Mini Photographer in the house – 28th June 2019

I’d gone to bed very early last night after my day trip in London. I was exhausted so ended up in bed at 8pm. It was weird not having anyone home but it was lovely because it meant I was able to get straight to sleep and I didn’t have to worry about anything else. I’d gone to sleep watching Friend so had ended up sleeping in Bella’s room as that’s where the tv is.

Daly woke me up by ringing me at 8am telling me he was at the hospital with our friend Jake. He had taken him for an appointment as Daly was coming off nights so was up in the early hours. I wasn’t too impressed he’d woken me even though by then I’d had 12 hours sleep. As soon as I got off the phone I feel back asleep.

I was woken by Daly coming into the room at about 10am telling me to get up and that he was taking me for breakfast. Of course I’m not going to say no to breakfast so I was up and out of bed. While I was in the bathroom I could hear Daly talking to someone. It wasn’t until I spoke to Daly that Jake was in the living room. At first I didn’t see him. He was stood in the corner of the living room texting, I jumped when I realised he was there.

I got dressed and then we jumped in the car to go down to Wetherspoons to go get our breakfasts. I could get used to this going to Spoons on a Friday for food. I quite like it. We parked at the pub and walked up to Wetherspoons at the other end of town. Considering it seemed quite quite in the pub we did have a hard time finding somewhere to sit. Eventually we found a table hidden away in the corner near the hotel section of the building.

Now Daly’s fussy so we weren’t able to order on the app. For some reason the app doesn’t let you remove or substitute things, you can only do that at the bar. Daly went up to the bar to order our breakfasts and then returned with our drinks. We sat laughing and chatting while we waited for our breakfast to turn up. It was nice to actually spend some time with Jake. We used to do it all the time when Daly and I first got together but now it is very rare,

Our food turned up to the table and we had to laugh at Daly’s. He had ordered a small breakfast and boy was it small for him. It was one hash brown, some beans, two rashes of bacon – he had switched out the fried egg and a sausage. It was just so sad looking on this big plate.

At least mine was a reasonable size. I had ordered a traditional breakfast. It was only a little bit more expensive than the small breakfast but came with so much more. I had two hash browns, two rashes of bacon, beans, a fried egg and two slices of toast. Daly kept trying to get items off my plate. In the end I gave him my toast. Which he traded for a hash brown, not that I was fussed.

Jake had ordered an American breakfast. It sounded really nice but I can’t do sweet and savoury foods together. The American breakfast is made up of maple cured bacon, american style pancakes, maple syrup, two fried eggs, two sausages and hash browns. To me it seems like dessert and the main have been put on the same plate I don’t think they should be mixed, it’s weird.

After breakfast Jake headed off into town to get some bits and we walked back down to the car. Daly had ordered some parts in for the car so he wanted to go pick them up from the garage before we went to his parents to get Bella. We drove over to the garage and Daly went in while I sat in the car and played Spider Solitare. I’ve become quite addicted to it at the moment but it helps with my sleep. I find playing a few games before bed makes it easier for me to fall asleep.

Daly returned with half of his order. Sadly the garage hadn’t received it’s delivery yet so he was going to have to come back later for the rest of the bits. We headed over to Daly’s parents.

When we got there Bella was refusing to take off her unicorn tshirt. Grandma said that she hadn’t even managed to get Bella into any pyjamas last night because she refused to take the tshirt off. So it was my turn to try. She wasn’t too happy about it but she eventually gave in and let me change her tshirt for a Nemo one. I had laid all the tops out on the floor for her and then let her choose the one she wanted to wear. I find it’s often the best way to be. I’m raising her to make her own decisions and have her own likes and dislikes. Yes we all have to wear things we don’t like and she is used to wearing her uniform for ballet and the clothes I choose for her to nursery but the rest of the time I like to let her have some say in the decision making process. Obviously I don’t let her choose from all her clothes, that would be a nightmare but I normally give her the choice of about 5 outfits and then she chooses what she wants to wear. The others get put to one side for another day and as spare clothes for any accidents.

As Daly needed to go back to pick up these parts for the car we stayed at Dalys parents for the afternoon.

We sat and watched Mary Poppins – the original and best. While we were watching the film Bella played with her kitchen. Sorting out her cups and plates. She then set up her little birthday cake. She kept stacking it up for the three layers and then collapsing it all into one. I asked her what colour each layer was but for some reason Bella’s answer everytime was ‘Green?’ ‘Yellow?’ She’s been getting better with her colours but then she takes a step back.

Dawn started to worry as Grant hadn’t come home from work yet. He was fine though. Nothing had happened, they had just had some delays on their work day and had caused him to finish late. He finally turned up for some lunch after his hard day working – he starts work at silly o’clock in the morning.

Daly disappeared off to get the car parts and to get the car washed. While he was gone we watched Cinderella 3 and then it was Grandads turn to watch the tv. We watched Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge. I quite like this show. It’s interesting to watch and especially when there’s always one cocky contestant you know is going to get knocked out but they think they’re the greatest thing on the planet.

Daly was gone for ages. We were all sat there wondering where on earth he had got to. He finally turned back up but not for long. He had to pop off to work to see a colleague. While he was gone Dawn went over to Sainsburys to get Winnie some cat food. She had been meowing all afternoon. Grant and I stayed and played with Bella.

She decided to do a little hunting in my handbag and discovered my camera I had taken to London with me. She loves cameras and taking photos so I showed her how to use it. That was it, the rest of the afternoon she was snapping away. It was lovely to see and she really enjoyed doing it. She would ask us to smile and then if she wanted a photo of her she’d hand you the camera. She also managed to take a few selfies.

When Daly and Dawn got back from doing their errands we sat and chatted about our plan for dinner. I told Daly I refused to cook. I was tired and we didn’t really have anything at home. While we were driving over to his parents I had told him I wanted to go food shopping but he wanted to leave it until Monday when he was getting his bits for his lunches during the week. That way we just did one massive shop. Dawn also wasn’t feeling cooking. She mentioned going and getting KFC for dinner. I was up for that. Too often we have McDonalds so KFC is always a nice change. Bella loves her chicken so I knew it would go down a treat with her.

Then came the arguing of who was going to get it. While I had been in the toilet with Bella it had been decided I was going with Dawn to get the food. I however didn’t want to drive so I said that that would mean Daly would have to come too. This apparently was not a good idea that Daly, Dawn and I all go because where Grant had been on earlys he was likely to fall asleep with no one but Bella around. So that meant Daly and Dawn were going together. I stayed at home with Grant and Bella and we continued to watch tv.

Bella continued to play photographer and took some nice photos of her Grandad. We tried to get her to take a selfie of her and Grant but she didn’t want to. Instead she gave me the camera so I could take a photo of them.

Taken by Bella

Again Dawn and Daly were gone ages. Grant and I joked that they had had to catch the chicken themselves, pluck it and cook it. That’s what was taken them so long. Instead it turned out the drive thru was rammed, so was inside and the staff were useless. At least we got what we ordered. I suppose that’s something, although Dawn couldn’t have the side she wanted.

Bella sat very nicely eating her food. She happily sat on the floor with her plate watching the tv. She had wanted to sit on the sofa but that meant Grandma had no where to sit so I asked her to sit on the floor. She decided she was going to use me and a seat though and sat on top of my feet.

After we had our dinner, we said our goodbyes and headed home. I tried to get some work done while Daly was playing on the PlayStation. Bella wanted to take some more photos before bedtime so I let her. It was interesting to see her impression of photography. She tried taking the standard photos of people but then she also tried some artistic photography. I caught her sitting on the floor taking close up photos of her shoes.

I’m not going to stop her though. I want to see what she is capable of. Maybe when she’s my age she’ll be an amazing, successful photographer. And I would be so proud or she could just be a hobby photographer capturing family snapshots for herself and I’ll still be as proud as punch. Or she might give it up in five minutes. Whose to say, we will see.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

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