Wingham with Leanne – 29th June 2019

Today is the hottest day of the year. It actually reached 33 degrees at home. We had planned a day out with Leanne. With very rarely see each other so it’s lovely when we get to spend the whole day doing something together. The last time we did that was back in December. Normally we’re so busy we only manage to grab a cup of tea together or go for breakfast. I’d been really looking forward to today.

I was picking up Leanne from Canterbury train station at 11am. We were actually running ahead of schedule today. Bella had woken up in a great mood. I went into her at 8.30am to see if she was awake. I’ve managed to get up early for me all week. I’m sure there is going to be some knock on effect soon but I’m proud of me at the moment.

Bella and I headed downstairs and had some breakfast. Bella wanted to play which was fine as we didn’t have to leave until 10.30am. She was playing in the playroom with her dolls and unicorns. I managed to get her dressed with only a little fight. I’d already packed our bags last night. I thought we’d have woken up a lot later. I ended up in the kitchen doing some work as I didn’t want to just sit around on the sofa until we had to go out. I’ve gone back to drinking tea regularly so I enjoyed a cuppa while getting stuff done on the laptop.

Soon it was time to leave. I packed the car and off we went to pick Leanne up. Just as we got into Canterbury the level crossing was down. It was Leanne’s train going into the station. It took me a while to realise that though, even though I checked the clock. My brain was obviously running on slow this morning.

I was a bit worried Leanne wouldn’t know which car I was in, I think the last time she saw our car we had the red Mazda. Luckily I managed to find a parking space in the picking point directly in front of the station so she was able to find me. She jumped in the car and I typed Wingham into the SAT NAV. I had a vague idea where I was going but not well enough to do it without some navigation.

Leanne and I chatted about what we had been up to since we last saw each other. We also chatted about her work and my trip to London on Thursday.

We’ve been planning a trip to Birmingham so we were discussing the activities we want to do when we’re up there. We’ve been talking about this trip the last four years. We felt it’s time to actually put our plans in motion. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it this year.

We eventually arrived at Wingham. It was pretty busy in the car park on first look but there were actually loads of spaces. None of the rows were actually full so plenty of space for us to park. I parked up and we all got out the car, Leanne got Bella out for me while I sorted out the pram and loaded all the bags up. Bella originally wanted to walk but two seconds later she wanted to get in the buggy. Normally this isn’t a problem except we’d popped Leanne’s bag in the seat. However we managed to make it so we could carry everything on the buggy and Bella.

We walked up to the entrance. Just as we got to the entrance to pay I looked for my phone. I checked my handbag and the pram, both the hood and the little pocket on the back. It wasn’t there. I started to panic a little bit. Leanne looked after Bella while I ran back to the car to see if I had left it in the phone holder. As I got closer to the car I remembered I’d put my keys and phone on the roof of the car while I got all the bags out of the car. Obviously I’d grabbed my keys but not my phone. Thankfully it was still on the roof of the car when I got there.

I ran back to the entrance, Leanne and Bella were sat down waiting for me. Bella wanted to get out of the buggy but Leanne had told her no. When I got back we joined the queue to pay for entry. For an adult it’s not a bad price, £18 but annoyingly I had to pay for Bella as she’s over 2 now and it cost me £15. Oh well we were going to have a good day.

When we first got in we looked at some of the little monkeys before heading up the the chimps. Leanne hated the smell and I have to agree it wasn’t pleasant but it can’t be helped when you’re at a zoo. I mean the place is full of animals. We walked up to the inside of the house. All the chimps we asleep on the far wall of the house so we headed upstairs to find some more animals.

Upstairs there were smaller species of monkeys, bush babies and sloths. I struggled to see the sloth, Leanne had to point it out to me asleep at the back of the enclosure. We couldn’t find the bush baby at all. Leanne really liked the little monkeys. She thought they were so cute. She has a point, they really are.

Back outside we found some giant tortoises, this was the point I let Bella have her camera so she could take some pictures. In their enclosure Leanne spotted a lovely blue parrot up on a post. The poor thing looked a bit worse for wear. There was a sign on the fence that said the parrot used to be a pet and had plucked it’s feathers out due to stress, boredom, loneliness etc. Bless it.

While we were taking photos, the tortoises started to get a little frisky. We had wondered why it seemed like they were fighting. I’m guess they were fighting over the girl.

We wanted to go look at the lemurs. I’ve never had the chance to take Bella though. Both times we’d been somewhere they’ve had lemurs, they’ve been in bed. I was thinking it was going to be pretty interested how she reacts. I was wrong. She wasn’t too fussed about them actually.

She just walked through their enclosure and took a few photos. Once she’d taken her photos she was done. She headed to the exit door and wanted to go explore the rest of the zoo.

We found a really cute family of lemurs. There was a mummy sitting on the floor hugging a baby lemur. She kept licking it and giving it cuddles. I think there was a daddy lemur with them as well. He seemed to be watching over them.

The other side of the lemur enclosure were the tigers. Normally they are chilling out on top of their wooden platform and I especially thought they would in this heat. No they weren’t, they were prowling around the shaded corner of the enclosure. They even ended up having a little bit of a fight with one pouncing on the other. Sadly by the time we went over to look at them they had retreated to the shade of their wooden platform.

We had had to leave the buggy at the entrance to the lemur enclosure so we had to walk back round to get it. As we walked round to collect the buggy Bella decided to climb inside this hollowed out tree stump. She kept poking her head through various holes shouting boo. I struggled to get a decent photo of her but Leanne managed to get a few.

We picked up the buggy and continued to walk towards the back of the zoo. Towards the back by the children’s play area they have an area with animatronic dinosaurs. Bella has a huge thing for dinosaurs and really enjoyed them last time we visited. We headed in.

Bella seemed a little weary of the animatronics. I think now she’s a bit bigger she seems more cautious of things. Leanne and I noticed on the way round they had key words on signs like individual and extinct. We chatted about the Jurassic Park films and about how real the dinosaurs looked.

We found raptors, a T Rex, stegosaurus, triceratops and lots of others. On the way out there was a dinosaur leg, one side looked like the outside of the leg and then the other was all the muscles and bones. It was creepy.

Just by the exit of the dinosaurs there’s a pair of eggs, perfect for photos. Leanne and I tried to encourage Bella to go in one of the eggs for a photo. She refused until another little boy got into an egg for a photo. She was quite happy to go in the egg now. Except she wanted to go in the egg with the little boy. She refused to get out and in the end the little boy had to move. Eventually I got a cute photo of Bella in the egg.

The rainforest selection backs on to the dinosaurs so we went to give that a look next. The first animal we stumbled upon was sleeping far in the back of it’s enclosure. We moved on to the next one which contained a pair of otters. They were playing and fighting in the water. It was wonderful to watch. Bella loved it. She found it fascinating to watch.

We carried on walking up further into the rainforest zone. We couldn’t find any other animals in this section of the rainforest area. We did find a replica of a bear cage that you could climb into. Again the little boy we’d met at the dinosaur eggs. He was in the cage but at least Bella didn’t try to force her way in the cage. She waited patiently and we were able to take our photo.

The next area we went into of the rainforest had little ponies and more monkeys. Bella has taken a real liking to the monkeys. She went up to the window where a monkey was sitting. She put her arm out to try and encourage him to sit on her arm. It was so sweet to watch. She didn’t understand why he wouldn’t.

After exploring the rainforest area we thought we’d go say hello to the penguins. It was much cooler with them. It was 28 degrees but felt like 30. The penguins pool had a large gazebo over the top of it to shade the penguins. Bella struggled to see the penguins, the sides were a little too high for her. There were a few little penguins swimming around but most of them were sat in the centre of the water on their little island. They obviously decided it was far cooler there than in their house.

Bella ran down the slope to go explore the rest of the zoo. Thankfully she listened when we both told her to stop and wait for us. She wanted to go see the farm animals next. They have an area with goats, emus and wallabies. Ok not really farm animals but it’s their sort of petting zoo area. As you enter they have animal feed on the fence, 50p for a handfull. Luckily Bella hadn’t noticed this so we went in foodless.

We skipped the emus and went to look at the goats. There were really cute diddy baby goats. Bella must have decided they were thirsty. She went and crouched down by the fence trying to give the goats some water out of her bottle.

Bella was a little weary of the adult goats. She quickly worked her way though to the end of the petting zoo but once again waited for us to join her. However while we were washing our hands Bella zoomed off into the reptile house.

Bella loves the reptile house. All the animals they have she’s fascinated by. Today she was particularly impressed with the pig nosed turtle and the snakes. Her and Leanne watched the turtle swimming around. He kept splashing in and out of the water.

We looked at the giant snakes and the crocodile. He was chilling inside his enclosure. Not moving, just starring. There were two snakes inside their enclosure. One was asleep curled up in the corner while the other was having a bit of a slither around.

Outside we found the small mammals. There were rabbits and mice. Bella tried to open the door to get the rabbit out. Thankfully it was properly locked not just a bolt across. That could have been embarrassing.

There was a few white mice in a cage. Bella liked watching them run around but she wanted to see what or who was on the top layer of the cage. Turns out nothing. Bella was not impressed.

Outside we found the meerkats and otters. The meerkats weren’t too interesting. They were just doing their usual standing around. Bella wanted to sit down so we found a nice bench next to the meerkats and Bella wanted to take a few more photos. She took a lovely photo of Leanne and I and then we took a selfie all together.

Photo by Bella

The otters were far more interesting than the meerkats. It looked like a family of six otters, four children and two parents. Instead of playing in the water like the other otters we had seen these ones were rolling around in the dirt. They kept climbing on top of each other. It looked like the largest one was tying to get into their little house but it was locked. He ket trying to pull the door. When her realised he was getting no where there it was like he was trying to dig under the house. We felt sorry for the guy.

Bella wasn’t too interested in the otters. She had made herself comfortable on a bench with the map. She was trying to work out where we were going next. I could tell she was getting fed up so we made a plan to see the flamingos and then find some lunch.

In the flamingo enclosure Bella made it very clear she was done. She sat on the side of the lake and cried. She was very hungry. She didn’t enjoy the flamingos at all which is a shame but when shes hungry she becomes hangry. It didn’t help that as we were walking through their enclosure there was a little girl and her mum enjoying their lunch. Bella actually tried to steal their food. I didn’t realise she was that hungry.

We went to the restaurant and had some lunch very kindly paid for by Leanne. While we were waiting for our food Bella’s chair managed to tip and end up on the floor with her on it. I have no idea how it happened. Thankfully Bella has amazing balance and managed to avoid hitting her head on the floor. It scared the life out of me though. One minute Bella was there, the next her chair was lying on the floor, Bella was sitting on the back of the chair and crying. Luckily she seemed to scare herself rather than hurt anything.

While Bella was waiting for Leanne and I to finish our lunch she watched a bit of Shimmer and Shine on my phone. Normally she’s in a high chair and so is stuck where ever we are while we finish eating. Today she was sat on a grown up chair and kept trying to run off. I did what I had to to finish my lunch in peace.

Once we finished our lunch we went to go see the big cats towards the back of the zoo. As we got by the tiger enclosure they were pacing again. We stopped to watch them and Bella tried to take a few photos of them. They seemed very hot but also hungry. A keeper was wandering around near their enclosure and they were keeping an eye on her.

The rest of the big cats seemed to be hiding. We managed to spot some lions but they were asleep on their wooden platform. As we walked Leanne and I chatted about Longleat. She wants to go there with her other half. I went with mum last August and loved it. I really want to go back at some point. Sadly we didn’t see anymore of the big cats.

We had managed to see all the animals so we called it a day. We had a lovely day exploring the zoo and managed to see lots of animals despite the hear. It was lovely to do something other than just a coffee, or cup of tea, with Leanne. I’m looking forward to our next meet up.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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