle. He lives in North London so we’ve got a bit of a way to go.

I had planned on us leaving the house at 10am so we could get to my uncle’s for about 12pm. You know the M25 can be an absolutely nightmare to get round. I had organised Bella’s and my bags yesterday to make sure we were able to get out of the house on time. It must of worked as we managed to get out of the house by 9.45am. I was happy about that. Leaving early meant we had time to go to Costa to get me one of my Strawberry and Cream Frostino. I’d been looking forward to this. As well as getting myself a Frostino we also got Daly a Pepsi and Bella a yummy an ice cream gingerbread man.

Once we’d received our order we headed off to London. Now the local motorways around us are in chaos at the moment. In fact all the motorways in Kent are messed up. I tapped our destination into the app Waze.

We love this app. It’s so useful. The fact that you can update the roads and traffic as you go is brilliant. We typed in where we were going and we had our route to follow. This meant we didn’t have to think about which motorways we were going to use. Funnily enough it was taking us the opposite way round the M25 to the route we normally take which meant we were going through the Dartford Tunnel.

We actually had a fairly easy trip to my uncles. Didn’t really come across any traffic. Bella was very happy the whole journey and sat in the back of the car watching Sleeping Beauty. Considering we expected it to be a long, hard trip it was an extremely easy trip.

We made very good time to my uncle’s. We arrived just after half 11. I messaged my uncle as we made our way off the M25 so they were prepared for our arrival. When we arrived there were hugs and kisses for everyone. It was lovely to see my uncle and auntie. I haven’t seen them since our trip to Nottingham in February. We all gathered in the living room. Daly brought in the box of toys we had brought with us for Bella and she happily played.

We all had a cup of tea in the living room and chatted for a little bit before we were for dinner. Bella was enjoying showing everyone her doctors set and exploring round the house. It soon became time to head off to the restaurant that my uncle had booked for us. We all got ready to go although Bella decided this was the point she was going to play and run around rather than come with us. Eventually we managed to get Bella into the car and Daly drove us all to the restaurant.

It was a restaurant I had visited before one time when I’d visited my uncle. It’s a lovely restaurant. And considering the place was a bit of a posh restaurant the menu wasn’t too out there. We ended up but the garden in a nice quite little corner. Bella wanted to sit on the bench seats but knowing how long we were going to be in the restaurant she had to go in a high chair. All I need is her running around when she gets bored especially being so close to an open door – she’d be gone.

We had a lovely meal chatting. When Bella was waiting for her dinner, she did some drawing with Ann. The restaurant were brilliant looking after Bella.

We had a lovely main course. Bella was being a little bit difficult eating her dinner. She started her dinner only eating the chips. Normally they are the last things to be eating. She’s never been a huge fan of chips. We had got her some cod bites and veg. It was a bit of a battle to get her to eat but she refused to announce she was finished. So she carried on making her way through her dinner. Now it may have taken a while but she actually ate all her dinner. When she finished we ordered dessert.

Philip, Ann, and Bella all had ice cream with a cookie while Daly and I had american cheese cake. Bella however was a bit restless between courses so I annoyingly let her watch Paw Patrol on the phone. I hate doing that but it was either that or her scream the place down. You know she’d sat nicely eating for over an hour so I can’t be too annoyed with her watching TV.

Dessert was very yummy. A little bit too much and sweet for me but still very yummy. While we were finishing up with our desserts, Daly took Bella outside to play for a little bit. We eventually finished and went and joined Daly at the car.

Ann had suggested a local nature park to take Bella too so she could run around. We set off there and drove round to the park. It was so cute watching Bella walking hand in hand with her Great Uncle. Considering she hadn’t seen them since February she had become instantly relaxed around them and wanting to show them things and play.

We entered the park and instantly Bella was off running across the field. The first thing she came across was a story chair and lots of little mushroom seats. Each of us took a mushroom seat while Bella made herself confortable in the story chair. Daly and I discovered that each of the mushrooms had a name written on it. They appeared to be names of children from the local school.

Off we went exploring the rest of the field. Bella found various benches with animals carved in them, with the help of Ann and Philip. We also looked at the various plants in the field and even found a few spider nests. Absolutely beautiful but I wasn’t going anywhere near them – I hate spiders.

Towards the back of the field there were some information boards with sliding blocks to expose facts. Aswell as a few more statues and a stranged carved out tree stumps in a circle. Bella, Philip snd Daly enjoyed climbing all over it. On top of the stumps were various carvings including leaves and a snake.

We walked back to the car and headed back to Uncle philips. When we got there Bella headed into the garden to explore with Ann while the rest of us sat inside and relaxed. I felt guilty that my aunty and uncle seemed to be looking after Bella rather than Daly and I so I went and joined them outside. It was such a lovely day we made the most of it.

Bella was playing catch with Philip and Ann and I talked about all the different herbs she had planted in her herb garden. Bella went and found all her Paw Patrol cars she had brought with her and shared them with Philip. Telling him all there names and showing him their cars. Obviously he was clueless about it all but if you don’t have to watch Paw Patrol don’t.

We all ended up sitting outside on the bench while Bella ran in and out of the house but she was ok. She found the bats from the swing ball and first tried hitting the ball when Philip threw it to her. She then found a little bucket so Ann encouraged her to put the ball on top of the bucket and try to hit it off. That she seemed to find easier than hitting a thrown ball.

As she was finding hitting the ball off the bucket easier Philip actually got out the swing ball set and played with Bella. Bella tried really hard to hit the ball. It was wonderful to see Bella playing games like that. We have a swingball set at home so we will have to it out so she can play with it.

We decided after all the fun we had outside in the garden we moved into the house for a cup of tea and some cake. Bella chose a cake and then disappeared into the living room to enjoy it. Ann went and sat with Bella while Daly and I sat in the Kitchen chatting with Philip.

Bella appeared back in the kitchen and chose another cake before disappearing back off. Ann had found alot of her craft stuff that she had saved from when she used to do Sunday School classes. Using the craft stuff they made pictures using glue, paper and stickers. I was really impressed with the pictures she had created.

Bella had discovered some instruments in the living room and decided she wanted to make some music. She was running around with a tambourine making music, giving it a good shake. Ann then let her strum her guitar. Bella really enjoyed that. In the spirit of enjoying music Bella wanted to have a dance. Philip popped on some Abba and Bella and I had a boogie.

We even had the disco lights and the disco ball going. This prompted Daly and Philip to have a conversation about disco lights and different ones they’ve used at various events – both of them have DJed.

It was eventually time to head home. I got Bella and I dressed into out pyjamas to go home. I always love to travel home in something comfortable. Just before we left I popped Bella in one of the arm chairs in the livingroom to recreate a photo I took of Bella in her pyjamas the first time we visited Philip.

We had a lovely day visiting the family. Lots of fun and it was wonderful to see Bella interacting with her great uncle and auntie.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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