Mini Blog – A little trip to A and E – 8th July 2019

This evening did not turn out how we planned. Bella and I had been inside the house watching TV while Daly was outside with one of his friends who had just started up their own car cleaning business. Bella was running around the living room when she managed to slip on a piece of paper and head butted one of our little coffee tables. Normally this wouldn’t bother Bella, she’d pick herself up and carry on playing but she hit the table pretty hard hitting her nose and top lip.

I picked her up and she was sobbing her little heart out. Very rarely she cries like this. I tried to look at what damage she’d done. She kept hiding into my chest though so I couldn’t see her face. She’d managed to hit her nose hard enough to start a nose bleed although it was a very slow one. I also noticed when she was crying she had blood in her mouth as well. I checked her mouth, I wanted to see if she’d done any damage to her teeth or possibly bitten her lip or tongue. She hadn’t done that but she had managed to wack her top lip hard enough to split her gum inside her mouth.

Now I had always been told that you should take your child to get checked out the first time they have a nose bleed. I couldn’t really remember why but the way her nose was bleeding so slowly and where she’d cut her gums I wanted to go get her checked out. Daly was going to stay at home with our friend cleaning the car and I was going to run Bella up to the hospital and Daly would join us later. I got Bella dressed into some joggers and in the car. Daly had put her car seat in the front with me so I could keep an eye on her.

We were going to the hospital rather than the minor injuries department at our towns hospital. I would have taken Bella to minor injuries but she bashed her nose at about quarter past 7 and our minor injuries department closes at 8pm so I knew they’d just send us up to the main hospital.

While we were driving to the hospital Bella’s nose carried on bleeding and Bella panicked as she wiped some onto her finger and blanket. Luckily she’d had pizza for dinner so had got tomato sauce all over the place, I kept telling her thats what the red stuff was. That seemed to calm her a bit.

It’s about a thirty minute, forty five minute drive to the hospital. Bella’s nose stopped bleeding about 10 minutes before we got to the hospital. When we got to the emergency department at the hospital the queue in the reception is huge. Every time I’ve been up there there has been no one waiting to sign in so that threw me for six. Luckily the children’s reception had no one waiting. I checked Bella in and we went through to the children’s department. I’ve now managed to visit every department within our main hospitals Emergency department.

Once we went through and sat in the waiting room. Bella was like herself now, happily playing and getting upset with other children wanting to play with the waiting room toys. I did at one point manage to get her to sit down and watch the TV they had in the waiting room. They had POP showing on the screen.

While Bella was playing I called Daly’s mum. The last time it came up on Daly’s Snapchat map that he was at the hospital we received panicked phone calls and texts from the family. I called her just so if she got any panicked phone calls with people seeing I was at the hospital she’d had the heads up what was going on.

We finally got called in to see the triage nurse and go though all of Bella’s details and what had happened. Bella was very good and told the nurse ‘nose hurt’ and ‘mouth’ The nurse gave her a quick check over and took the blood oxygen level. A perfect 100%. We were quickly sent back out to the waiting room to wait to be called in by the nurse practitioner.

Bella continued to play with the little girl she’d made friends with. The little girl even tried to come in with us when we got called into see the nurse. It was really cute.

We went in and saw the nurse practitioner. She checked for all the usual signs for concussion and whip lash. Turns out Bella was perfectly fine. Her nose was no longer bleeding and there didn’t look like any damage. We were given advice on what to look out for over the next 24/48 hours and we were sent on our way.

That was the quickest visit to A and E I’d ever had. We’d got out of there by 5 to 9. We were only at the hospital over an hour. I gave Daly a call to say we were on our way home and that Bella was completely fine. I offered to go home via ASDA to buy Bella one of her princesses for how brave she’d been in the hospital but Bella just wanted to go home to bed.

Hopefully our next trip to A and E will be a couple of years down the road if we have to go at all.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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