Bye Bye Pub – 29th June 2019

It’s been too hot today. I was dying when I came back from the zoo. I really don’t cope well with the heat. Daly had messaged me and told me to meet him at the pub. We had planned on going down there anyway so that didn’t really matter but I was melting from walking around in the heat all day. After I had dropped Leanne at her dad’s I went home for a shower. I need to cool off badly.

As soon as we walked though the door coolness hit us. Daly had made sure all the curtains had stayed closed in an effort to keep the house cool and boy had it worked. It was so lovely walking into that wall of cool air. It was most definitely needed.

I had asked Bella if she wanted a bath to cool down but she decided against it. She wanted to play and watch some tv. I went and had my shower. Omg! It was so nice to have a cool shower after being in the sun all day. I used this aftersun shower gel just incase I had got burnt. I had, there was no if about it. I mean I could bath in suncream and I’d still get burnt I’m that fair.

I actually felt cold when I got out of the shower, that’s how well our house had stayed cool. It was lovely. Where I had spent all day melting in shorts and a floaty top I wanted something loose and floaty all over. I have a few maxi dresses but I very rarely wear them. I will only wear them for summer nights out where I have to dress up. But where I was so hot and uncomfortable I thought I’d give one ago.

It worked for a little bit. I changed Bella’s clothes. Mainly because I wanted her to wear a cool jumpsuit but she decided she wanted to wear her Ariel dress. If that’s what she was going to be comfortable in that was fine by me.

Sadly as soon as I left the house to go get in the car I was uncomfortable again. The heat was horrible. I just wanted to go straight back in the shower but I needed to go meet Daly. To make matters worse Bella would not sit in her car seat. She was giving me the run around the car. This led to me getting hotter and more uncomfortable. By the time I finally got her in the car eat I wanted to cry and call Daly saying I wasn’t coming. I was going to sleep in the shower.

We made it down to the pub and found Daly and Ed sat on a table outside in the shade. I landed in one of the seats and that was where I stayed for the rest of the evening. I told Daly about how our day had gone at the zoo. As well as how close I came to not coming down. He sympathised, he had nearly called me to tell me to not come down as he was suffering from the heat – and he is never bothered by the heat. The forecast said it was 33 degrees. Most definitely too hot for me. Daly had told his mum not to come out as she is far worse in the heat. He didn’t want her to get ill.

Just as he finished telling me he’d told his mum not to come down. Who walks round the corner? His dad, Zach and his mum. She looked how I felt. She landed in the seat opposite me and Zach went inside to get drinks. Bella had gone inside to go get her Fruit Shoot, she returned with Zach proudly carrying her drink.

We had a very enjoyable evening chilling in the garden chatting. Bella found her camera and played photographer for the evening. She went round taking photos of all of us. Some of them good, some of them not so good. It’s nice though because at least I have some photos of our last night at the pub.

Photo by Bella

I suppose I should kinda explain. Nathan is leaving the pub to go on to a new adventure. It’s a shame because we’ve made lots of memories in the pub but Nathan’s got to do what’s best for him – not what’s convenient for me. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with our Tuesday’s now. Daly’s suggested getting hold of Cathy and going round for a cup of tea so I at least get my weekly chat or meltdown with her. I know Bella is going to miss the pub. It was her second home but we’ll find something else. Maybe Tuesdays will become our chill at home days.

Nathan was busy sorting things out all night as was Cathy. She was helping Nathan out. So sadly we didn’t really get to see either of them but every now and then Cathy would pop out and have a chat.

Bella kept disappearing off in various directions. At one point she went down to where the little garden Nathan had was. With it’s flowers, gnomes and little fountain. Bella loved playing with all the little animals in the garden but they had all been removed where Nathan was leaving and the pub was being refurbished. This soon bored her though as soon as she realised there was nothing there.

She had great fun playing at the back of the courtyard, she kept hiding behind the gate and then jumping out at us shouting boo. But again this quickly got boring so she decided she was going to try and hide round the side of the building. Thankfully Zach was happy to run after her and play with her. So everytime she went round the side of the building he’d run off and soon return with her.

Bella kept disappear with Zach inside the pub and reappearing with Fruit Shoots. I dread to think how much she cost Zach but at least she was drinking. That was my only worry. We all had a few drinks and chatted about the heat and what we’d been up to. We ran out of chairs so Daly ended up sat on the floor. It was so cute Bella wanted to sit with her daddy.

Ed came out and joined us. He stood and chatted to the guys. We were trying to work out what job he should do now. Apparently he didn’t like my suggestion. Ok so it’s not legal but I hear the money is good. Bella had gone round with her camera again while we were chatting managed to get a great photo of him.

We eventually decided we were all tired and hungry and far too hot so we started to make plans to go home. Zach decided he was going to come back to the house with us and the boys were going to have a PlayStation evening. It doesn’t bother me at all. I actually enjoy having Daly’s friends round the house. It’s nice to have people in the house.

Before we could go home though Bella dragged me into the pub. They had music playing inside and Bella wanted to dance. So inside we went so Bella could have a boogie. It was lovely, we had the whole end of the pub to ourselves. Normally the pool table was in that area but it had been removed so Bella had a lovely big space to dance in. Everytime someone walked past, they praised her dancing. She loved it. Shame it had to end.

We eventually said our goodbyes once I’d managed to drag Bella out of the pub. We headed home via McDonalds. It’s been a bad week for meals but it’s not everyday or every week so no harm.

It’s sad to say goodbye to the pub but new adventures for Nathan. Looking forward to seeing what happens.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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