Finally a Roast Dinner – 23rd June 2019

I decided today as Daly was on days I was going to do us a Sunday Roast for when he came home. We haven’t had a roast for at least 3 weeks. We had bought some chicken to do a roast a few weeks ago. We had planned on cooking one but then life happened.

Bella and I got up and the first job I had of the day was to go and buy some potatoes as well as some after sun. Bella and I had got a bit burnt yesterday despite smothering ourselves in sunscreen. My legs have got burnt so they are so sore. I thought I had had some after sun but my bottle was virtually empty.

Bella didn’t really want to come down to the shops with me so we had a little bit of a battle trying to get her out of the house. In the end I had to show her the pram was outside waiting for her.

Now our closest shops are Sainsbury’s and a Tesco’s Express. I didn’t really want to walk to Sainsbury’s. It means I’m virtually in town and I go there all the time. So instead of going to Tesco’s Express I thought I’d go to Aldi which is near my sisters.

Bella and I walked down to Aldi. We wandered round the store but Bella kept running off from me. Such a shame as she’d walked to the shop so nicely holding on to the side of the pram. Every now and then I managed to get her to focus enough to help me pick up our shopping.

Sadly by the time we got to the checkout Bella wasn’t interesting in shopping anymore. I had to strap her into the pram. I had given her several warnings that she was going to end up in the pram if she didn’t listen.

On the walk home Bella was very well behaved and carried our bread as there was no space under the pram for it. We chatted about all the things we saw on our walk. All the different coloured cars and any animals we saw.

When we got home Bella wanted to play. She had found her Frozen memory game Cathy had bought her. I laid out several pairs face down on the carpet and tried to show her how to play. She’s very good at memory games but she’s never played it with the physical cards.

Bella did well remembering where the cards were but she struggled to focus with the amount of cards I had used. Mum mistake! I tried again with a lower number of cards but she’d completely become fed up by this point. So it was time to move on.

Instead she wanted to go play outside. I refilled Bella’s water tray and she enjoyed filling the bucket using a tiny spoon. I went and sat outside with her for a little bit. My little outdoors baby.

Due to the sunburn I ended up getting a bit of a chill while sitting outside with Bella. In the end I headed back inside to the living room. Bella carried on playing outside switching between the water tray and the sandpit.

After a while she decided she was going to come back inside and shut the backdoor. Not great with the weather at the moment. It’s really hot and humid so shutting the door is not fun but Bella didn’t want the door open.

While I was tidying Bella decided she wanted to do some colouring. I hunted out her jungle colouring book and she happily coloured in the baby and mummy elephants. She’s become really interested in colouring and drawing recently. It’s lovely to see though. Her artistic side is obviously coming through.

Soon it was time to start dinner. Bella was happily playing so I set about peeling the potatoes and putting the meat in the oven. It was roast chicken tonight. We were using one of those Iceland’s roast chickens in a tray. Just easier although I do like to get fresh joints of meat but it’s so expensive when there’s only 3 of us. And especially when Bella isn’t a huge fan of roasts.

Daly came home from work and was surprised to find me doing a roast. Apparently he was going to get take out for dinner. He went and sat in the living room with Bella while I carried on with the cooking.

Now I don’t like Iceland’s mixed frozen veg. There is always far too much carrot in it and it’s so thin I don’t like it. I spent a good twenty minutes separating all the pieces of carrot out of the rest of the frozen veg and then placed it in a bag to go back in the freezer.

Rachel rang me while I was cooking looking for ear drops. Oli had developed an ear ache. Probably from all the water he got in his ears yesterday. I told her I didn’t have any ear drops, only olive oil which can be used by heating a spoon to heat the oil and then pour it in to the ear. Apparently they had tried that but it wasn’t working. While I was on the phone with her I suddenly remembered I hadn’t made the stuffing.

This lead to a bit of a panicked make and then I thought I’d check how long the yorkshires needed to go in for. Good thing I did as they needed 25 minutes in the oven.

Luckily even though I’d had a few hiccups I managed to cook a full roast. Daly was extremely impressed with my roast potatoes and Bella ate all her dinner apart from 3 pieces of potato. I’m pretty proud of myself considering it’s been a few weeks since I’d cooked one.

My day off tomorrow from blogging but we will see you soon. Let’s see what adventures Tuesday holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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