Day trip to the Zoo – What’s in our bags

We are going to Wingham zoo tomorrow with my best friend Leanne. I’m trying to spice up what I do on here so I thought I’d share with you Bella’s and my bags for tomorrow. This is our kind of typical day trip bags just with a few little tweaks obviously depending on weather and activity.

So I’m going to start with Bella’s bag as that’s a bit different from the bag information I posted for my recent trip to London.

Bella’s Bag

Now Bella does have a traditional messenger style bag but I’ve found since she’s become a toddler and I’m carrying alot more than nappies and bottles the backpack is easier to carry everything in. This is the same bag she uses for nursery and also ballet. As you can see from the design it was originally bought for her ballet stuff but her entry to nursery came round and we never found a bag we liked so this has ended up being her everyday bag. It’s not too large so she can actually carry it on her back but we find she struggles.

I find it handy to just pop each shoulder strap over one of the handles on the buggy and it also makes it so easy to open without taking it off the buggy.

Now it does have a full zip so the front panel does open the whole way. Great for finding things in the bottom, not so great when Bella opens it while it’s on the pram and everything falls out.

Nappy Changing

Now Bella is now in pull ups. She still struggles with the telling us she needs to toilet but these are the easiest for her to use. She can use them as pull ups if she wants or we can change her as if she’s wearing a nappy. Of course baby wipes are an essential for a changing bag/toddler’s bag. They are the bread and butter of going out with a baby or toddler. And we also have nappy bags. Perfect for wet clothes, dirty nappies etc.


I smother Bella in suncream when we go out – not that it seems to work, and yes I do reapply. We have the Garnier Ambre Solaire Baby in the Shade suncream factor 50. Bella always giggles when I out it on her. It’s great that she actually enjoys me putting on her suncream, except for her face. She hates me putting it on her face.


I always make sure these are in my bag. Bella is not normally a runner but at times she can be. The last time we went to the zoo she tried to make a break for it and after that she had the reins on. I do still let her freely walk with these on but it means when we’re in a crowded area or we’ve stopped to look at something, instead of fighting her to hold my hand I can just take hold of these and she still has a little freedom but can’t get too far.


Thankfully Bella has started to like wearing her sunglasses. Ok sometimes they maybe upside down but she’s still wearing them. These ones were from primark. She has a few pairs but these seem to be the favourites at the moment.

Spare Clothes

I have made the mistake of going out without spare clothes and having to panic buy a whole new outfit. If your shopping not too bad however we are normally day tripping somewhere there are no shops or at least not cheap clothes shops. I like to keep two or three spare outfits for Bella with me. I normally even have spare outfits for myself in the car. I chose these two summery outfits for this weekend with how hot it is suppose to be. They are both loose cotton and lovely and floaty.


You never know when it’s going to get cold, so always handy to have a jumper just in case. Also I like to have one I can use as a pillow or a small blanket if Bella decides she’s going to have a nap.


My daughter loves to eat. I swear she is a bottomless pit the amount she can eat some days. For our trip out I have packed some raisins, an apple, some ginger snap biscuits, Crinkles and a packet of mini cheddars. I normally have a piece of fruit in Bella’s bag as a snack anyway but when we go out for a long day I like to be over prepared.


With Bella taking a liking to taking photos I decided I would pack her her own camera to use at the zoo. I cleared the memory card for her and made sure it was fully charged. The only thing it’s missing at the moment is a neck strap but this is a great way to get her started taking photos.


The beloved sunhat is coming with us. Thankfully this year Bella has fallen in love with this hat so it makes it very easy to encourage her to wear one on a sunny day. I’ve had to repair this one. She’d managed to put a hole in the top and it was starting to become unravelled. It’s all fixed now and good for tomorrow. We just have to be a bit careful when it’s windy. It does get caught and blown off her head but she tends to hold on to it now or take it off if it’s too blowy.

Now on to my items. Normally I will try to put all my items in Bella’s bag or use a shoulder bag but as my camera bag is missing at the moment that is not the case.


I recently treated myself to a Disney Animators handbag from the Disney Store. I love this bag. It’s so pretty but it is also quite big. I’m able to fit everything in it no problem. I can fit my camera in and a bottle of water making it an ideal bag to take to the zoo.


Like always I’m not going to get anywhere without some money. I have my bank cards inside with my ID as well as some notes and coins just in case I need some case to hand.


I like to have my glasses with me, especially when I’m at the zoo. I’m short sighted so I can often struggle to see the animals in the enclosures. Having my glasses on me means I’m able to see the animals clearly and read signs for afar.

Suncream and Lip Balm

I use Niva Sun protect and refresh suncream. I hate the smell of it but I loves the fact it’s clear. I can never seem to rub the cream ones in fully so having a clear one mean I don’t have to worry. This is factor 30 which is my back up suncream. Where I am so fair I have to use factor 50 and even then reapply so often to try and protect myself. I’ve lost my factor 50 though so I’m currently using factor 30 as it’s better than nothing. As well as suncream, I also have my Niva Sun Protection lip balm which is also factor 30. I’ve found my lips tend to get rather burnt when I’m in the sun so this helps to try and prevent that.


As we are off to the zoo I am taking my DSLR with me. Mine is the Canon 4000D which is their simplest most basic DSLR but I love it. As we’re going to the zoo I’m using my 28 to 85mm lens as I’ve found this one is better for shooting outside and over a large area,


I never leave the house without my sunglasses in the summer. These oversized ones mean I am able to wear them over my glasses. They are just a cheap pair from Primark but they do the job. Wonderful pair of glasses.

Water Bottles

Of course filled with water. One for Bella and one for me. We will also have a spare bottle of water so I can refill Bella’s. I know how quickly she can get through her drinks so I’d rather be able to replace it rather than have to go and buy her a bottle of water.

So that is pretty much everything we are taking with us to the zoo. Obviously things will differ depending on your own needs but I hope this has given you a basic idea.

Love CiCi x

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