Rachel’s artistic skills – 26th June 2019

Now there are very limited photos from today as I don’t want to give anything away about what Rachel has been doing.

Again we were up fairly early this morning. This morning, however, Bella didn’t really want to go downstairs. Normally she’s screaming to go downstairs but not today. When I got up to go in the bathroom instead of following me Bella shut herself in the bedroom, shutting the gate behind me. I finally got her to follow me down and we set about sorting some breakfast.

Bella is gutted at the moment we don’t have any bananas. And my offer of an apple is always met by no! Instead she had Paw Patrol cereal. It reminds me of Cheerios or the grain bits in Lucky Charms. Thankfully she actually will eat these.

Rachel turned up but the donut had forgotten her house keys. She had locked them in her house. Luckily we have a spare for when I have to go round and feed their Guinea pigs. Or for time like this. It’s not the first time one of them have locked themselves out. So before we went anywhere we had to go back to hers to free her keys.

Rachel is decorating the back boards of one of the floats so that’s where we were heading today. Not that I’m much help but it meant she wasn’t there on her own. In the backseat of the car Rachel had all her art supplies. Two massive tool boxes full of paints and brushes. This girl was ready for some serious painting.

We got up there and the float was already open. One of the committee was up there working on the float as well to try and get it ready in time for the next carnival. He was cutting wood and sorting out the sound system. Rachel had the whole back of the float to herself so she set to work painting and decorating.

Bella was with us as Daly was on nights, we couldn’t guarantee what time we’d be back so I didn’t want to make him wake up early to drop her off with us later. Bella had chosen a few toys to bring her and we had her tablet. We needed anything to keep her off the float. She loves to jump up and make herself comfortable on the girls seats.

While Bella was occupied with her iPad I decided to try and some work done. I still had a whole load of photos to edit from Oli’s pool party. I was struggling to see the screen properly with the glare of the sun. I realised I had forgotten Bella’s changing bag – for the second day running. Now we’d used Rachel’s car to get over to the float and Daly was at home asleep so I didn’t really want to borrow Rachel’s car to drive all the way home or wake Daly up to bring her bag to us. Instead the next best option was to borrow Rachel’s car to go to Tescos around the corner to grab the basics of what we need.

So off Bella and I went. Round to Tescos we went in Rachel’s little car. Bella helped me grab her some nappies and wipes and then she wanted to raid the clothing. She found this very cute little white party dress that she wouldn’t let go. It took a lot of encouragement and a few tears and stamping on Bella’s side to get her to part with it. She eventually gave it up and we went and paid for our bits before I took her to the toilets to change her. While we were leaving the store we headed down the toy aisle. Big mistake I suppose but Bella has taken a liking to these mini Disney Princess figures so I wanted to see if they did them in Tescos as I’d only seen them in ASDA. Turns out they do sell them, they just didn’t have a good selection. They only had Cinderella in her blue dress or Merida. Bella chose Cinderella so we bought that and then headed back to Rachel and the float.

Luckily Bella was quite happy playing with her Cinderella dolls – we had bought her another figure on another shopping trip and the little Marshall toy she had. I also found two of her unicorns in my handbag so she was happy playing with all of them while Rachel worked hard on the floats backboard.

After an hour of Bella playing nicely she’d finally given up and went back to try to get on the float and play with things she shouldn’t. I was started to get fed up if her behaviour and also sitting on the floor next to the float getting bored – so I can’t really blame Bella for the way she was acting. She didn’t like it everytime she was told no – duh! So I decided we would go for a walk instead.

We set of down the road to see what we could find. I let Bella play the leader to let her have a little control over what was happening today. Everytime we came to a junction I asked Bella which way she wanted to go. So Bella was in charge. However at one point I steered her towards the park I knew was near by. She wasn’t happy to start with, she couldn’t see the park so wanted to carry on leading but eventually she spotted the park and off she ran.

Bella had a great time running around the park. She gave the baby climbing frame a go and enjoyed climbing up the steps and sliding down the little slide. That was before she spotted the big slide on the big climbing frame. She climbed up and slide down and then I started to be silly. I decided I needed to sit down so I sat, well led, at the bottom of the slide. This didn’t stop Bella however, she still slide down on top of me. And found it extremely funny.

Bella enjoys the swings but instead of the baby swings she wanted to go on the big swings. I tried to get her to sit on my lap to swing but she didn’t want any of that. She wanted to swing on her own. I wasn’t too sure but I thought I’d let her try. I can’t stop her trying things. I need to encourage her to develop her independence and confidence. She went on the swing and I gave her a push. She was a little wobbly to start but she held her own. To try and get her to swing her self I was encouraging her to try and kick me. She loves any excuse to beat me and Daly up. Bella did really well but soon got fed up trying to swing herself so we jumped off and gave the baby swings a go.

Baby swings didn’t last long. She headed back to the big climbing frame. Instead of going down the swing though she completed the whole climbing frame. She climbed up the steps, headed through the tunnel, over the rope bridge, which was very impressive, and then I carried her so she could swing on the monkey bars. We did this several times. Each time Bella became more and more confident and quicker. It was a definite work out for me. I find it a struggle to lift Bella for long because it puts too much pressure on my lungs. It’s a weird story.

Once she was done with the big climbing frame we went back to the baby one. I think Bella was trying to drag the time out. I had told her we needed to head back to the float soon. Daly had rung me to let me know he was bringing me Bella’s changing bag and would be up at the float soon. Bella was having none of it though. She gave me a run around the baby climbing frame. In the end to get her to come off I made a tunnel over the slide with my body and told her she could slide through three times. Of course when the three goes were over she still cried and moaned but we had a race to see who could get to the other side of the field first.

When we got to the float Daly wasn’t there yet but Rachel had done well. She had got quite a bit doe but was getting frustrated with one area she was trying o paint. She decided she was going to go home to make a stencil and use it the next time she came up to prevent her losing her temper with herself. We packed everything up but still had to wait for Daly to turn up with the bag. Luckily we weren’t waiting too long. Bella was very excited to see daddy and ran up to the car straight away. We all had a little chat about how things were going but decided to call it a day so we could get home and Daly could get to work.

So a very boring day for Bella but an extremely productive one for Rachel and the float. Hopefully she’ll be able to go back up over the weekend to finish it off.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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