A Girly Day – 21st June 2019

Friday means mummy’s day. And today I had plans. I very rarely do on a Friday but I had actually made plans for today and with friends rather than being a loner. Daly was still helping Nathan at the pub so we got him to drop Bella off at his parents. Daly’s mum was at work but that didn’t matter. Grant and Bella love each other and they are completely capable of being left together. So we dropped Bella with Grant and then Daly dropped me in town.

I was meeting with Jess and Hannah to go get our nails done. I’m a wimp and didn’t want to go alone so we had arranged to go together. Jess was on the bus heading back to town after doing a bit of early morning shopping so I went for a wander round town while I waited for them. I needed to pick up a birthday card for Oli so I ventured into Card Factory to see what Brother in Law cards I could find. I managed to find him one with monkeys on. Oli and Rachel are constantly telling Bella that he’s a monkey so it seemed appropriate.

I grabbed myself a drink and then wandered up town. I was going to sit and wait on the wall outside Wetherspoons. I never made it to Wetherspoons though, I found another wall to sit on. Funnily enough outside my wedding venue. While I was sat on the wall my friend Morganne text me saying that she knew I was in town and asking where I was. As I was replying she walked across the street to me. That didn’t stop me replying though. I’d written the text so I thought I’d send in.

I went with Mog to the doctors as she had to quickly pop there and then we went and met her mum at Wetherspoons. We were still waiting for Jess and Hannah – turns out Mog was waiting for them as well. We went into wetherspoons as Morganne and her mum were going to grab a drink and to save me waiting on my own in the street I sat with them. Just as I sat down Jess messaged me to tell me they’d made it into town. I said my goodbyes and headed off to find the gils.

I met Jess, Hannah, Alisha and Char outside the nail shop. We said our goodbyes to Char and all went in. First Alisha had her nails done. She went for an ombre effect with some gems. I sat down next to her and Jess and Hannah hovered about. We were all chatting and discussing how we were going to have our nails. I ended up being shuffled down so another girl/woman could get her nails done and it turned out I ended up in the seat where I was going to have my nails done.

The man asked me what I wanted done. Now normally I’m very girly with my nails, I usually go for pink or nude nails. But I get moaned at that I’m not adventurous enough with my nails so this time I went for purple with silver. I have to say having my nails done was so relaxing. He sadly nicked my thumb but he was very apologetic and sorted it instantly. While I was having my nails Hannah sat down next to me to have her’s done.

It’s so nice to be pampered and be a girl for a day rather than just mum. Hannah kept making jokes about how I was so relaxed I was going to fall asleep. Alisha’s nails were finished so it was Jess’s turn to have hers done. Hannah was going for a grey on her nails while Jess was going for red with silver to go with her carnival dress.

Mine were eventually finished so I sat and waited for the other two. While I was waiting Char and Mog turned up outside so I joined them to chat. We were all waiting for everyone to be done so we could go and get lunch. While we were chatting they decided to Superdrug I refused to go though because I hadn’t yet paid for my nails. I went back inside to pay for my nails and wait for Jess’s to be finished.

Eventually Jess’s nails were finished and we all celebrated we were able to go for lunch. We all walked up to Wetherspoons to have a nice girly lunch.

We found a table towards the back of the pub. We had to put two tables together as there were so many of us. We had Char, Mog, Alisha, her boyfriend and son, Me, Jess and Hannah. We all ordered our food over the app except Mog who went up to the bar to order.

We all got our food and we had a lovely lunch chatting and munching. Quite a few people had ordered gourmet burgers which came with onion rings. Mine was just a boring normal burger so didn’t come with onion rings. I was gutted so quickly ordered a side of onion rings.

While we were eating lunch Char had a bit of a funny turn and started to feel really bad. So we got hold of her husband to pick her up so she could go home to rest. Hannah, Jess and I walked out with her to make sure she was ok. I honestly thought she was going to drop where she had gone so pale but I walked with her to steady her.

Richard soon turned up and we all bundled in the car and went back to theirs. We all went and chilled out in their living room. We sat and chatted about stuff while Char rested on the sofa. Jess had been asked to help wash Hannah’s hair and also needed to dye Chars hair. Luckily I had dyed my hair the night before.

It was nice to spend a whole day having some girl time. It never happens. I’ve said we’ve got to do it more often. Now I’m off to the funfair with my sister to have some fun.

Anyways night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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