Practice run for next Thursday – 20th June 2019

Daddy came to ballet this morning with us in preparation for next Thursday. I have the hospital in London of Thursday to see my specialist for my Narcolepsy. So in order to make sure Daly was up to date with what has been going on in ballet classes. This surprised me but Daly had decided that when he finished work last night (or this morning) he was not going to go to sleep. He needed to switch his body clock back to days but instead of him taking a power nap and then continueing with his day he was just going to stay awake.

He took us to ballet but Bella wasn’t joining in well today. I think it’s because we were both there. She tried extremely hard with her jumping and was pretty willing to follow the line round the room without either of us with her.

One of her favourite activities in ballet is when she gets to be a fairy. Goes pretty well when I bought her a fairy outfit yesterday. She waves her fairy wand around and happily following Miss Paige dance around the room.

The other activity she really liked is the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. She’s so good at pretending to sleep and then jump up and dance. She enjoys that.

When class ended we got back into the car and headed back home so Bella could have some lunch before nursery and Daly could head off down to the pub to help Nathan get sorted before the refurb happens. While we were driving home Bella found a pair of my glasses and decided to pop them on. She loves wearing my glasses and she looks so funny wearing these huge glasses.

We got home and Daly headed off. I got Bella ready to walk her to nursery. She was really happy to go to nursery today. It’s great when she’s in such a lovely mood. The weather outside was gorgeous so it was actually really nice to walk down to the nursery rather than driving.

I dropped Bella off at nursery and while I was there I received Bella’s two year review. I didn’t have time to read it while at nursery but I was able to take it with me so I could share it with Daly and also add my own comments. I had a few jobs to do before going home so off I went to do them. First was to pick up a prescription I had put into the doctors last week. However there was no prescription at the doctors for me, even though I’d had a letter from the doctor telling me I needed to book a medication review when my medication were due next time. Turns out my prescription had gone to ‘my designated pharmacy’ I didn’t even know I had one but luckily they were able to tell me which pharmacy it was otherwise I would not have been able to pick up my medication and my anxiety would not be controlled.

I thought about going to the pharmacy to pick up my medication but I knew I had enough to keep me going for the time being and I would be passing the pharmacy on the Saturday on the way to Oli’s party. I thought I’d walk into town and meet the boys at the pub instead.

When I got to the pub the boys were no where to be seen. They must have been busy so instead I sat at the bar and chatted to Ed. I also had a chance to now sit down and read Bella’s two year review. She’s doing well in all areas but her speech its a bit behind. We’ve known this for a while and it’s getting better at home but we have discovered she seems to have selective mutism when she’s in different settings or around people she’s unsure of. She is still struggling to form sentences and I’m not sure how much she’s talking at nursery. Luckily I have a history in Speech and Language Therapy so I know what we should all be looking for and I know what help she may need. I’m hoping it’s a case of the trauma from the past two years has caused her to have a speech delay rather than a speech problem but it still means we need to try to help her so she can develop.

I added my own comments on her development and then sat and chatted some more. By this point Nathan and Daly had turned up and we chatted about how Bella was doing before they headed off. While they were out they were going to pick up lunch so I asked them to pick me up a Happy Meal as they were going to McDonalds.

They made it back with my Happy Meal just before I had to head back to nursery to pick up Bella.

I picked up Bella from nursery and she was very happy to see me. She had made a butterflies life cycle at nursery out of sweets, a pasta shell and a fairy cake. She was very proud of it but extremely upset I wouldn’t let her eat it on the way home. We chatted about her day on the way home and fought our way through the school children. Bella decided to walk a little bit of the route home but that didn’t last long.

We got home and I let Bella eat the sweets and the fairy cake. She enjoyed it and then quickly went outside to play. Daly rang me to tell me he was on his way home and was bring a stray with him. He had Joe with him, apparently Joe had been fed up and wanted to come see us before he went to darts tonight.

We sat around chatting when they finally made it back and then I cooked us all dinner. Joe kept coming in to see if I needed any help. He offered to mash the potato for me and I can safely say I need him to come round every time I make mash potato because mine is never as smooth as his. It sucks. I just don’t have the patience to mash it for so long.

To finish off the day I had to give my fairy a bath. She enjoyed splashing in the bath and using the foam shapes I had discovered in the airing cupboard. I showed her how to make them stick around the edge of the bath and she made sure she stuck all the letters around the edge of the bath. She managed to get them round the whole bath.

So that was our busy thursday.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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