Mini Blog – Let’s go to the Beach – 1st July

Normally Monday is my day off blogging but as my plans for yesterday hit a wall I didn’t want to miss two days. I was so gutted yesterday didn’t go to plan but things happen.

This afternoon Daly suggested going to the beach. An impromptu trip to the nearest beach with all of us. Rachel had been with us all afternoon and now she was coming with us to the beach. We decided to go just after picking Bella up from nursery. We had a quick something to eat at home while Rachel dropped her car home then we were off to the seaside.

Daly drove us to the beach. We went down all these little country roads that I hate. They’re not even proper country roads, they are just roads that go through the country. I don’t like them because they feel so small. They’re aren’t but they feel it. I hate them. I distracted myself with games on my phone while we drove. Can’t beat a bit of spider solitare.

We made it to the beach and Bella and Rachel were off. Up the steps to the sea wall. Daly and I hadn’t even got out of the car yet and they were already on the wall. Bella tried running off along the wall but we pointed out she needed to go down the steps to the beach.

Daly followed me up the steps while Bella and Rachel headed down on to the beach. Bella was so excited to be at the seaside. She was amazed by all the stones. As they were walking down towards the sea, which was very far out, Rachel found a whole load of oyster shells. Bella wasn’t too interested in the shells, she wanted to go find the sea.

Bella and Rachel set off. I hated the idea of Bella going out to find the sea but Rachel was with her so that made me feel a little better. It was so funny to watch Rachel trying to avoid stepping in the puddles. Bella didn’t care about the water she just happily marched in the direction of the sea.

They made their way out to the next dry section of stones. Bella tried throwing a few stones at the sea but they were still no where near it. Rachel stopped Bella from going further out along the beach and head back to where I was sat on the beach.

Daly came and joined me sat on the beach. He was playing with the stones. There were a few shells that he found so we started to look to see what shells we could see. I remembered coming up to the same beach on one of our date nights and seeing if we could find pretty shells. We found loads of little tiny shells so we tried to see if we could find any tonight.

Daly and I had a competition to see who could find the prettiest and the smallest shells. We actually managed to find some pretty tiny shells. Bella wasn’t too interested in the shells though. We showed her what we found but she just kept throwing them away. However she did find a lot of stones. She was so proud of everyone she found.

After awhile Bella got bored of being on the beach. I don’t know if she’d got too cold, I know I had. I really should have worn more layers. At least Bella had let me put her jumper on her. Bella started to make her way up the steps off the beach with Daly. Rachel and I slowly followed. Bella and Daly were looking down on to the beach where we were over the sea wall.

I went up to where they were and was asking Bella to help me by pulling me up. She stood and pondered for a while before going ok and reaching out for me. She soon realised that it wasn’t going to work so I made my way up the steps so we could go back to the car.

It may have not been a long trip to the beach but it was nice to do something nice and spur of the moment. Next time however more layers are needed.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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