Girls Night Out! – 6th July 2019

We had a chilled morning this morning. We still toilet training so we tried hard with that this morning. It was a lovely day outside so Bella spent her morning playing with a ride on dog that used to be Rachel’s. I had found it while hunting through the spare room – which double or was taken over by mum’s crafts. Mum had repaired it when we sorted out the garage and came across. Sadly where it had been sat in the garage it had got a little damaged and ended up with a hole in it. I had completely forgotten about until I had been hunting in there this morning for a dress I’ve lost.

No luck finding the dress but Bella happily played with the dog as well as her little laptop which I had found in our room buried under Daly’s clothes. It was lovely to sit and watch Bella play. We kept pushing the dog between the two of us. She didn’t like it however when I turned the dog into a foot rest. Apparently that was not allowed.

To take myself away from annoying Bella I heading into the kitchen to do her some lunch. I did her a yummy lunch using some of Daly’s rolls for work. That’s what she asked for, so that’s what she got. We sat up to the table and enjoyed our lunches together.

After lunch Bella went back to playing, this time outside in the back garden. I had a mountain of washing to do. Daly had made his own washing pile in the bedroom but only told me about it the day before. So I had dug all the clothes out of our room and decided to crack on with it. I mean the washing pile is only going to get bigger isn’t it!

Bella had been having a wonderful time in the garden. We’re hoping to get her paddling pool up soon but I want some matting to put underneath where our garden is so uneven. Unfortunately Rachel has those at the moment and I had no car today to go and get them.

Bella had asked to have her tent and tunnel out in the garden as well as refill her water tray. I was happy to oblige, if she’s happy and busy it means I’m able to get on with bits. Today we decided instead of having the tent full of pillows and play with her princesses, it was for drawing. She had found my large note pad and disappeared off with that.

Now I was going out for a girls night tonight to celebrate Daly’s cousin’s birthday. I needed to get ready by having a bath. Now I have downloaded this amazing app I absolutely love which is perfect for times like when I need a bath. It is called Dormi and it turns your phone into a baby monitor. Well as long as you have another phone to use as a child device. So I use my old Samsung S7. You link the two devices to each other via wifi and one becomes the parent device and the other is the child device. The child device monitors and captures sound and video and activates the parent device everytime noise or motion is captured.

Which means I can be in the bathroom and still keep an eye on what Bella is upto. She was sat down stairs watching TV but I placed the child device in the garden so if she went outside I would know about it. Turns out I didn’t need to, as soon as she realised I was upstairs in the bath she came upstairs and joined me.

Now Bella was coming to the pub with me for the beginning of girl’s night. Totally sounds like responsible parenting I know. We were meeting at Wetherspoons a 6pm which is a family friendly pub. I mean I took her for lunch there yesterday. I was planning on giving her some dinner and then Daly was going to pick her up and then us girls were going to start the night properly. Until Bella was leaving me, no alcohol. It also meant Bella was able to say happy birthday to her Aunty Hannah.

We both got dressed up in our party clothes but nothing too ‘girls night’ as I was a mum who was about to go catch the bus with my 2 year old daughter. Bella wanted to wear a pretty summer dress. She then grabbed her little hat and bag and off we went to the bus stop.

Bella walked most of the way only every now and then jumping in the pram. I was trying to check the bus times on my phone, while holding Bella’s hand and pushing the pram. Turns out it doesn’t work. I swear I lost control of the pram countless times as well as it tipping over and just deciding it doesn’t want to run on grass.

When we got to the bus stop Bella wanted to sing Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. She loves it at ballet so I was stood there at the bus stop singing while Bella danced. That, you know, isn’t so embarrassing but she also wanted me to do the dance as well. Luckily I don’t mind making an idiot of myself in public. I used embarrass my mum by singing and dancing while we were out shopping and now I have a partner to being embarrassing with.

I told Bella she needed to look out for a green bus and soon it arrived. As soon as Bella got on the bus she disappeared to the rear seats. She always loves to sit there. I dragged the pram up with me and settled next to her. Bella sang the whole way and really loudly. I didn’t mind but didn’t really want her bothering the other passengers.

When we got into town and were getting off the bus a pair of ladies that were sat near the front of the bus were lovely and offered me help. It was lovely. They had been commenting, nicely, on Bella’s singing the whole journey so it was really kind of them to offer me assistance. They even panicked when Bella went marching off down the bus and stepped off. Luckily Bella is very sensible and waited for me.

I had thought about going to Tesco’s to go and get Bella a princess doll but as I knew there were already people in spoons I didn’t want to walk all the way through town to come back. As we turned the corner to go to spoons we bumped into Joe and Hannah’s boyfriend Kayne sat on the wall outside. I stopped and chatted to them while Joe played with Bella and then we all entered the pub together.

Hannah, Shaunagh, Paige and Jess we all sat at a table in the corner so we went and joined them. I sat down and set about ordering Bella and I some food. I didn’t really want to give her chicken nuggets again and I didn’t fancy her getting all messy with spag bol. So instead I ordered her some apple slices and an ice cream and she could pick off of my plate.

Bella loved her mini ice cream. It came with sprinkles and sauce and didn’t last very long. Bella then helped her self to my portion of onion rings. I didn’t even think she liked them.

So Bella happily munched on my onion rings after her ice cream while I enjoyed my bacon and cheese covered chips. OMG I absolutely love these from Wetherspoons. They are so yummy. Bella doesn’t really like these thankfully so I actually got to enjoy these all by myself.

Morganne, Lisa and Becky turned up so we pushed two tables together to make room for all of us. Daly soon turned up to take Bella home so it was time for the girls to start enjoying our girls night. I went and popped Bella in the car and said goodbye to Bella. Then I joined the rest of the girls at the bar. It seems we’d all decided to go for the two jugs for £12, and I mean why not, lots of different options and they last way longer than just a glass of drink.

It was nice to be able to let my hair down for once and not be mummy Claire for a night. We all had a brilliant night and it was a wonderful way to celebrate Hannah’s birthday.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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