My London Day Trip Bag

Today I’m off to London and to prepare I’ve already packed my bag. I’ve got all the essentials I need for a day in the city, so lets see what I’ve got.

First up:

Shoulder Bag

My mum bought me this one for Christmas, I like it because it matches my purse. It’s a reasonable sized shoulder bag. I find I can fit everything I need in it and I can do it up. Which I especially like when I’m going somewhere busy.


Now this one is important. Can’t buy a train ticket without money. I emptied my purse out the night before of all the small change, that way it isn’t so heavy. If it’s less than a 20p it gets chucked out. I’d also made sure I had some cash on me in notes just incase.


I’ve started to take my glasses with me everywhere just incase I need them. You never know when your going to have to read something.


Now instead of taking my DSLR with me to London I’m taking this handy little compact digital. It still takes lovely photos. Not so good with the editing side but that doesn’t matter. This was my mum’s camera and I didn’t even know she had it until I was looking for her other cameras. It the Samsung PL221.

Lip Balm

My lips get incredibly chapped in extremes of weather. So in hot and cold weather my lips are shot and I have to use lip balm constantly. I have this one because it has sun block in it. This is Niva Sun Protection SPF30


I don’t do travelling without music so headphones are essential. These are the headphones that came with my Galaxy phone but I don’t really like in ear headphones. I’m only taking these because they are small and easy to fit in my bag.


I don’t go anywhere without my sunglasses in the summer. I really struggle to focus in the sun. I love these over sized ones from Primark. I have at least 3 pairs of these every summer. They’re cheap enough that I don’t mind if they get broken but they do exactly what they are suppose to.

Medication, Hair bands and Chewing gum

I always make sure I have my medication on me. I make sure I have at least one anti anxiety pill on me just in case. I always have a pack of my cocodamol pills for my migraines but to prevent me using them unless it’s really bad I also carry just normal paracetamol. I tend to prefer my hair up so having one or two hair bands on me mean I can throw it up fast or I have a spare if mine breaks. And chewing gum for when my breath needs a little bit of freshening.


Last but not least my phone. Perfect for pulling out and taking quick photos. It has all my music on. I’m able to blog on the go using the WordPress app. It has all my games on. I can look up directions and my appointment times, as well as train times. And Daly is able to get hold of me and vice versa. I have the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for the better camera quality. I love the amount of memory this phone has. It’s brilliant for someone constantly taking photos like me.

Enjoy your own trips in London. Remember only pack the essentials, you don’t want to be lugging round things you don’t need.

Love CiCi x

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