Relaxed Play Day – 2nd July 2019

It’s weird. It’s the first day where we didn’t go to the pub. I was a bit lost today. I didn’t really know to do. We had a bit of a lazy morning to start with. Daly’s working days at the moment so it was just Bella and I at home today. We oppted for a chilled out lazy day.

This morning while I was sorting various bits out and Bella was having breakfast she played with her little princesses. She really loves these mini Disney Princesses that we’ve been able to pick up. She now has an Ariel, two Cinderellas and a Rapunzel. She played with them on the carpet with her unicorns and Marshall. She’s taken to lining them up and make them all dance and kiss each other, it’s really cute. I love the way she tries to say all the princesses names. We have ‘Ariel’, ‘Rella’ and ‘Punzal’ May not be completely correct but she’s trying and she’s able to remember who is who.

We had a movie day. First Bella wanted to watch Despicable Me 3. She loves the other two so I figured it would be a hit. I curled up on the sofa with Bella and we enjoyed the movie.

I was feeling a bit cold so I snuggled up under Daly’s fleecey blanket. You wouldn’t think it was baking outside. Bella joined me for a little bit snuggled up and under the blanket but that didn’t last long. About half an hour into the film Bella decided she was going to lie across my legs to watch it. It wasn’t very comfortable for me but that seemed to be how she wanted to watch the film.

Once that film had ended we raided my Netflix account for something else for Bella to watch. We stumbled upon Madagascar. Bella had tried to persuade Grandad to put it on for her on Friday when we were round but it didn’t happen. As she wasn’t able to watch it on Friday she was allowed to watch it today. I hate the film but Bella seems to love it.

For some reason rather than sitting with me snuggled up she’d climbed on top of all the cushions at the end of the sofa that I had piled up. I’m guessing that was a comfortable way to watch the film. She sat like that for most of the film.

Once the film ended I was feeling a bit more awake and motivated. It was a beautiful day outside. Daly had cut the grass yesterday morning and cut back some of the bushes. It meant it was perfect for Bella to go outside and play. I thought we would make the most of it.

We popped Bella’s ride on car outside, her tent and tunnel, and I set up her ballpit outside with all the balls. We hadn’t used it since Bella’s party. I prefer it being outside as it takes up quite a bit of room in her play room.

I popped some cushions in her tent and off she went with her handbag full of princesses and unicorns. Unfortunately she’d managed to misplace Rapunzel. We searched all over the sofa we’d been sat on to watch the films and the surrounding floor area. I eventually found her on one of the other sofas. Bella was so happy to have Rapunzel back and dashed back off to her tent to play.

While Bella was playing outside I got to sorting out the washing. I had one of the sofas full of clothes from the washes I had done over the weekend, I made the most of the heat wave. So there was alot of items to fold and sort into the right rooms. I put them in various piles on the floor so I could watch Bella through the back door. Not an exciting way to spend my afternoon but I managed to get my sofa clear.

Once I’d finished organising the washing I set about just tidying the living room. Rearranging the cushions, putting all Bella’s toys in the play room, clearing the tops of units. I had put my Spotify on to give me some motivational music. I love the fact I’m able to link my laptop up with Daly’s sound bar. Can’t beat a bit of pop music while your tidying.

I sorted out the living room and then I moved onto the dining room. I wanted to clear the table so we could have a nice family dinner sat up. I also needed to clear the floor in the room. Where the car had been in the garage we had all the prams sitting in the dinning room. They’ve been driving me crazy and I needed some space. I sorted the pram for the car and then moved the spares to the garage.

I finished tidying inside and then felt I should start on the dinner. I decided we were going to have mash potato, chicken breasts and veg for dinner. It was so hot inside that I grabbed the potatoes and went and sat with Bella in the garden while I prepared the potatoes. I’ve said we need to sort the table and chairs out so we can have dinner in the garden where it is so nice.

Daly came home while I was sat in the garden. I finished peeling the potatoes and then had to actually go into the kitchen to cook dinner. While I cooked dinner Daly was out on the drive sorting out wheels for the car. He’s bought new alloys to put on it. Bella wanted to sit outside and watch her dad so I found her princess chair and she chilled while daddy cleaned the alloys up before he put them on the car.

Daly managed to pop the alloys on the car by the time dinner was ready. So Daly got the jobs he wanted to do done and so did I.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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