Happy Birthday Grant – 22nd June 2019

Grant had chosen to celebrate his birthday at the pub. They were holding a BBQ and it was also carnival day. The carnival passes straight past the pub so Grant was going to watch the carnival with Paige.

We were at Oli’s party until Daly finished work but we soon made our way over to the pub to say happy birthday and celebrate. Just as we pulled up Paige and Adam were leaving so it was a quick hello/goodbye as I got Bella out of the car. While Daly parked properly I took Bella to go see her Grandad.

Grant was outside went we got round to the courtyard. We said happy birthday and hello but Bella didn’t want to play. Jake appeared out the pub and Nathan and he were chasing Bella around trying to get hugs off her.

Zach turned up at pretty much the same time as Daly and everyone descended onto the BBQ just as it was packing up. Apparently Daly was hungry so I bought him a burger and then went inside to get myself a drink.

We all sat outside for a while chatting, Jake, Shaunagh, Grant, Zach, Daly and I. While Dawn and Bella were dancing to the music. Bella has got some cute little moves. She looked at one point like she was going to do a forwards roll but thankfully didn’t. That would have hurt on the concrete floor.

I was getting chilly to which Grant told me to go inside. But it was his birthday. I’m not going to be the loser that goes and abandons the birthday boy because I’ve gone inside to get warm. I told him I didn’t have mum to follow round like a sheep anymore so it fell to him. In the end he moved us all inside the pub so I wasn’t getting cold.

When we moved inside Daly and Grant had a few games of pool while I sat with Dawn and chatted about carnival and Oli’s party and my girly day on the Friday. We all had a few more drinks but we weren’t able to stay too long with Daly being on days.

Bella was starting to get a bit tired after a fun day of running around the pool and dancing with Grandma and all the general excitement of the day. Zach kindly put Paw Patrol on his phone for her and she settled into her seat happily watching. We all thought she was going to end up falling asleep but she surprised us and didn’t the whole time we were out.

We were dropping Zach, Dawn and Grant home which was fun. Dawn, Zach and I sat in the back watching the DVD and whining like a group of kids. I don’t think Daly was too impressed. It seems like Grant had a good day though. I’m glad we were able to see both sides of the family and celebrate with both on their birthdays.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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